What is hydrominer ICO, and how does a hydrometer work exactly?

Have you ever considered what a hydrominer ICO is and how it works? How is it connected with cryptocurrency mining and this fast-growing industry? And ultimately, how important is it to know something like this in the long run?

Let’s get to know all from the very beginning, shall we?

What is a HydroMiner all about?

HydroMiner, accessible through the website, stands as a cryptocurrency mining enterprise that harnesses the potential of hydroelectricity to energize its mining activities. Employing water-cooling techniques ensures that the mining rigs maintain an optimal temperature for secure operation.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology often face criticism due to their substantial power demands. With robust cryptographic measures, the security of blockchain and cryptocurrencies increases significantly. Regrettably, breaking such cryptography necessitates substantial electricity consumption, with a considerable portion derived from non-renewable sources.

However, HydroMiner perceives this predicament as an opportunity for positive change. HydroMiner, headquartered in Vienna, Austria, is presently engaged in an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to secure funding by issuing “H2O Tokens.” These tokens will be utilized to expand HydroMiner’s hydroelectric infrastructure, bolstering the capacity of its mining operations.

What is the operational framework p+of HydroMiner all about?

operational framework p+of HydroMiner

The operational framework of HydroMiner revolves around a strategic approach. The company positions its mining equipment directly within hydro power stations in the breathtaking Alps region. This unique placement enables it to benefit from significantly reduced energy costs, enjoying up to an astounding 85% decrease compared to the European average.

Regrettably, Europe is one of the least favorable regions for cryptocurrency mining, primarily due to its exorbitant electricity prices. This situation diminishes the profitability of mining activities compared to other regions worldwide, such as North America, China, or areas blessed with abundant access to renewable energy sources.

Benefits of HydroMiner

HydroMiner benefits from access to cost-effective hydroelectric power in the stunning Alps region. They have established a secure contract ensuring a rate of approximately 10 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh), comparable to North America’s average electricity cost.

The company prides itself on mining various scalable currencies, employing software algorithms to determine the most lucrative options. Additionally, HydroMiner actively switches between different mining pools to optimize its operations.

At present, HydroMiner’s mining activities consist of 40% Ethereum (ETH), 20% Ethereum Classic (ETC), 20% Zcash (ZEC), and 20% Siacoin (SC) alongside other currencies.

What does the HydroMiner currently possess?


HydroMiner currently possesses one fully operational hydropower station, with a second station under the rental agreement. They plan to deploy their hardware at the second station by September. The first station is in Schönberg, Lower Austria, while the second is in Murau, Styria.

Intending to expand its operations, It seeks further funding to establish a presence in Styria and explore available power sources in southern Germany.

Packing mining rings into shipping containers.

Regarding their mining operations, HydroMiner efficiently packs mining rigs into shipping containers, strategically placing them near hydroelectric dams. This location allows them to benefit from water-cooling techniques, ensuring the miners maintain optimal temperature levels. Furthermore, the company leverages the dam’s inexpensive electricity supply.

To witness HydroMiner’s mining operations, a video showcasing their activities can be viewed on Vimeo through this link.

What is the H2O Token Sale of it all about?

H2O Token

HydroMiner introduces H2O tokens to represent the right to net profits generated from each watt of energy produced by their facilities, with 1 watt generating approximately 0.158gh/watt. These tokens are ERC20-compliant and built on the Ethereum blockchain through a smart contract.

The company has scheduled its pre-sale on September 25, followed by the general ICO on October 9. The pre-sale exclusively accepts Ether payments of 50 ETH or more, while smaller amounts are accepted during the crowd sale. Investors worldwide, except those from the United States, can participate in the crowd sale.

Token holders can anticipate monthly payouts from the mining operation starting on February 1, 2018. Furthermore, an ongoing token sale will occur from January 1, 2018. The total supply of H2O tokens is set at 100,000,000, with a conversion rate of 0.01 ETH per 1 H2O token.

CEO Nadine Damblon

Leading HydroMiner is CEO Nadine Damblon, an experienced cryptocurrency miner since 2015. The team also includes Christian Vogl as CTO, specializing in hardware supply and network infrastructure, and Jonas Sevel Karlberg, one of Banker’s advisors. The company provides access to LinkedIn profiles for these key team members on their official website.

HydroMiner offers an environmentally-friendly and profitable mining operation in the captivating Alps region. Their reliance on hydroelectric power and water cooling ensures energy efficiency and enhanced profitability. With access to two hydroelectric power sources, HydroMiner aims to expand into southern Germany while further developing its mining operations.

Receiving profits from mining operations

The USD/RUB currency pair gets its nickname from Barney Rubble (the Flintstones), whose surname looks a lot like ruble.

As an H2O token holder, individuals are entitled to receive profits generated from HydroMiner’s mining activities, with each token representing one watt of energy from the operation.

HydroMiner successfully raised funds through a highly anticipated Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for their H2O tokens, representing profits from their energy-efficient mining operations. 

Based in Vienna, Austria, HydroMiner strategically places their mining equipment in hydropower stations in the Alps, benefiting from up to 85% lower energy prices than the European average. This advantage sets HydroMiner apart in the cryptocurrency industry, where high electricity costs hinder profitability.

Various scalable cryptocurrencies

HydroMiner mines various scalable cryptocurrencies, selecting the most profitable options through software algorithms and seamlessly switching between mining pools. They allocate their mining capacity to popular currencies such as ETH, ETC, ZEC, SC, etc. With one fully operational hydropower station and another one rented, HydroMiner is expanding its hardware deployment to optimize its mining operations further.

The company’s innovative approach combines renewable energy sources, water-cooling technology, and energy-efficient mining rigs, making them a pioneer in sustainable mining practices. By utilizing hydroelectric power and maintaining a comfortable operating temperature, HydroMiner not only reduces costs but also minimizes its environmental impact.

HydroMiner’s successful ICO marks a significant milestone in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world, positioning the company as a leading player. Through the ICO, HydroMiner has demonstrated its commitment to renewable energy and sustainable mining practices. By leveraging hydroelectric power in the Alps region, HydroMiner achieves lower energy costs, enabling highly profitable and energy-efficient mining operations that attract cryptocurrency investors.

What is the ICO’s success all about?


The ICO’s success provides substantial fundraising for HydroMiner and highlights the growing interest in digital assets and cryptocurrency investments. The H2O tokens offer investors a unique opportunity to participate in the company’s mining operations’ profitability and capitalize on the potential growth of the cryptocurrency market.

HydroMiner sets an industry standard for green mining by prioritizing sustainable energy consumption in cryptocurrency. Via the usage of renewable energy sources and energy-efficient mining rigs, HydroMiner minimizes environmental impact while maximizing profitability. This aligns with the increasing demand for sustainable practices in the industry.


As HydroMiner continues to pave the way for sustainable and profitable mining, its ICO success solidifies its position as a crucial player in the cryptocurrency industry. Investors and enthusiasts can witness HydroMiner’s dedication to renewable energy and sustainable practices by exploring the H2O token sale and moving towards a greener cryptocurrency future.

HydroMiner’s achievements in its ICO and commitment to sustainable mining have been widely covered in press releases, highlighting its pioneering efforts in combining renewable energy and decentralized computing within the cryptocurrency industry.

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