How Quarantine Harmed the US Economy?

There is no doubt that the government’s order to close businesses in the United States to slow the pace of the coronavirus outbreak has taken a toll on the US economy. A joint study by the Paris School of Business and the University of Milan in Italy estimates that global quarantine has cost $168 billion in the US economy between May and March. However, it saved about 29,000 lives. 

By the number of infected cases, the United States is leading the world. The coronavirus has affected 12.2 million people and killed more than 257,000. 

Although the policy of quarantine has been a relatively successful experience around the world, it has many opponents. So far, there have been widespread protests against quarantine in the United States and some European countries. 

Columbia University previously reported that quarantine had saved the lives of 35,000 Americans. As a result of the quarantine, the US unemployment rate rose to 6.9% by the end of October. It is a far cry from the 4% unemployment rate before the coronavirus outbreak. 

Manufacturing error raises questions about the efficacy of the AstraZeneca and Oxford vaccine

AstraZeneca and Oxford have acknowledged dosing failures of the Covid-19 vaccines, raising questions about the efficacy of treatment. They point to a manufacturing error that caused some of the vials used in the trial to lack the proper concentration of vaccine, so some volunteers received half a dose. Surprisingly, these developed a higher rate of effectiveness.

AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford announced that their coronavirus vaccine trials showed high effectiveness, but the results were puzzling. The treatment proved 90% effective when half a dose was administered. However, the response of volunteers with two full doses dropped to 62%.

At first, those responsible for the development of the vaccine pointed out that the highest level of effectiveness had occurred because it had been administered to an age group under 55 years of age. But yesterday Oxford University said that some of the vials used in the trial did not have the proper concentration of the vaccine. As a result, some volunteers received half a dose. The university said it discussed the problem with regulators. They agreed to complete the last stage of the trial with two groups. The manufacturing issue underwent correction, according to the statement. However, confusion is growing around the vaccine results and over regulators.

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