How to get Rebel Rabbit NFT, and why to get it?

Have you heard lately about the famous Rebel Rabbit NFT collection that has driven the entire crypto community crazy? The authentic, simple, and yet captivating Rebel Rabbits collection is really worth our mention and presentation to everyone who is wondering what to invest in next.

We are witnessing a time when the Non-Fungible Token, or NFT, has become a prevalent means of investing. The benefits that the NFTs have brought to digital art have generally led the ordinary world to be interested in owning some of these collections.

So, what makes this Rebel Rabbit NFT so unique? Why should all tech enthusiasts from all over the world consider getting it? Let’s get from the basics, and explain what Rebel Rabbit NFT represents in the first place, shall we?

What is Rebel Rabbit NFT?

The Rebel Rabbit NFT represents a unique collection of digital artwork stored on Blockchain technology. There are 6,392 Rebel Rabbits NFTs in total. 2.736 owners have at least one Rebel Rabbits NFT in their wallets.

True fans of NFTs consider Rebel Rabbit NFT as a premium quality collection that provides an entry into a decentralized ecosystem. That ecosystem will build and grow together as the entire collection moves forward. A Rebel Rabbit eclipsed the decrepit world of financial manipulation in demand of a decentralized digital store of value.

The total supply of masks in this collection is 9,402. These masks grant access to numerous things in the near future, which include:

  • Community treasury
  • Airdrops
  • Comics
  • Significant treasure hunts
  • Merch
  • Exclusive Discord Channels

Selecting a few will grant access to what is known to be a “secret underground society”.

Rebel Rabbit NFT Statistics

  • Sold in the last seven days: 11 times
  • Total sales volume: $208.5
  • The average price per one Rebel Rabbit NFT: is $19
  • Rebel Rabbit owners:736 at the moment
  • The supply these owners own: 6,392 tokens
  • The most expensive Rebel Rabbits NFT: Rebel Rabbit #3936, which was sold for $159.4 on 2022-05-29.
  • Alternatives to Rebel Rabbit NFT collection: WenMint MintPass, RR Comic – Chapter 1 of Volume 1, R.R. Comic – Chapters 2-8 of Volume 1, and HEALING CODES.
  • Monthly stats of the Rebel Rabbit NFT Price: The highest sales were for over $57, while the cheapest sales of the Rebel Rabbit NFT were below $15.
  • The amount of Rebel Rabbit NFTs sold in the last 30 days: 35.
  • OpenSea stats of Rebel Rabbit NFT: 11 items; 2 owners, 0.04 ETH total volume.

The story of Rebel Rabbit NFT

According to the official story of the Rebel Rabbit NFT creators, the story speaks to the indomitable rebel inside every individual, to that intractable part of a person that will always stand against inequality, oppression, corruption, and will always fight for freedom in general.

It’s no secret that a good story reveals to us not who we are in general but who we might be. In the best scenario, it could give us the determination and the courage to become better versions of ourselves.

So, the primary goal of the creators of the Rebel Rabbits The Uprising rip-roaring saga is to save the world from a far-reaching conspiracy, keep humankind subjugated, and eliminate those who refuse to bow down to the darkest enemy in the history of humanity.

Universe of stories and a meta-story of the Rebel Rabbits

The character-driven, action-packed sci-fi clash known as the Rebel Rabbits NFT, including the Midnighters, their sworn enemies, is not just an ordinary story. It represents a Universe of stories and a meta-story as well.

When it comes to the meta-story utilizes a variety of media formats and numerous delivery platforms to build an interconnected, ever-expanding storytelling canvas that will offer a cohesive, deeply immersive narrative. We are witnessing that the entire Rebel Rabbits Universe is growing.

The saga of Rebel Rabbits was primarily developed to expand into a physical comic book and then into video games and an animated series.

The Rebel Rabbit Saga’s overall premise

rebel rabbits

The overall premise of this saga could be explained as a cross between “Ready Player One” and “The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”. A secret tech-war is being waged in their world and many metaverses, known as “The MetaRealms”.

The Rebel Rabbits were the only ones brave or crazy enough to fight a nefarious sentient artificial intelligence and its devoted human collaborators for the survival of humankind.

The premise of the comic book

Daniel Hux is an amateur graffiti artist and an average boy. His favorite activity is playing video games all day long, including skipping school. No one in the world would bet on him to be the last hope for humanity, least of all himself.

However, the brash higher schooler would rise to his potential and meet his destiny. Daniel was chosen to fight for the future of the human species by an enigmatic resistance leader named JACKRABBIT, an emotionally inexperienced, young artificial intelligence called “GENNY”.

Ultimately, Daniel Hux will acquire the code-name “SCOUT”, joining “GLITCH & VEt” and “GHOST”, which is called “The Rebel Rabbits”‘. These rabbits are an eclectic group of armored and masked high-tech warriors. Their mission is to defend our planet against the dark alliance between mega-corporations, governments, and malevolent A.I. that has become sentient inside a training metaverse developed for the military.

What are “The Burrows” in the comic book?

“The Burrows” represent the secret headquarters of the Rebel Rabbits. It’s located in a desert subway station under the city, within a complex labyrinth of dissipated tunnels. The Rebel Rabbits have outfitted three train cars that were decommissioned and left at that station with high-tech equipment.

The goal was to turn them into a military-style, live-in base of the operation that would be complete with a training facility and armory. Remember that “The Burrows” is run by emotionally inexperienced, sentient A.I. designated GNC2-20/28Ω who insists on being called “GENNY”.

What does “The Burrows” actually mean in real life?

In real life, “The Burrows” is a channel on Discord via which Artificial Intelligence GENNY communicates with the entire Rebel Rabbits NFT community. Lately, GENNY has selected five “KEEPERS OF THE BURROWS” to get assistance from them for defending the Rebel Rabbits’ H.Q.

These Keepers of the Burrows will be responsible for forming squads of rebels within the entire community. They will relay assignments and messages from GENNY directly to the members of those squads.

Along with these responsibilities, these keepers will also get unique NFT badges and be armed with 3D wearable standard-issue “Sonic-blaster Shotguns” to defend other rebels.

How to get Rebel Rabbit NFT?

To get Rebel Rabbit NFT, it is crucial to visit the OpenSea marketplace, where you will see available items from the entire Rebel Rabbit NFT collection. Select the preferred item, and see all the available information such as when the sale ends, its description, price history, properties, current price, etc.

You can either make an offer or buy it instantly at the current price. To purchase a Rebel Rabbit NFT, you need to connect your wallet. The most popular wallet is MetaMask, but you can also consider other options such as Coinbase Wallet, WalletConnect, Phantom, or Glow.

Why should you consider getting this NFT?


Perhaps one of the most common questions, not only when it comes to the Rebel Rabbit NFT collection but also investing in NFT in general, is what exactly are the reasons for investing in them. First, since NFTs cannot be divided, thus they’re called non-fungible tokens; each NFT can be worth more than any other cryptocurrency bought.

This makes them a desirable investment for all interested in making huge profits. NFT’s value heavily depends on demand and how much people are willing to pay. On the other hand, digital art ownership has been genuinely a revolution since the emergence of the internet.

NFTs, in general, allow a secure way to store, purchase, sell, create, collect, and even trade digital assets. Besides, non-fungible tokens prove intellectual ownership, allow direct access to royalties, and protect copyrights. According to experts, the NFT market will grow by 174.24 billion dollars from 2021 to 2026. That is a 35.27% CAGR.

Rebel Rabbit NFT are another excellent example of a worthy collection that numerous NFT collectors and admirers could own and resell if wanted.

What are NFTs exactly?

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, represent non-interchangeable units of data stored on a distributive ledger known as Blockchain technology. They represent a digital proof of ownership or a public certificate of authenticity of any given item and could be purchased, sold, or traded online.

NFTs are a unique way of proving that a particular digital item is the only item of its kind in existence. Therefore, it cannot be reproduced or copied without the owner’s consent or knowledge. Keep in mind that NFTs, in general, are considered modern-day collectibles.

It is also essential to know that non-fungible tokens utilize the same blockchain technology used by cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin to keep a ledger, a permanent record of all tokens and those who own them. Every entry is authentic. Right in the beginning, non-fungible tokens used the ERC-721 standard, which was the very first standard for non-fungible digital assets.

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