Have you ever thought of a new way of banking?

Technology is changing with each passing year. Customers demand more high-tech services. Thus, to stay more competitive and satisfy customers’ needs, banks are investing millions of dollars in digitalizing nearly every aspect of their business.  Hundreds of digital-only banks, also known as neo-banks, are becoming a new phenomenon all around the globe. New digital-only banks are starting to populate the market and share locations in the U.S., U.K., Germany, Belgium, Israel, India, and Hong Kong.

To a customer who has never used this type of banking, the notion may seem quite bizarre. However, let us assure you that, without the cost of physical branch offices, the stuff, and the overall expense base are significantly reduced. Therefore, digital-only banks can offer much lower customer fees and higher interest rates on deposit.

IBANBit: tehg bank you love

Also, digital-only banks are primarily operated through an app or online platform; thus, users can deal with their finances easily and quickly. Digital banks are the ones staying ahead of the game with innovative features that aim to help their customers to stay in control and benefit from the latest banking offers.

Why choose an IBANBit over a traditional one?

COVID-19 has changed the world, and you never know if the second wave of this virus will engulf the world in a quarantine again. Well, when it comes to banking online, digital-only banking apps and traditional banking apps are reasonably comparable for user experiences.

With IBANBit, you choose up-to-date technology and a quick and reliable service. The high-class security for your funds will make your partnership with IBANBit even more enjoyable and productive.

However, if you still prefer face-to-face contact with your bank and it is essential to you, then stick with them. There is nothing wrong with that.

Why IBANBit?

IBANBit is a modern online banking platform that offers new digital perspectives and experiences for their clients.  Easy and comfortable banking – that’s what IBANBit has been working on for years.

You and your needs are a priority. The sophisticated state-of-the-art technology with fully automated processes gives every customer the best experience they could possibly have.  You will be able to enjoy all the perks of digital banking with IBANBit!


As time is one of the most precious commodities that we possess, IBANBit bases all of its services on this principle and makes sure any type of financial assistance you want is quick and easy. IBANBit offers you the option to open accounts for either personal or business purposes, whatever you wish. After opening your accounts, you will also get an opportunity to get IBANs – international bank account numbers – from 5 leading European banks in just 1 hour.

With your standard IBANBit account in a blink of an eye and a simple click, you can easily track your spending and savings. IBANBit also offers a user-friendly interface that will help you visualize your short-term and long-term financial goals and monitor your account in real-time.


Another fantastic feature of IBANBit is that it has no hidden fees.

Also, in case you are a crypto trader: You can pay only 1% for OTC Fiat for crypto services and receive your money in your debit card within 10 minutes. Again, nothing time-consuming.

The reliable online purse!

Here are some of the features that the IBANBit offers:

  • Real-time spending notifications.
  • 24/7 in-app support.
  • Ability to freeze/unfreeze cards.
  • Open an account for personal or business financial activity.
  • Get Limited or Limitless debit card solutions.
  • Get a chance to apply for a Limitless card.
  • A Debit/Credit card processing service.
  • OTC Crypto to fiat exchange.
  • Zero fees for IBAN deposit.
  • Buy or Sell cryptocurrency: BTC, ETH, or Stable coin.
  • Zero fees for bank withdrawal
  • Low fees for ATM withdrawals.
  • Zero fees for debit card top-up.
  • Low currency conversion fees.
  • Application for a Limitless card.

Here we are! We tried to show you all the benefits and perks that IBANBit offers! We are glad to see digital banking and online purse technology spreading and developing. Make sure to check IBANBit out and good luck!

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