FOX and METAC tokens are in the spotlight. Why’s that? 


Fox INU project introduced its trending ERC-20 token, FOX. This Defi project enables customers to add liquidity and swap coins. It also allows staking in various decentralized exchanges. The company is also working on FOX SWAP Exchange and Staking App. It plans to launch the latter after the Airdrop ends.

FOX INU Coin (with ticker – FOX) will offer its holders various advantages, including enabling them to participate in the platform’s governance and make decisions about the project’s future development. This wealth-growing fintech platform will entice clients with its simplicity. It focuses on providing an exceptional user experience. The team designed a modern, easy-to-navigate interface with great features.

According to the company, Fox INU’s customers will be able to grow their wealth by using a combination of Defi and traditional investment solutions on the AI platform. They can use their funds for daily transactions. In addition, users will be able to stake FOX INU soon and earn more money thanks to this token. The platform will burn the tokens at some stage, and token holders will benefit from the buyback. They will also get a share of the company’s overall profits.

The team also noted that the platform would offer reduced fees to token holders, along with a chance to vote on the governance of the platform. Investors will have to join the Airdrop to acquire these tokens, though. That involves registering an ETH address and holding the FOX coins in one of the liquidity Forms the company set up.


How does FOX INU’s staking pool work? 

Staking is the process of keeping funds in a crypto wallet. That helps the underlying proof-of-stake blockchain network operate more securely and efficiently. Moreover, a stake typically represents a voting right in a particular project. Users earn this right after purchasing the minimum amount of tokens.

However, the more coins user holds in a staking pool, the more voting rights they obtain. As holding the tokens helps the underlying proof-of-stake network operate much better, the companies pay rewards to incentivize customers to stake their tokens.

Compared to traditional passive investments, staking tokens is much more profitable. This process actually resembles certain passive-income instruments found in traditional finance, like preference shares or bonds. However, they are very different fundamentally.

The company launched its ICO sale on October 5, 2022. It will end on April 30, 2023. The total supply of FOX tokens is 1,200,000,000,000, but only some percentage will be available at this stage. The company will trade 1 FOX for $0.001 during the initial coin offering.


What about the FOX SWAP exchange? 

The team plans to introduce an automated market-making exchange interface. It will be similar to UNISWAP and SUSHISWAP. Moreover, the company decided to offer a different transaction fee system. The latter will allow token liquidity providers to invoke a maximum impermanent loss threshold to the smart contract as they add liquidity. That will ensure that customers won’t lose 100% of their assets for supporting this project if something goes wrong.

People will need to integrate Metamask at least once, as well as add their FOX INU Tokens to their dashboard wallet to become a user of the FOX INU Finance Swap exchange. The team plans to test the exchange soon. It also aims to launch it on May 05, 2023. The company is using community-driven research and development to shape this advanced exchange platform.

Furthermore, FOX INU will comply with all regulations to ensure the trustworthiness and security of its platform. That includes the FCA regulations on KYC, AML, and any other requirements. The company will get the approval of the respective financial regulator before going forward with any local launch.


What about the FOX SWAP exchange? 


Metacoms is a very popular project. Why’s that? 

The Metacoms platform offers great services to crypto enthusiasts. This company has integrated various features, like 3D Metaverse P2P crypto transfer. As a result, the platform is now NFT-compatible. The team wanted to offer a new-generation communication platform for offices, schools, or any corporate or private business. However, this project now offers much more. It boasts virtual world features that make the network businesslike and entertaining.

Metacoms is a fully functional communication platform that incorporates Metaverse features. It allows customers access to multiple digital stores. Users can monetize their assets on the Metaverse and earn profits.

There are many other Metaverses out there, but most of them offer limited options. Creators or players can’t do much on those platforms. So, mainly younger gamers use them. Metacoms wants to change that and offer a product that will interest people with more experience and drive.

The team decided to develop the first Metaverse with the option to create and run an application. This project gives thousands of companies access to the Metaverse, enabling them to create all kinds of apps for users of all ages.

Moreover, thanks to this company, any developer or creator will be able to deliver a new 3D experience on the internet. This software will become available to all companies. The team plans to evolve the current Metaverse into a new structure with infinite possibilities. It also wants to offer this technology to thousands of creative designers developing apps.


What about the Metacoms’ ecosystem and features? 

The company provides a great ecosystem. There are several options to choose from if the user wants to use the Metaverse. For example, they can create and sell an app and get in-app spending in the process; Develop, fund-raise, and exploit a game; Create and sell avatar add-ons or 3D gadgets; Promote the business in their sector which they profit from; Develop, and exploit a company building, as well as a residential tower; Create or rent a store, or gallery and start selling digital and physical goods.

Metacoms will also offer the following features: PlayCanvas 3D-Engine, Voluntary KYC ID verification, and NFT marketplace. Moreover, the company offers interesting gameplay to incentivize players further. The team launched the platform’s native utility token, METAC, on October 21, 2022. The sale will end on June 03, 2023. METAC is a BEP-20 token and is very high-ranked on various ICO listing platforms. 108,000,000 tokens are available for sale, which is 61,7% of the total supply.


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