HorsX offers innovative ideas. What about its hot token? 

HorsX’s token is in the spotlight. The company launched its ICO sale on November 15, 2021, and the sale will end on March 20, 2022. During the initial coin offering, 1 HRX is trading for 0.25 BUSD. The total supply is 50000000 tokens. The platform accepts BNB and BUSD in exchange for its native utility coins.

This blockchain-based multi-service platform integrates trending products and services to offer its customers a convenient network. The company aims to establish key products, including NFT Launchpad, a utility token, NFT Marketplace, and Metaverse for gaming.

The project will ultimately create a secure and reliable blockchain – the HorsX Smart Chain. The latter will have the capacity to integrate the existing chains. According to the team, such integration ensures that the platform’s products will be accessible to as many people as possible, resulting in greater adoption of blockchain technology and digital assets.

HorsX’s goal is to enable over fifty percent of the global population to benefit from blockchain technology. It will promote economic development and the welfare of its customers and the rest of the global citizens. The company will aid in the development of innovative and life-changing technologies.

The team has built HorsX on the Binance Smart Chain. The latter is one of the best chains worldwide due to its scalability, security, reliability, and convenience. Moreover, Binance Smart Chain will enable HorsX to offer affordable services to users worldwide. After all, this chain is well-known for its low transaction fees, interoperability, and fast transactions.

It also implements Ethereum Virtual Machines (EVM) and has the ability to run Ethereum based applications. HorsX already uses one such application, called MetaMask. With this capacity, the company enables users to manage their digital assets more efficiently.

HRXC token


HorsX team offers an interesting solution to the Defi problem

HorsX has a diversified portfolio aiming to increase user experience that helps the team solve the fragmentation problem in the blockchain sector. There are several ways in which fragmentation occurs. For example, that may happen when many cryptos and other digital assets exist on different wallets and exchanges.

In this respect, there isn’t a single platform that handles all digital products and assets. While that may not be possible due to the existence of many virtual assets, it is much more reasonable when platforms handle multiple digital assets and products in one place.

Many crypto firms exacerbate this problem through overspecialization, such as dealing with single products and digital assets instead of employing a multi-product approach. However, HorsX decided to tackle this problem by offering blockchain-based products. These products may seem unrelated in the eyes of many analysts, but that’s not strictly true. For example, the company offers NFT launching services, metaverse gamification, marketing of NFTs, and a centralized exchange platform.

It not only focuses on the crypto products but also on the NFTs and the metaverse ecosystem. The team treats these seemingly unrelated products in a unified manner. As a result, it capitalizes on the growing market for blockchain products. This project adopts a market diversification approach applicable in the blockchain industry by taking such an approach.

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