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General Information
Broker Name:GoldenFex
Broker Type:Forex
Country:St.Vincent and the Grenadines
Operating since year:2020
Regulation: N/A
Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Center P.O. Box 1510,
Beachmont Kingstown St.Vincent and the Grenadines
Broker status:Active
Customer Service
Phone:+44 1182040036
Email:[email protected]
The Trading platforms:MT4
Trading platform Time zone:EET
Demo account: /
Mobile trading:Yes
Web-based trading:Yes
Bonuses: /
Other trading instruments:Yes
Minimum deposit ($):250
Maximal leverage:-
Spread:From 0.1
Scalping allowed:Yes

GoldenFex Review 2021 – Is GoldenFex Good Broker?

Broker Review: GoldenFex

General Information

GoldenFex is a relatively new brokerage offering a wide array of trading services and products. However, even with its versatility, it seems like the firm focuses on providing forex trading capabilities the most. GoldenFex operates from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, or more precisely, Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Center P.O. Box 1510, Beachmont, Kingstown. Since the firm has been gaining popularity, our GoldenFex review will help determine if it’s the right broker for you.

The first thing you’re likely to notice when you open up GoldenFex’s website is the abundance of information. While most scams try and obscure info regarding their service, GoldenFex is quite upfront about it. As such, you can find out most of the info you need to know simply by scrolling down on its landing page. Naturally, it’s not the detailed investigation we recommend doing, but it’s enough to form a picture of the broker.

The broker’s willingness to inform users leaves a positive initial impression. On top of that, its well-designed website indicates that GoldenFex is willing to go the extra mile. Naturally, we won’t spend our GoldenFex review looking at the visuals on their site but rather the functionality. The website runs smoothly, and even its dynamic elements work perfectly while causing no lag. As such, the browsing experience is quite pleasant, and investigating the broker is a breeze compared to others.

That all combines to form a strong first impression from the broker. However, that wouldn’t be enough to earn a passing grade with us. But a slight spoiler – the broker lives up to the impression and then some. Before we move on, let’s look at the best features GoldenFex has to offer:

General Information GoldenFex

·        No Fees at Is GoldenFex

Fee structures are vital to consider when choosing a new broker, especially one you plan on using often. Fees can make or break a service, and high costs usually translate to a poor user experience. Luckily, GoldenFex is free of commissions and makes its money via spreads instead. That creates a situation where prices for the vast majority of customers are much lower than the usual broker. As such, your hard-earned money will get its value and maintaining long-term profits is much simpler.

·        Great Variety

Every trader has their own preferences, with some of them being quite specific. That’s why cookie-cutter brokerages find it hard to succeed in the modern online finance world. Traders are much more inclined to work with a company where they can fulfill their specific needs. GoldenFex is one of those, providing variety every step of the way. That includes a large number of different trading accounts and a lengthy asset list.

·       GoldenFex: Resources for Investors

When brokers set up their educational features, they often only think of brand-new traders and investors. We can’t blame them, as it’s the apparent and logical thing to do, but there’s also a step beyond that. GoldenFex’s trader resources have features that’ll help even veterans up their game. On top of that, the broker doesn’t limit itself to education and instead provides up-to-date indicators and analysis tools.

Funds Trading and Security

Funds Trading and Security

Security is a factor you can’t dismiss when choosing a new brokerage. Namely, behind the specific trading conditions a broker provides, it might be the most important one. As such, in our GoldenFex review, we paid particular attention to what the broker does to protect users. Luckily, we were quite content with what we saw, and now we’d like to present it to you.

The broker lists the security of user funds as one of its primary priorities. They only work with regulated banks, meaning your money will always be in a safe place. Furthermore, the broker makes sure to protect all information users hand to them. That’s especially important since recently, cases where brokers willingly give out customer info to third parties have been running rampant. With the increased worries about online privacy, you need all the protection you can get.

As for other measures, the broker also employs SSL encryption of the highest grade. On top of that, it also has the usual security measures, such as 2FA. That makes it much more difficult for hackers to get through to user accounts and start spending their money. However, we should note that such measures don’t protect users from common scams such as phishing. Still, it’s apparent the broker does all in its power to protect user funds.

If you look at user impressions, they seem to have noticed the broker’s hard work as well. Most customers seem content with the security and service, giving us extra confidence in GoldenFex.

From the measures we mentioned, it’s apparent that the broker took excellent steps towards protecting its users. Furthermore, the awards it has earned signal that the broker’s operations are valid. As such, we’re confident in rating its security highly, even more so since it’s a crypto company.

GoldenFex Trading Accounts

Earlier in our GoldenFex review, we mentioned variety as one of its primary advantages. A massive part of that variety is the account variety, with five different versions serving different customers. They follow a tier-based structure, where your investment level determines your level of service. That means that the accounts themselves cost nothing to obtain or keep, and you can trade with all the money you invest. As such, there’s no downside to going for higher-tier accounts.

As the accounts follow an investment-based structure, you might think you’ll need a massive initial investment. That’s not at all true, as even the base account that costs $250 is enough for a complete trading experience. Naturally, it lacks some of the higher tiers’ luxury features, but there’s no inherent disadvantage.

Another notable thing about the accounts is how cheap the luxury features are compared to other brokers. Although they do require an investment most would consider hefty, they’re way below market price. As such, even midrange investors might get a hold of top-tier features.

There’s no incorrect choice with GoldenFex’s accounts, and choosing comes down to personal preference. To aid that choice, we’d like to present some of the account features:

Trading Accounts: mini silver gold

Trading Accounts: platinum, VIP


  • €250 – €3,000
  • Welcome Bonus: Up to 50%
  • Analytical Materials
  • Educational Materials
  • Introduction to the Platform


  • €3,001 – €10,000
  • Welcome Bonus: Up to 100%
  • Analytical Materials
  • Educational Materials
  • Introduction to the Platform
  • Personal Financial Analyst


  • €10,001 – €50,000
  • Accelerated Withdrawal
  • Welcome Bonus: Up to 120%
  • Analytical Materials
  • Educational Materials
  • Introduction to the Platform
  • Personal Financial Analyst
  • Review with financial analyst: Once a Week, 30 min


  • €50,001 – €100,000
  • Highest Priority Withdrawal
  • Welcome Bonus: Up to 120%
  • Analytical Materials
  • Educational Materials
  • Introduction to the Platform
  • Personal Financial Analyst
  • Review with financial analyst: Once a Week, 30 min
  • Trading Plan: Quarterly
  • Personal Trading Strategy Development


  • FROM – €100,001+
  • Highest Priority Withdrawal
  • Welcome Bonus: Up to 150%
  • Analytical Materials
  • Educational Materials
  • Introduction to the Platform
  • Personal Financial Analyst
  • Review with financial analyst: Upon Request, Unlimited
  • Trading Plan: Quarterly/Annual
  • Personal Trading Strategy Development
  • Screen Demo of Real-Time Trading
  • High Priority Financial Analyst Trading
  • VIP Hedging Tools

Trading Conditions

As we said earlier in our GoldenFex review, the broker excels in all areas. Naturally, that includes trading as the most important aspect of a broker’s service. That starts with the tight spreads the firm provides, making the cost of service extremely low. That means the value of each dime you invest is higher than with other brokerages, as more of it goes directly into trading.

Furthermore, the trading account setup backs up the excellent spreads. The accounts welcome all traders, no matter of skill level or experience, as there’s an option for everyone. Furthermore, the trader resources make it simple for traders to improve quickly or simply have the most info at their disposal. As such, traders might find maintaining long-term profits simpler with GoldenFex than other brokers.

Lastly, there are more than ten funding methods, meaning it’s simple to get cash flowing in and out of your account. That leads to an uninterrupted trading experience and an ability to capitalize on every opportunity.

Trading Platform

Trading Platform
GoldenFex integrates the MetaTrader4 platform into its service. The software has been among market leaders for quite a while now, and many traders are familiar with it. It allows newbies to get into trading quickly with its intuitiveness while maintaining complex analytical capabilities for veterans. As such, it cooperates with the broker’s well-rounded service in creating an experience anyone can enjoy. The software also comes in web and mobile forms, making it more convenient.

GoldenFex’s Trading Products

As we stated earlier in our GoldenFex review, the broker boasts an impressive variety of assets. Namely, the total count comes in at over 360 spread over different categories. Because of that, traders will be able to diversify their portfolios effectively while making no compromises regarding asset quality. Here are the asset classes you can expect to see at GoldenFex:

Customer Service

GoldenFex’s support lines work 24/5 and are effective in finding the best solutions to your issues. To reach them, you can use an email address or phone line. The response time is quite short, and the representatives are attentive and knowledgeable, so you shouldn’t have any problems.

Phone: ‍+44 1182040036

Email: [email protected]

Get in touch: customer support

GoldenFex review: Conclusion

By now, it should be quite apparent from our GoldenFex review that we’re content with the broker. It has powerful security measures that are sure to keep users’ data and money safe. Furthermore, its trading conditions allow for a transparent experience that favors users. The only factor determining your success will be your skill as a trader. Even the supporting features, such as account types, the signup process, and trader materials, are excellent.

The brokerage ensured to make its service versatile enough for everyone. As such, no matter your skill or experience level, we recommend you try out GoldenFex.

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  • Platform
  • Spread
  • Trading Instrument
Comments Rating 5 (64 reviews)

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