General Information
Broker Name: Genesis11
Broker Type: Forex and CFDs broker / international online broker
Country: Austria
Operating since year: -
Regulation: -
Address: Orbi Tower Erdgeschoss, 1030 Wien, Austria
Customer Service
Phone: +44 203 807 9195
Email: [email protected]
Languages: 19 languages
Availability: Monday – Friday from 8 am to 6 pm GMT
Trading platforms: Web Trader
The Trading platform Time zone: -
Demo account: no
Mobile trading: yes
Web-based trading: yes
Bonuses: N/A
Other trading instruments: N/A
Minimum deposit ($): 10,000
Maximal leverage: N/A
Spread: N/A
Scalping allowed: N/A

Genesis11 Review 2021 – Secure and Safe for all Traders


There is a lot of speculation regarding online trading nowadays. With the number of scam brokers in the industry, it comes as no surprise that everyone is skeptical to start trading. But as long as you have at least minimal knowledge of the industry, you should be able to avoid these scammers. That is why FinanceBrokerage provides you with these reviews – so you can gain the knowledge you need before you start trading.

Genesis11 Review

This review will discuss Genesis11, an international online brokerage. With Genesis11, you receive access to numerous assets for trade as well as the best strategies to follow for trading. They are headquartered in Vienna, Austria. 

In this Genesis11 review we will cover the pros and cons of the broker. Moreover, we will share why they might be a good fit for you.

Tradable Assets with Genesis11

Genesis11 makes it easy to trade multiple assets on their single platform. Most brokers prefer to specialize in assets to make their platforms stand out only in one manner. Thus, traders usually have to trade on multiple platforms, causing them to lose more in fees.

With Genesis11, you can trade Forex, Metals, Indexes, Energies, Stocks, ETFs, and Cryptocurrencies. This means that you will gain access to all of the major trading assets in the industry. Forex is one of the most common trading assets, with too many currency pairs to count. 

Metals are one of the most important assets, with gold being the safe haven of all market assets. Energies are one of the most traded assets. Furthermore, stocks are the most traded assets globally, while cryptocurrencies are the most famous and sought after asset in the market.

When you can trade all of these assets together on one platform, you gain access to every corner of the industry. You can make the most profits by trading different assets every time they make important moves. Luckily enough, Genesis11 provides Algo-Trading, which means you will be in safe hands.


Genesis11 Review – Highest Security and Safety

Cybercriminals always try to go after online brokerages since most of these brokerages are easier to break into than banks. Basically, the criminals break into different brokers taking the money and identities of these people. Since Genesis11 is an experienced broker, they know how to protect their users and funds.

Every brokerage asks you to provide essential and private information to register with them. Mainly because they want to avoid fake and stolen identities using their online platform. Your full name, address, government issued IDs, bank deposits, etc., are all available for cybercriminals to steal from your account.

Genesis11 Review - Highest Security and Safety

Genesis11 made sure to create a very safe environment for their traders. They implemented the latest and safest software that keeps every unauthorized person away from their database. What does this mean? 

Well, Genesis11 created several walls between them and cybercriminals. No one can break through these walls. Surpassing their security involves too much work, and cybercriminals would rather break into unprotected brokers.

Certifications Proof

On top of everything, Genesis11 has SSL certifications.  SSL certifications mean that besides these walls between cybercriminals and you, you are also protected by a secret code language. SSL encryptions protect all of your identity documents, funds, and more.

Certifications Proof

This also proves that the broker has no interest in using your funds for personal benefits. You are protected separately from the broker’s database.  If the regulatory agencies notice any suspicious activity, they will freeze the assets and funds under question.

That is why Genesis11 requires you to submit documents for KYC (Know Your Customer). This process helps brokers confirm all identities of traders. So, when you make major moves on your account, such as withdrawals, the broker knows that you are not an impostor. Genesis11 also follows the AML (anti-Money Laundering) policy to prevent any money laundering in their business.


Genesis11 Explains Algo-Trading vs. Auto-Trading

As you know, brokers give their traders options to trade differently. If they choose to trade automatically, that means that the software will make the trades for them. Another option is to trade independently, which is advised only to the best and most experienced traders. You can also do social trading, which means you follow other expert traders’ moves and copy them.

Genesis11 offers Algo-Trading, which is the safest way to trade. With Algo-Trading, an actual financial specialist makes the moves on your account instead of you. Algorithmic trading uses charts and analysis to enter and exit trades. 

So, the most experienced financial specialists will combine their knowledge with Genesis11 algorithms and strategies, putting them into play together. This will allow them to make the best moves and create the most profits for their traders.

The number of brokers and traders using Algo-Trading increases every day. This is becoming the most popular and secure way to make profits. Simply entrust your market moves to the most seasoned analysts. With the help of their software, they will make sure to give you the highest profits possible.

Genesis11 Explains


Genesis11 Review – Additional Information

It is important to know every aspect of the broker before you begin trading with them. We always include as much information about the broker as possible. We are confident that Genesis11 will provide good services to their traders since their website looks legitimate and easily accessible. They listed all of their documentations in transparency, creating a lot of trust between the broker and the potential users.

Educational Materials

Another reason why we trust Genesis11 is that they provide educational materials to their customers. Their webinars are easy to find on the website and allow you to learn everything about the broker and the platform.

Traders will learn how to open accounts with Genesis11. They will also gain knowledge on different assets and their importance in the market. As well as, technical analysis and chart explanations, different strategies for general and asset trading. Why is this important? 

Educational Materials

By posting these videos, Genesis11 shows us their deep knowledge of the industry. They are not scared to share their knowledge with traders and their users.


Customer Service

Genesis11 customer service is available during all trading hours 5 days a week. They provide different ways to get in touch with them, depending on your preferences and comfort zone. Since Genesis11 is an experienced broker, they know that some traders prefer to document their correspondence via email.  Meanwhile, others prefer to get quick answers via phone.

Genesis11 customer service

Genesis11 has three different phone lines for you. Their UK number is their most international one, where they receive most inquiries. 

But they also provided a specific number for their Canadian customers and users from Hong Kong. Their full address is also listed on their site. So, you can mail them your documents if you choose to do so.

Withdrawal and Deposit Methods

The broker Genesis11 provides multiple ways to deposit and withdraw funds. Their payments are set up on their site. And you do not need to visit several pages to confirm your payments. 

But, if you do not feel confident with independently depositing money, you can do so with your account manager’s help.  They will stay on the call with you during the whole process. They want to ensure that you follow the steps correctly and do not elongate the process more than you should.

WebTrading with Genesis11

Genesis11 knows that their traders come from all professions. So, they understand that not everyone has access to their computer at all times. Thus, they decided to provide the most comfortable way to trade assets – WebTrading. 

With WebTrading, you will be able to trade from wherever and whenever you want. You simply need to know your login information and have internet connection. Once you are in, you are good to go. This is important information because it demonstrates that Genesis11 does not want to complicate their trading process for their traders.


Genesis11 Review – Final Thoughts

Overall, we are happy with the trading conditions Genesis11 provides to its traders. It is easy to tell that they are seasoned and experienced traders. They provide the highest form of security on their trading servers. 

Their WebTrader is accessible from every browser. If you are facing any problems with registration, you can always refer to their webinars or your account manager.

Their customer service is always available to help during trading hours. If you decide to trade with Genesis11, you will gain access to almost all major trading assets available. As you know, the best way to make profits is to make several different trades with multiple assets. Luckily, with Genesis11, you can do that very easily.

Our Genesis11 review conclusion is simple – we consider this broker worthy of your trust. Make sure to personally check them out before trading with them. Other than that, happy trading!

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