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Goodr Utilizes Blockchain Technology for Food Waste Reduction

With the increasing food consumption every day, Goodr is using blockchain technology to reduce food waste.

Natural Resources Defense Council reported that about $218 billion dollars are allotted for production, transportation, and elimination of uneaten food.

Goodr has facilitated Atlanta business and restaurant in sending leftovers to local charities.

In a CNBC interview, Founder and CEO Jasmine Crowe said that businesses can choose to pick up and track deliveries schedules. The app can provide data on food waste types that a business is producing and ways to reduce them.

Using the app, a business can signal the availability of their excess food to deliver. This is also to package them and track their delivery to local non-profits.

$230M investment of South Korea sets for Blockchain Technology development
South Korea invests $230M for Blockchain Technology development

Goodr utilizes blockchain to retain a data ledger for their clients. This is to determine the amount of food business waste and to point where they might lose money.

The company’s collected data discloses information on the most wasted food, community connections, and environmental impacts. Using all these information, Crowe hopes to cease excess food.

“Our hope is definitely like most social good companies, is that we’re able to work ourselves out of business. But one of the things that we do see is that there’s really not a lot of predictability in large scale food service,” Crowe said.

The charities which receive the surplus food are free of change. Meanwhile, the company charges the businesses similar to any other waste management system.

After she witnessed a friend struggling with food security, Crowe created the idea for Goodr. As an independent philanthropy consultant, Crowe is helping to donate food to local homeless shelters.

“Having experienced that first hand really shifted perspective for me, because for years I was feeding members of our homeless community. I didn’t understand that the face of hunger was readily changing,” she said.

$230M investment of South Korea sets for Blockchain Technology development

On June 21, the Ministry of Science and ICT of South Korea disclosed a total of $230 million investment. This is for the development of blockchain-based technology.

By 2022, the government is determined to finish the fundraising. Furthermore, the Korean government plans to support a 10,000 industry professionals and 100 companies. This aims to further enhance the advancement and development of blockchain-based technology.

Moreover, South Korea’s plans are to rationalize the investments into a few various directions. Generally, the goal is to raise the country’s competitive edge in block-chain technology.

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