What is Gatecoin and How It Works – Get All The Information

Have you ever wondered what Gatecoin is and how it works exactly? Why has it become so popular and sought after within the crypto enthusiast community lately? And ultimately, what can individuals expect to get with Gatecoin exactly?

Whatever your previous expertise or experience in cryptocurrencies, you must understand what Gatecoin is and why it is important in our world. Our mission here is to give you all the essential information regarding Gatecoin you need to know. 

Let’s start with the basics, shall we?

Professionals explain Gatecoin. 

Gatecoin is an exchange for exchanging cryptos such as bitcoins, altcoins, and some major fiat currencies like EUR, USD, and HKD. According to their management, Gatecoin exists to create “the next generation of financial markets.”

Gatecoin’s trading platform provides investors with diverse cryptocurrencies and blockchain tokens to invest in. Clients can fund their accounts using HKD, USD, or EUR. Additionally, verified users can directly participate in token presales through the platform, typically before official token generation events (TGEs). Gatecoin offers exclusive discounts to its users participating in token presales and TGEs.

Who cannot trade on the Gatecoin platform?

While Gatecoin welcomes US investors, there are certain restrictions in place. Residents of Arizona, California, Maine, New York, North Carolina, South Dakota, West Virginia, and Wyoming are unable to trade on the Gatecoin platform. 

However, numerous alternative venues offer similar trading opportunities. To explore other essential options, you can use our Exchange Finder tool to discover suitable alternatives.

A brief history of the Gatecoin Exchange


Gatecoin is a trusted Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange established in 2013, according to the exchange history of this company. With its platform emerging in 2015, it offers secure and efficient trading of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and altcoins. The exchange prioritizes user protection through robust security measures. Gatecoin’s reputation for reliability and transparency has made it a go-to platform for digital asset trading.

Gatecoin’s exceptional achievements have garnered industry recognition, including the prestigious 2014 Best Start-Up Prize for Central and East Asia at Talent Unleashed.

Actively contributing to the Bitcoin community.

Gatecoin’s chief executive officers are avid contributors to the entire group, exemplifying their dedication to the industry. CEO Aurélien MENANT has played a vital role as a founding member of the Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong. The company’s active participation in conferences showcases its commitment to staying at the forefront of the blockchain space and cryptocurrency trading. 

In addition to its trading platform, Gatecoin has established, a unique website that operates similarly to Kickstarter but exclusively accepts Bitcoin donations.

Leveraging our global payments network, our platform provides convenient funding options via fiat currency bank transfers in HKD, EUR, and USD. We continually seek partnerships with banks and payment service providers to broaden funding choices and enhance user convenience.

Security measures fortify exchange infrastructure.

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Our commitment to security is unwavering regarding the crypto industry. To safeguard client assets and information, our exchange infrastructure employs rigorous security measures. Expert security professionals continually monitor and audit our system to prevent theft and identify suspicious activity.

We prioritize the protection of blockchain asset deposits by storing them in offline multi-signature hardware wallets, utilizing cold storage. Our exchange undergoes round-the-clock monitoring to ensure the highest level of security. 

Gatecoin has a history of embracing cutting-edge blockchain technologies. In fact, we made history in August 2015 as the first exchange to list the Ethereum token, ether (ETH). Our dedication to innovation remains steadfast.

Pioneers in listing ERC20 Standard Token

As trailblazers in the industry, Gatecoin was at the forefront of listing ERC20 standard tokens connected to decentralized applications (dapps) on the Ethereum platform. Additionally, we were the pioneers in enabling direct participation in token generation events (TGEs) or initial coin offerings (ICOs). 

With an unwavering commitment to the blockchain ecosystem, we remain dedicated to providing access to the most promising projects based on blockchain technology, acting as a worldwide gateway to decentralized applications.

In the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrencies and blockchain tokens, Gatecoin acts as a marketplace that bridges the traditional forex and capital markets with the emerging crypto realm. We envision ourselves as the modern-day NASDAQ, catering to the needs of the blockchain era while maintaining the highest standards of security, user privacy, and exchange services.

What are the Gatecoin Fees?


Gatecoin extends a generous offer to new users by granting them 15 days of complimentary trading following their initial deposit. Once this introductory period concludes, the trading fees are determined based on the trading volumes and user status:

Volume traded per month [BTC]: 

  • <20 Fee* [%]: 0.35
  • <50 0.30
  • <100 0.25
  • <200 0.20
  • >200 0.15

Upon surpassing a predefined threshold within a rolling 31-day timeframe, the reduced fee is automatically implemented for all subsequent trades you conduct.

Gatecoin Fee Structure

In compliance with cryptocurrency regulations, Gatecoin implements a fee system that fosters liquidity and ensures fairness in the cryptocurrency market. The trading fees on this platform are divided into two main categories: 

 -maker fees 

– taker fees.

For takers, who place orders that match existing orders, the trading fee is set at 0.35%. Conversely, makers, who create liquidity in the market by having their orders listed on the order book, enjoy a discounted fee of 0.25%. This encourages active participation and enhances the exchange’s overall trading environment.

Gatecoin withdrawals

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Regarding withdrawals, Gatecoin maintains a competitive edge by charging a nominal fee of 0.0006 BTC for BTC withdrawals. This fee falls below the industry average, making Gatecoin an appealing choice for users seeking cost-effective digital wallet services.

Gatecoin’s commitment to providing a seamless user experience is further evident in its favorable fee structure and its adherence to cryptocurrency regulations.

Bottom Line

Gatecoin is a regulated financial institution that provides a secure platform for purchasing and selling cryptocurrencies. Your investments are protected by a presence in the UK and compliance with the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). Open an account and invest confidently in cryptocurrencies.

Harnessing blockchain technology, Gatecoin offers real-time trading, empowering you to seize market opportunities instantly. Our user-friendly interface and trading apps ensure a seamless experience for seasoned investors and newcomers.

Enjoy hassle-free cross-border transactions and the assurance of regulatory compliance. Invest with confidence in Gatecoin, your gateway to the world of cryptocurrencies.

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