Honeyland is an exciting game. What about its hot ICO (HXD)

Honeyland is a new exciting Play-to-Own game. The team has built it on the Solana blockchain. This strategy game offers players an immersive and vastly enjoyable experience. According to the company, Honeyland is the first mobile game based on blockchain technology that enables users to take the role of a Beekeeper. Thus, gamers will be able to manage their colony of Bees on their own lands. Moreover, the platform will introduce several different universes. As a result, the players will have an opportunity to choose which ones to explore.

Users can also send their Bees on various missions. After all, these creatures are quite intelligent in their own way. They use various strategies in real life to survive and thrive in their environment. In the game, though, players will be able to compete against their rivals to obtain NFTs. They will also need to secure honey. However, the latter is scarce in Honeyland. So, that’s not an easy mission.

Gamers will be able to grow and strengthen their Bee colonies gradually while they earn HONEY and non-fungible tokens. They can also buy more NFTs and sell or exchange them on various marketplaces. Honeyland created the platform’s ICO – HXD, as well. Its owners can become parts of the Honeyland economy and benefit from its advantages.

According to the team, this game will give users a chance to gain entry into the Honeyverse. The latter is a gaming ecosystem that will offer customers dozens of games and experiences. Users will enjoy this world immensely, and they will connect it with a single token.  

What about the HXD token’s ICO sale? 

The company plans to launch the HXD coin on March 14, 2023. The Honeyland ICO sale will end on March 15, 2023, though. As we have mentioned, this token is based on the SOLANA blockchain. Its price will be 0.035 USD during the initial coin offering. However, the token’s value might increase over time after the ICO sale ends. The team aims to raise $220,500 with this sale. However, the total supply of HXD is 1,000,000,000, and only 23% will be available for purchase at this stage. The platform will accept USDT in exchange for its tokens.


What about the HXD token’s ICO sale? 


Honeyland has the second token – HONEY. It allows customers to earn this in-game currency, along with non-fungible tokens. There are various ways to gain the coins, as well as use them. For example, token holders can use them in the Honeyland ecosystem, as well as trade or sell them on exchanges and various marketplaces.

Besides, the team stated that the Play-to-own model is much better than the already well-known play-to-earn model. The latter became popular thanks to Axie Infinity. However, in this case, gamers are encouraged to keep their assets in the ecosystem to generate more profit, while withdrawing them from the specific ecosystem isn’t as advantageous. On the other hand, Honeyland wants to offer its players other options. It wants to enable them to withdraw their coins without losing any money. That’s why it decided to take this novel approach.

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