Health Hero is launching its hot token. What about PUMLX? 


Health Hero is a new play-to-earn health platform. Such projects have become very popular lately. More and more start-ups appear daily, all clamoring to offer something new and interesting. However, not all of them achieve success in the markets. It takes a truly professional team and a well-developed project with great features and benefits to attract users. Is Health Hero such a platform? Let’s see.

According to the team, the company’s main goal is to ensure that people’s lifestyle can finance their core needs. It aims to create a platform that is smart, open, and easy to use. Health Hero will offer decentralized gamified health engagement. It will also leverage modern Defi and advanced technologies.

Moreover, Health Hero has its own native utility token – $HLTHY. Its holders will enjoy various benefits on the platform. For instance, they will be able to gain access to health services like telehealth plans, as well as cash back for various healthy purchases. Token holders can also purchase, transfer, rent, and craft in-game items that the platform offers.

The company set the $HLTHY tokens IDO launch date at October 18. Meanwhile, investors can participate in the initial coin offering, which will start on October 9, 2022. The ICO will end on October 20, 2022. The total supply of HLTHY tokens is 888,888,888, but only some percentage will be available at this stage. The price will be 0.08 USD per HLTHY.  


What makes Health Hero stand out among other similar platforms? 

The team created this project in such a way as to benefit both company and users. The latter will be able to earn native tokens in many ways. They can use the platform’s Health-to-Earn model to their advantage. According to the team, customers can submit their healthy actions or receipts for XP. The company uses XP instead of $HLTHY for now. But after IDO ends, the user will be able to cash out. Health Hero offers a great way for customers to earn money for their health. The team also offers various rewards, and it will add other features and benefits in the future.  

Moreover, Health Hero aims to become one of the best health engagement and telehealth companies among the other modern firms. The company will enable people to log various healthy activities on its app, participate in exciting global challenges, as well as compete in fun leaderboards across various platforms all over the world. In addition, the team uses W-NFT to incentivize more people. The latter is an innovative approach to digital well-being assets that involves rewarding customers with NFTs that they can sell, buy, or trade.

The company also plans to help organizations manage the full spectrum of their employee’s self-care. Its platform can connect customers with service providers offering food, housing, transportation, and employment.

Health Hero will use AI to read receipts as well as identify healthy items. Users can earn cash back by submitting proof of fruit or vegetable purchases. Besides, the company will make scheduling services and coordinating care very easy for users. As a result, people will receive service quickly and efficiently.


What is PUML Better Health, and what does it offer? 


What is PUML Better Health, and what does it offer? 

PUML Better Health is another interesting health platform that has a promising roadmap. This project uses the original Web3, along with Move to Earn model. It has already signed major corporates, including LVMH, Deloitte Aus, Singapore/Malaysia, Singapore/SEA, Western Union, and others. The company is growing rapidly.  

It is currently expanding its Web3 tech into consumer health, gaming, and sports. The team wants to gamify healthy behaviors via the platform’s virtual challenges. It will also reward communities through the gamification of physical movement.  

The PUML Better Health platform unites both Move to Own and Move to Earn mechanisms. The company boasts that it created the first Movement Finance platform worldwide. Moreover, it also has its native token, PUMLx. The latter incentivizes the customers and encourages growth thanks to its unique Tokenomics system. Token holders can earn, own, stake, and burn PUML tokens. Besides, it has many other utilities.

The company launched the token’s ICO sale on October 2, 2022. It will end on October 7, 2022. The price of this ERC20 coin is 0.07 USD during the initial coin offering. The team aims to raise 15,000,000 with the sale. The total supply of tokens is 500,000,000, but only 7% is available for purchase at this stage.


What about the PUML’s features? 

The team recently launched the PUML app’s updated version, which is available on iOS and Android. This app actively encourages long-term exercise. Users can earn tokens during a workout. The team also offers various additional benefits to encourage the ecosystem’s growth. Besides, PUML boasts both B2B + B2C features that enables multi-facing revenue streams.

Aside from promoting a healthy lifestyle, the company wants to educate Web2 users on the benefits of Web3. Thanks to its platform, any user can use the Move to Earn model. They won’t even need to purchase NFTs or cryptocurrencies. However, the company will use a person’s health data to count their daily steps. After that, it will reward users with an in-game token. The team will also offer Web2 users educational content to explain to them the Web3 benefits.

PUML isn’t just another name in the endless list of healthcare apps. It has worked hard to establish itself as a top player in the corporate wellness space. Moreover, the company is a partner of some of the biggest organizations in Australia and around the globe. It has developed the first Corporate Wellness platform worldwide that uses cryptocurrencies and NFTs to reward healthy activity.

Currently, the company offers a Web2 app that also provides education to non-crypto native users; “Wearx NFTs” – gamifies the PUML app experience, thus, making the PUML ecosystem more attractive for customers; “Athlete NFTs” – this feature helps users to develop new relationships with athletes. The team also created a great staking model. The latter will reward PUMLx ecosystem participants, providing them with substantial income.

PUML wants to establish itself as a leading Fitness Web3 Project. It continues development, seeking various innovative ideas. This platform has great potential for growth.


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