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General Information
Broker Name:FSMSmart
Broker Type:Forex
Operating since year:2017
Broker status:Independent Broker
Customer Service
Email:[email protected]
Languages:English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
Trading Platforms:MT4 (Compatible with iOS and Android), WebTrader
Trading platform(s) timezone:UTC +2
Demo Account:No
Mobile trading:Yes
Web based trading:Yes
Bonuses:Initial Deposit Bonus
Other trading instruments:Currencies, commodities, CFDs, Indices, shares, futures
Minimum deposit ($)$250
Maximal leverage (1:?)1:400
SpreadFixed or Float
Scalping allowedYes (For Plantinum)
Platform Review
FSMSmart Review Content

● Introduction
● Account Types

○ Beginner
○ Silver
○ Gold
○ Platinum

● Trading Platforms

○ MT4

● Trading Conditions

○ Instruments
○ Safety

● Additional Information

○ Website
○ Payment Options
○ Customer Service

● Conclusion

FSMSmart Review 2019 – Is FSMSmart Good?

FSMSmart has been around in the industry for quite some time now. They have managed to gain an excellent reputation in the field and gathered a large user base from all over the world. They are established in Switzerland and care genuinely about their customers’ satisfaction.

In this FSMSmart review, we will list all of their features. We will discuss their advantages and disadvantages so you can better understand if this broker if worth your time. Make sure to read the complete FSMSmart review to realize all of the potentials of the broker, or the opposite. Make sure to leave a rating below to let us know about your experience with FSMSmart.


Account Types offered at FSMSmart
Since FSMSmart is an all-inclusive broker, they provide accounts for all types of traders. Right now, they offer four different account types. See the full list of specs below:

Beginner Account
• Minimum Deposit: $250
• Max. Leverage: 1:400
• Spreads: Floating, three pips
• Mobile Trading: Yes
• Daily Analysis: Yes
• Account Manager: Yes
• 24-hour Support: Yes

This account is for beginners, as the name says. The specs offered by this account are fitting for a new trader, especially that they offer daily analysis for a smaller account. This is a rare occasion among brokers.

Silver Account

• Minimum Deposit: $5,000
• Max. Leverage: 1:400
• Spreads: Floating, two pips
• Mobile Trading: Yes
• Daily Analysis: Yes
• Account Manager: Yes
• 24-hour Support: Yes

The silver account is considered to be for low-intermediate traders. Though the minimum deposit is slightly higher, the spreads are lower. Very useful for trading.

Gold Account
• Minimum Deposit: $20,000
• Max. Leverage: 1:400
• Spreads: Fixed, two pips
• Mobile Trading: Yes
• Daily Analysis: Yes
• Account Manager: Yes
• 24-hour Support: Yes

Gold account is recommended for professional traders who wish to test the platform before investing the platinum amount. After you check it and make up your mind whether you want to indeed trade, you may move up the level.

Platinum Account
• Minimum Deposit: $100,000
• Max. Leverage: 1:400
• Spreads: Fixed, 1.5 pips
• Mobile Trading: Yes
• Daily Analysis: Yes
• Account Manager: Yes
• 24-hour Support: Yes
• Fully Free Bank Wire Transfers

The platinum account is for real veteran traders. It comes with great specs, plus free bank wire transfers and an account manager available 24-hours a day.

All accounts are swap free and offer Islamic accounts. The minimum trading lot size on FSMSmart is 0.01 or 1000 base currency units. The selection is quite vast and inclusive, allowing all kinds of traders to invest with FSMSmart.


Trading Platforms Available at FSMSmart

FSMSmart offers several platforms for traders. Depending on your preferences, you will have five options to choose from. You can either download FSMSmart platform into your phone, tablet, or trade from the web. Gain access to the most global markets with FSMSmart.


FSMSmart makes the most popular trading platform available to its traders. With the MT4, you will gain access to some of the best tools for investments and trading. You will be able to work with a wide range of financial instruments, such as Forex, Commodities, Futures, etc.

The platform is very user-friendly, allowing one-click trading and automatic execution of orders. MT4 is also famous for their expert advisors, which you can also customize on your own. You will be able to have the perfect partner in your trading.

The Market Watch Window will allow you to stay updated at all times. Especially with the top indicators used in the daily analysis. The automated trading tools will aid you when you do not have the time to spend time on your favorite activity.

FSM Web Trader


FSMSmart offers its trading platform. On their WebTrader, you will be able to gain access to the global market in an instant. FSM is automatically connected to MT4 with some improvements included.

The web platform is available at any time via the internet. You will receive real-time streaming of the prices, live charting, and analysis tools, gain access to copy trading, and more. They have over 250 assets available for the trader, such as forex, commodities, and derivatives. Their expert advisors are extremely developed to help your trading

FSM iPhone Trader

Since not every trader likes to trade from their personal computer, FSMSmart decided to incorporate their platform on phones. iPhone has a downloadable app where you will gain access to the same specs as on the web. Additionally, you will be able to check the status of your trading account, manage ongoing positions, check balances, and view your transaction history.

FSM Android Trader

To be more inclusive, FSM created an app or Android users as well. On this FSM Android trader, you will be able to monitor, place, execute, and modify the position of trades, view live charts, manage your account, receive price alerts, and more.

The trading app is quite easy to use and has automatic execution of orders available. You will gain access to the same tools as on the web or iPhone.

FSM Tablet Trader

If you get tired of trading on your computer or phone, you have an option to switch to your tablet. Trading on a larger screen might be more comfortable for you since you will be able to monitor the market better.

We are happy to see FSMSmart incorporate so many options for their traders. Giving a variety of choices, whether you wish to trade during your commute or on your couch, offers a lot of security to the user. FSMSmart cares about their users, due to which they put so much work into developing many different vessels for trading. So then, is FSMSmart good? We think so.

FSMSmart Review -Trading Conditions

Besides the account specs offered by FSMSmart, they provide more and better features to their users. See the most important ones below.


FSMSmart provides over 50 currency pairs. FSMSmart offers full transparency with the trading system. They have low latencies, tight spreads, and leverage up to 1:400.

The benefits of trading forex with FSMSmart include their selection of exotic and significant pairs, 24-hour market access, high leverage, and fantastic customer support. You will be able to find the spreads offered for each of the currency pairs for different account types in the picture below. If you need any further info visit their website.


You will be able to trade commodities with FSMSmart as well. Take advantage of the most popular precious metals with the help of their expert advisors. Spot gold and spot silver have high volatility, due to which you will have a chance to use the changes in your favor. You will be able to diversify your portfolio as well.

There is a reason these metals are considered the safe havens of the market. They are the most popular and needed elements in the world. Diversify your portfolio with the best options offered by FSMSmart.

You will also gain access to equity shares, world stock indices, and soft commodities. Whatever you are looking for, you will find with one of the most diverse brokers online.


Security of Funds at FSMSmart

According to their homepage, FSMSmart regards safety and security as their top priority. FSMSmart takes the next step in securing the funds via innovative methods and up-to-date procedures. They ensure that client funds are kept separately from their company’s accounts.

Judging from the customer base at FSMSmart, we can say that the clients are satisfied with the safety of funds at FSMSmart. Overall, we are happy with what we see.

Additional Information – Is FSMSmart Good?

FSMSmart has a very easily navigable website. The colors are solid and pleasing to the eye. The site is offered in several languages, such as English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese. Due to their global user base, they optimized their website for everyone’s comfort.

The payment options at FSMSmart are also vast. You can deposit/withdraw via:
• Debit/Credit Cards
• Bank Wires
• WebMoney
• Skrill
• Neteller, and more.

Some methods might not be available for withdrawal, so make sure to check beforehand. The payment options are very inclusive and diverse. FSMSmart wants to make its clients as comfortable and secure as possible. So far, they have not incorporated any crypto-wallets, though that is because crypto-wallets are not as popular yet. Since trading with cryptos is available, you can quickly transfer the equivalent to the bank of your choice.

The customer service at FSMSmart is excellent. They are available to help 24-hours a day during trading days. They will help you with any issues you have via email, phone, or the live chat on their website. The live chat is easily accessible and requires minimal initial information. This makes solving issues much easier and faster. Overall, we are happy with the trading features offered by FSMSmart.



FSMSmart Review Conclusion – Satisfying and Reassuring

In the end, we are quite happy and satisfied with the broker’s specs. FSMSmart put a lot of time in developing their website as much as they could. They offer different kinds of platforms so the users can trade as they wish. You can trade all of the accessible instruments via FSMSmart. Their customer service is excellent, and they offer many payment options.

We are hoping to have helped you choose the broker of your choice. If FSMSmart does not fit your requirements, make sure to check out the rest of our reviews as well. If you decided to trade with FSMSmart, we wish you the best of luck trading!

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