GamerHub’s Token Is High-Ranking. What Does It Offer?


GamerHub is a new platform that enables players to access games on different blockchains in one place. Play-to-earn blockchain games industry is growing rapidly, but typically users have to hop from one platform to another if they want to enjoy various games. GamerHub wants to make this process more convenient for gamers. It will build a first-of-its-kind multichain cryptocurrency game aggregator. The platform will enable users to play different play-to-earn games without changing the websites.

The project has an experienced team that is currently working on a cutting-edge solution. The latter will address the main gaps in the current P2E ecosystem. Moreover, the team has already outlined a roadmap, showing how it intends to build and deploy its solution to the Defi market. The company launched its native utility token – GHT, as well. This currency plays a critical role in this project.

GHT is an ERC20 coin. Its price is 0.018 USD per token during the initial coin offering. The team aims to raise $80,000 with the ICO sale. The total supply of GHTs is 500,000,000, but only 36% is available for purchase. This token is quite high-ranking on various ICO listing platforms.

More and more developers are using blockchain technology to improve the overall gaming experience. Blockchain has many enticing properties that attract gaming industry members. For instance, it enables decentralized ownership of various in-game assets. Players spend billions of dollars on purchasing virtual goods. While they enrich users’ experience, people do not truly own such assets. They can’t use them in real life. Thus, they actually spend money for the experience, not the tangible things, that will remain in their employ. However, blockchain technology allows developers to create in-game assets that give players greater control, allowing them to sell, exchange or transfer their assets.


What Are Blockchain Technology’s Other Advantages?

Blockchain offers permissionless use and transfer. Typically, in-game assets belong to the particular game as they were created specifically for it. Users can’t move and use them on the other platforms, even though they have paid money for these goods. As a result, there are black markets for trading such items.

According to a survey, 62% of gamers said they’d be more willing to purchase virtual items if they could use them for their advantage across different games. Meantime, 84% of developers noted that they’d create such goods if they had access to the technology needed for it. Blockchain technology offers just that. It allows developers to create in-game items that can be easily transferred from one platform to another.

Furthermore, blockchain technology offers people to invest instead of spend. Most in-game assets and coins will gain more value over time, especially if their platform becomes successful. Of course, there’s always a chance that the game is not so attractive and goes down. But it’s quite easy to ascertain whether the game is immersive and well-developed or not. In recent years, reports have shown that the top five gaming-focused tokens have continued to rise in value, along with most of their in-game assets.

Moreover, blockchain gaming startups earned $476 million in the first half of 2021. That’s approximately 9% of the total funds invested in gaming firms. It’s clear that investors are willing to sink their funds into blockchain gaming.


How Does The GamerHub Work, And What Solutions Will It Offer?

What Are The Play-To-Earn (P2E) Model’s Advantages?

Most blockchain-based games enable users to compete for in-game assets. Afterward, participants can transfer these items into real-world value. Thanks to this system, the developers were able to create virtual economies where players generate real-world income by participating in gaming activities. This new trend is especially popular in Southeast Asia. Many people depend on play-to-earn (P2E) gaming to earn additional income. That is an easy and enjoyable way to gain money. Furthermore, the P2E movement has gained such traction that some countries plan to create taxation schemes for P2E game developers and players.

According to surveys, there are roughly 220 million crypto users worldwide. However, thus far, there are only 10 million gamers within the P2E ecosystem. In recent months, both users’ numbers and interest in the industry have been growing exponentially. In July 2022, more than 40,000 people googled the term “play-to-earn cryptocurrency games.” That was a 300% increase compared to the previous month. But the play-to-earn industry still faces many challenges. GamerHub wants to overcome them.


How Does The GamerHub Work, And What Solutions Will It Offer?

The GamerHub team wants to build a unique ecosystem for cryptocurrency gamers. This platform will enable users to play, earn and experience great adventures through aggregated gameplay. The company also offers various rewards, and it has decentralized governance. This project makes it easy for players to play different games on different blockchain platforms without changing websites, all in one place.

The team created a solution to provide a lucrative environment for developers and gamers. The project will allow users to tap into the vast opportunities offered by the play-to-earn industry. Developers will have access to the tools necessary to build and launch their own play-to-earn games.

This platform aggregates games built on multiple chains, thus, offering a seamless way for players to explore, play new games and buy in-game assets. The users will have absolute control over their games, items, and player data. The company will ensure that gamers have true digital ownership of purchased NFTs.

​Besides, gamers will be able to earn rewards for contributing to the ecosystem through various activities. The latter includes reviews, streaming, tasks, ratings, merchandise, and referrals. The platform comes with a built-in marketplace for exchanging in-game items. It also boasts a social hub for users to connect and engage with one another.

GamerHub aims to provide top-notch security. To that end, it will use decentralized identifiers (DIDs). The latter will ensure secure and anonymous user identification. The team noted that decentralized identifiers are unique digital identities stored on the blockchain. They provide a verifiable and tamper-proof record of a player’s identity. This system ensures that customers’ information is kept private and secure. It also allows gamers to control their digital identity fully.

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