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Someone told me the following story. Someone took a frog and threw it into a pan of hot water. The frog immediately jumped out because it realised the water was hotter than it could tolerate. However, someone else put another frog into a pan of cold water, and then put the pan on the heat. This frog was quite happy where he was and did not notice the gradual rise in temperature because this rise was happening so slowly. As a result, the frog did not jump out and was eventually boiled to death. When big changes happen suddenly, we notice them, but maybe not so much when they occur gradually.
These days people are very concerned about changes in the global climate, and rightly so, because we can see how these changes are affecting life on planet earth. Alternate floods and droughts and other changes in weather patterns are demanding that we pay close attention. Their ferocity cannot be ignored. This is our moment of “being thrown into the boiling water and jumping out.”
But there is another big change which is happening every day. This is such a gradual change that it risks taking us unawares. And if we don’t wake up to what is happening, then we risk this being that time when we are “gradually boiled to death in the pan.”

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