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Hottest ICO tokens on the market. What’s happening in DeFi?

Tokens are crucial assets for DeFi platforms. They help to develop the environment and increase profit. While startup platforms are launching new ICOs daily, some tokens make more impact on the market. For instance, Binance announced today that it listed Ampleforth Governance Token (FORTH). Before that, the Coinbase platform has done the same. Merchant Token (MTO) is another important token. Its ICO is one of the biggest in history.

HIPS Merchant Protocol (HMP), along with its governing token MTO and the Hips Merchant Protocol Gateway, also called HMP-gateway, act as parts of a solution that introduces consumer protection concepts to any blockchain with support for smart contracts like Cardano (ADA), Ethereum, or Solana, from the traditional card payment industry.

The company believes that protection concepts are the missing piece for crypto payments. They need it to gain broader acceptance among mainstream consumers. So, it decided to work on the problem.

HIPS Merchant Blockchain is the native blockchain for Merchant Coin (MEO) and HMP. It became specifically optimized for real-time Merchant transactions created for EFTPOS devices and Payment Service Provider. Furthermore, it has full support for the majority of backward-compatible financial protocols, such as ISO8583. Thus, it uses the existing terminals to enable cryptocurrency payments in standard terminal messages.

What about Merchant Blockchain?

Hips Merchant Protocol native blockchain is built on Hyperledger. Merchant Coin operates on it as well. When the Hips Merchant Blockchain’s Mainnet opens, MTO will be 1:1 convertible to Merchant Coin (MEO). Real-time Merchant transactions offer very low transaction fees.

Merchant already introduced consumer protection concepts, taking them from the traditional card payment industry and changing to use for any blockchain with support for smart contracts.

Furthermore, Merchant Protocol introduced the Automatic Dispute Management (ADM) concept. This concept based on merchant reputation has real potential. There is also the new Community Dispute Management (CDM) concept. The latter allows token owners to increase token holdings by performing various work.

The company group behind the protocol – HIPS Payment Group, processes to date payments for over 200,000 merchants around the world. Hips’ main product is a payment platform for ISV’s, though. Hips’ every customer represents millions of consumers and thousands of merchants.

Teslafan also offers interesting solutions

We use electricity daily and with such amounts, that the energy sector is somewhat overwhelmed. However, consuming electricity is relatively safe for planet compared to oil, for instance. So much so, that some companies are working to develop electro-vehicles for broad use, Tesla being the major one among them.

Teslafan platform offers lots of industrial solutions, but the major one is the invitation of AI technologies and Blockchain into the renewable energy landscape.

This platform enables users to donate with digital currency – TESLF token, to non-profits and various renewable energy charities. Furthermore, it offers two services in terms of artificial intelligence: stock price comparison and sentiment analysis.

Teslafan uses the text mining methodology to provides its customers with sentiment analysis of what people think about particular renewable energy products and brands, as well as how the various brands are perceived in social media. Besides, Teslafan’s stock price comparison service enables customers to find the best exchange to trade renewable energy companies’ stocks at the most favorable price.

What about TESLF token?

TESLF tokens became listed among the hottest ICOs. Users need these tokens for every single transaction within the Teslafan network. TESLF essentially acts as the medium of exchange. It allows platform customers to exchange tokens for AI solutions and other services within the platform. The ICO trade has already began.

Teslafan is a totally decentralized ecosystem. It has become one of the leading blockchain-powered platforms to pave the way for investors and traders to collaborate on promising AI projects by using blockchain.

The platform has a strong focus on sustainable energy, as well as artificial intelligence solutions. It aims to become a key protocol by bringing together developers and innovators, along with data scientists with core expertise in applied machine learning. The team plans to connect them with investors who contribute to the realization of such ideas by financing them.

VSO token ICO is starting soon. You don’t want to miss it

Hottest ICO tokens on the market. What’s happening in DeFi?

Verso Network is launching its native token VSO on April 25, 2021. The Avalanche C-Chain will issue this utility token. Investors owning VSO will have access to Verso network services and get various rewards. Furthermore, they will be able and even required to participate in community governance to develop the Verso ecosystem. A total token supply consists of 100,000,000 VSO. Even though the initial coin offering is still two days away, VSO has already attracted investors’ attention, ending among the other hot ICO tokens. Its rating is high, and analysts expect Verso to be very successful.

Verso is a decentralized marketplace created for the regulated financial service industry. It aims to become the bridge between traditional finance (CeFi) and DeFi. To achieve that goal, Verso standardizes the ways to distribute financial products and gave consumers access via regulated e-wallets and bank accounts.

Verso is community-governed by its participants. The latter comprises of financial service providers, as well as regulated financial institutions. The platform uses proprietary smart contracts to facilitate the product-specific money flow and distribution between financial institutions, service providers, and customers.

On the other hand, the platform significantly reduced its reliance on intermediaries. But it still offers significantly lower distribution costs with higher efficiency. The team is building Verso so that the platform could offer financial products conveniently to people worldwide within the existing relationships they have with their bank or their e-wallets. Verso plans to rest on Avalanche. That enables it to reduce the cost of network fees substantially.

Here are VSO token’s advantages:

The Verso token is a standard-based ERC-20 utility token. It gives users access to the Verso financial platform, as well as its services. Investors must own the token if they want to participate in product funding, voting, validator rewards, and processing product fetching. However, they can also use stable coins in addition to VSO, depending on the implemented use case.

Users can stake VSO tokens in 2 different ways. They can become a financial product validator. In that case, a stake is necessary to ensure fair behavior among the validators. On the other hand, they can make a stake towards a proposal if they want to participate in the governance process. After staking, participants can cast their votes.

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