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GEN token gets listed on the CoinGecko and Coinsbit

The CoinGecko and Coinsbit exchange-listed Evolution DeFi’s native GEN token. The Non-Fungible Project’s token reached new heights in popularity. The rate of application of Non-Fungible Tokens in the gaming industry is growing.

Evolution’s GEN has a circulating supply of 176,000 tokens. It is already scarce due to heightened interest in the project’s product and the popularity of collectibles. GEN is a BEP-20 token. Its emission is elastic and block-based with various supported contracts such as Evolution, GenToken, GenNFT, MasterChef, Proxy, and Lootbox.

Along with the new token, the Evolution project has launched the NFT battle game. It was the last item on its roadmap for the month of April. Players can buy Eggs or grow a creature with a variety of capabilities if they have the GEN tokens. Once the character is ready, users can submit them to the daily battle arena and win more GEN token prizes. Besides, players can breed monsters to get additional capabilities or buy more powerful ones from the NFT market.

The Evolution project enables players to go through the evolutionary path of their character. The story covers every stage from a Neanderthal to a citizen of the future. Furthermore, the value of each character increases with every stage passed. The in-game mechanics allow players to become more involved in more advanced economies, including NFTs, Loot Boxes, and other features.

What does the Evolution DeFi game offer besides the capabilities above?

The Evolution DeFi game provides a high yield of farming that can attain 5,000% per year through a wide range of farms and pools. Customers can choose from various currencies, including BUSD, ETH, USDT, DAI, and others. The use of NFT formats and the elastic token issuance per block allows to increase the interest rate and provide possibilities for users to advance their characters’ daily evolution.

Besides, the team included the popular Loot Boxes mechanism in the game. The latter grants players draw opportunities, along with the chance to get tenfold profits instantly.

A player can earn GEN tokens in pools and farms or get them by opening Loot Boxes. After that, users can swap, merge, and burn their NFTs for higher interest rates.

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