flatexDEGIRO Unveils B2B Partnership Extension With Whitebox

A German-based online broker, flatexDEGIRO (ETR: FTK) announced that they signed a letter of intent with Whitebox to extend their B2B partnership. The two companies have been in this partnership for more than seven years.

Over these years, Whitebox has been awarded the best Robo-advisor in Germany with nstrong ratings on product offering, service quality, and attractiveness of its pricing model. The trustful relationship and the mutual understanding built Whitebox into the perfect partner for flatexDegiro to offer this ancillary service to its customers seamlessly and intuitively.

The launch at flatex aims at expanding the offering to all DEGIRO customers. flatexDEGIRO (ETR: FTK) conducts proprietary securities trading platforms and services for retail customers in 8 European countries. The integrated access for flatexDEGIRO customers will go live in the summer of 2022.

In a statement, Frank Niehage, the CEO of flatexDEGIRO said “The extended partnership supports flatexDEGIRO’s strategic priority to provide millions of retail investors in Europe with the best online brokerage platform in terms of product, platform, and price. It enables us to offer our customers access to an additional, highly attractive, and comfortable way of investing. This benefits, in particular, customers who were previously less active in trading. In addition, it enables us to address new client groups that are generally looking for support in accessing the capital markets on a sustainable, long-term basis. Offering digital wealth management in the form of Robo-advisory is the next, logical step in verticalizing our unique European brokerage platform.”

Whitebox Driving Range

Whitebox is one of Germany leading independent digital asset managers. The company offers several investment strategies. In doing so, the company focuses on undervalued asset classes that map with low-cost, exchange-traded index funds (ETFs).

Whitebox relies on the latest findings from financial market research when optimizing client portfolios. Whitebox’s CEO expressed their excitement about the strategic partnership.

Salome Preiswerk, Founder and Managing Director of Whitebox: “We are very excited about the opportunities that arise from the strategic partnership. We aim to offer investments tailored to individual needs, simple, transparent, cost-effective – and of high quality. Expanding our reach with a trusted partner such as flatexDEGIRO to potentially several million retail investors across Europe means a big step forward for us.”

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