H3H3 NFT: What is it, and how can you buy it?

In the digital world, it seems there is never a dull moment. We can always come across some fascinating situations and things like the h3h3 NFT – collection. We will write more in this text article and other events regarding NFTs and cryptocurrencies that may affect anyone.

Why is the NFT world so fascinating? Well, the world of NFTs is especially interesting since non-fungible tokens represent a non-interchangeable unit of data that is stored on a unique form of digital leather, commonly known as Blockchain technology.

Different types of NFT data units are associated with digital files, most usually photos, audio, and video files. This article will explain to you what the h3x3 NFT is, why it is crucial that you have a deeper understanding of them, and where you can buy it, regardless of where you are from.

If you are enthusiastic about getting to know more about what h3x3 NFT is, here are all the things to keep in mind.

Get to know exactly what H3H3 NFT is

H3h3 NFT stands for the authentic collection and a once-in-a-lifetime Digi-opportunity to own digital art. In other words, H3h3 represents a popular youtube channel that created six unique, one-of-a-kind digital art NFTs.

The creator of these NFTs, Ethan, announced the creation of these unique NFTs in the H3 podcast and stated that they are limited editions that will only be available once bought online. However, even though Ethan claimed that all six NFTs are authentic, only one NFT is particularly one-of-a-kind which is called “Vape God.”

Now, before we proceed to explain each and every NFT that he created, we’d like to point out that these NFTs will never be minted again in the future. He also said that NFTs which don’t get to be sold would eventually be destroyed.

So, let’s get to know more about these H3h3 NFT digital artwork, one at a time, shall we? Meet the H3h3 NFT-collection of six tokens!

#1 The Vape Nation

The Vape Nation Coin is the unique NFT that each crew member behind this project got one for themselves. We are talking about the H3H3 Vape Nation fifth anniversary token created on the fifth anniversary of its original release in 2016.

According to Ethan’s words, it is a highly collectable sought-after token as a sort of a GIF that talented video artists create. As you’re probably aware by now, GIF, or the Graphics Interchange Format, represent a bitmap image format that was developed by one team from the CompuServe online services provider in the United States.

The H3h3 NFT, “the Vape Nation,” is considered to be extremely valuable, and anyone who buys it owns it on Blockchain technology. They made 250 of them for the price of one Ethereum each. The calculation of this is that if all 250 are sold, Ethan will earn half a million dollars.

Once again, claimed that this is the only chance these Vape Nation collectable tokens will be sold. If any of those 250 are not sold, they will be destroyed.

#2 H3 Crew – Super Simp

There are only five Super Simp coins which make them unbelievably rare. It represents a guy sitting on a gatsby and then transforming to the Super Spin. He hopes to sell at least one of them, while Ethan claims that he would be happy if he sold three of his own NFTs.

#3 Dan – Bridge for Sale

Dan made his own NFT called “Dan-Bridge for Sale.” He had a particular vision of his own NFT that he presented to his digital artists who’ve made a unique visual of him standing beside the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, offering it for sale, like a real estate agent.

He thought it would be silly and fun to do such a thing as a unique NFT, a kind of a scam where he’ll be shown as a bridge seller, and his friend Zack scoots near him on the river. Among all H3h3 NFT tokens, this one is considered the funniest one so far.

According to Ethan, Dan had a great chance to sell these because of the irony that stands behind that project. “He’s got a bridge to sell for only $2000” was the ironic statement of Den’s interlocutor. He also said that he thinks Dan will sell two of these NFTs.

#4 Zach – Joker’s Brain

In their humble opinion, another H3h3 NFT is “a work of art.” It is the Joker’s brain by Zach. You wouldn’t get it. No, seriously, that’s what’s written on that particular token. There are only five of these NFTs that were available for purchase. We can see Zach smoking and then transforming into a Joker with an open skull and a green brain hovering above it.

The H3 crew joked about his nails, where Dan stated that Zach needed to get his nails done. Zach defended himself that nails on that NFT look like that because he’s a guitar player. Ethan was assured that Zach’s NFT is bomb art and will be sold entirely because he compared it with a more bizarre NFT of Trump’s corpse that got sold for more than $6.6 million.

#5 H3 Crew: Ian – Singularity

There are five of Ian – Singularity NFTs. It represents Ian, who’s trying to understand NFTs in general. The token is specially designed in the style of Matrix, where he’s just a puppet of the machine.

The token is also known as one of the most impressive pieces of art of all the H3h3 NFT tokens, even cooler than Trump’s corpse NFT that’s being sold for a crazy amount of $6.6 million.

#6 Vape Nation God

Vape Nation God is considered the most special one since it’s authentic. It is one of one legendary Vape God coin. Vape God is a bid since there is only one available, and it is under the ownership of Vape Nation Video, which means that the video will be included within it.

It’s also considered a once in a lifetime opportunity since it is a Vape God token and the Vape Nation NFT. What is important to remember is that you cannot actually buy it. You can only bid on it. Ethan thought of deleting the original Vape Nation coin in order to transfer the total value to the new one, but he quit that idea.

NFT Sales
A non-fungible token is a digital record that can represent any physical or intangible item: an artwork, a video clip, an in-game skin or currency, a music file, a real estate property (tokenized), or a collectible card.

Where can you buy H3h3 NFT tokens?

If you are particularly interested in knowing where you can buy H3h3 NFT tokens, they are available on the OpenSea.io website. You are able to buy it at the current price or make your offer. Besides that, you can get more information about all the H3h3 NFTs collections and other details such as:

  • Contact Address
  • Token ID
  • Token Standard
  • Blockchain
  • Metadata

At the moment of writing this article (24 January 2022), there are:

  • Seven items
  • 38 owners
  • 42 floor price
  • 105 volume traded

What were the expectations of these six tokens?

The expectations of the H3h3 NFT – collection were positive, so there is a belief everyone will make some profit from that. However, there were certain doubts about the ways of posting them, of people “lowballing them” for some unknown reason, or that there were not going to be anyone interested in buying Vape God for a good amount of money.

They were excited about selling these NFTs in March 2021, which they considered as a fascinating experiment to see what will happen, claiming, “If nobody buys them, it will be hilarious. If they all sell it, it will be awesome.” Even though these were the expectations back in March 2021, it’s yet to be seen what will happen with them today.

Where are these tokens used precisely?

While speaking of H3h3 NFT, we can’t resist wondering where these tokens are used? One of the uses, aside from art sales, is that these tokens are used in video games like in-game assets.

There is also speculation that shortly we may witness more and more game companies adopting the kind of technology where you get something in a particular game, you can own it. You can transfer it, sell it, or do whatever you want with it.

Get to know more about the H3h3Productions and H3 podcast.

H3h3Productions is a popular YouTube channel by Ethan Klein and Hila Klein, Israeli-American spouses, that was created in 2011. Their channel includes reaction videos and sketch comedy about the current internet culture.

The channel became known for critiquing online personalities, internet trends, and Youtube Policies. In 2017, Kleins started the H3 channel Podcast. It began with interviews with famous internet personas such as Post Malone, Pewdiepie, Jake Paul, etc.

This particular channel expanded its interesting content with sub-series such as:

  • H3 After Dark – podcast co-hosted by the Kleins about current affairs.
  • Content Court – the mock trial podcast where controversial internet personalities are being judged.
  • Frenemies – the podcast about internet drama co-hosted by Trisha Paytas, a famous youtube personality.

Subscribers and views of the channel and podcast

At the moment of this writing, in January 2022, there are:

  • 30 million subscribers (h3h3productions)
  • 01 million subscribers (H3 Podcast)
  • 000 (H3TV)
  • 49 billion total views (h3h3Production)
  • 731 million views (H3 Podcast)
  • 2 million views (H3TV)

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