GAIN Loses Momentum Monthly and Annually

GAIN Capital Holdings, Inc. lost its volatility momentum this month with a 26.9% drop month-over-month in retail client transactions. Transactions were a total of $125.6 billion in November against $171.9 billion in October.

Retail OTC volume also significantly lowered by 39.4% against $2017.2 billion in November 2018. Additionally, average daily volumes fell by 20% month-over-month at $6.0 billion against $7.5 billion.

Active accounts inched up from October 2019 at 121,801 in November but lowered against their 123,932 accounts year-on-year.

The drop erased all GAIN Capital’s momentum over a yearly and monthly timetable alongside other firms in the industry.

Futures also slumped in November with 477,916 contracts, down 19.5% month-over-month against 594,021 in October 2019. The figure also sunk by 26.9% against its 2018 counterpart.

Analysts worry about the firm’s shares, which went down 43% in the last year. The share price also went down 24% in three months.

Investors also lost a total of 41% this year, including dividends against a market gain of almost 21%. It also has a TSR of -44% for the last five years.

The firm already saw its share price fall 52% and even declined below zero.

GAIN with Gaitame and Saxo Bank in November Slump

GAIN is accompanied by a list of weak performances for November, including Japanese broker Gaitame. The broker’s transaction volumes fell 31.7% compared to its October ¥163.0 billion figure.

In an annual comparison, the transaction volume went down 34.2% against November 2018 at ¥169.1 billion.

The transaction volume was the lowest since Gaitame’s first launch in 2016 but was still worse than Saxo Bank’s figures. Saxo Bank’s trade lowered by 23.9% month-over-month at its lowest in 4 years.

Meanwhile, Gaitame’s month-on-month records for deposits fell this November with ¥113.9 billion against October’s ¥114.0 billion deposit. Year-on-year, on the other hand, measured a 1.5% fall in November with ¥115.6 billion deposits in 2018.

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