Fitness lovers can now earn money with Step App’s token  

Step is a development protocol for Fitness Finance (FitFi). It offers exciting features and a hot native token. The team launched the ICO sale on April 12, and it will end on April 15, 2022. Step App is the first app built on the protocol, but the company will add others in the future. FITFI is an ERC20 token. It’s trading for 0.0049 USD per coin currently. The total amount of tokens is 5,000,000,000, but only some percentage is available at this stage.

FitFi is at the cross-section of the physical and the digital worlds. In fact, it’s a culmination of a very physical experience (fitness) within the metaverse. The platform uses NFTs and geo-location technology. The team added an augmented reality feature for better immersion of Step’s FitFi metaverse.

Fitness Finance is a market economy in which users earn from the value generated by the $100B fitness industry. Moreover, it’s the web3 version of digital fitness experiences and apps. Web2 allowed customers to both consume and create fitness content. However, it pushed the value generated from their fitness content to the platform owners. GameFi is similar in this aspect. Gaming is a $200B market where users consume and create for the benefit of a few.

However, Web3 enabled everyone to earn a piece of the market they take part in. After the surge of GameFi and play2earn, this became a reality. FitFi aims to enable people to earn from the massive fitness market along with enjoying its offerings and benefits.


The FitFi team values equality. All users will have fair chances

While web3 is the best model on the market, there have been some questions about it. For example, users debated over the role of VCs in web3. If the founder teams decentralize ownership, then large institutions likely won’t own big stakes of protocols.

The FitFi’s community has been vocal about this cause. In line with the future of web3, the company is running the initial token distribution in one of the fairest models possible. Instead of offering tokens to VCs first, the team decided to give everyone an equal and fair chance to join the TGE event.

The company has already launched several FitFi products, including Stepn and Genopets. The team has built both of them on their native systems. Such an approach thwarts the output capacity of FitFi experiences, along with boosting the development costs and dividing the fitness market across a dotted range of its projects.

Still, Step App is the one addressing the FitFi market’s biggest bottleneck. Third parties will be able to use the Step Protocol SDK to build within the Step Metaverse. Moreover, Step App is the foundation of Fitness Finance’s market. Thanks to the early mover advantage, the protocol, and associated SDK have a chance to become the industry norm: a powerful metaverse and technology stack that powers Fitness Finance’s economy.


Fitness lovers can now earn money with Step App’s token  


What does Step App offer? 

Step App is the first one built by the core team of the protocol itself. The company designed it to achieve several goals. This will be a dominant FitFi app from the get-go and aid in building a massive network for fitness influencers and athletes.

While there are numerous Defi protocols, the market hasn’t much to offer when it comes to fitness. Fitness Finance’s early and aggressive move to the top will ensure that other teams and developers feel compelled to see Step as a partner in their success. Besides, its ecosystem provides a massive base of go-to users, fitness ambassadors, and onramps, along with immediate technology.

Step App aims to create a gamified metaverse for the fitness economy. Users will have to walk, jog, or run to socialize, play, and earn. This project will become the next joint frontier in the metaverse and GameFi market, as well as an embodiment of physical experiences tied with the metaverse.

Fitness is part of many people’s lives. The team believes that a blockchain product that taps into something that is a daily part of many people’s lives is at the top of the crypto adoption chain.

Users will have to simply download Step App to turn their fitness into a social experience that pays them. They will be able to build their step count by walking, jogging, or running. This app allows people to compete with their friends or strangers, socialize locally or globally, and experience the metaverse and their physical world in a dynamic new way.

The company is also conducting an early sign-up campaign which allows the opportunity to get free SNEAK (earn) NFTs. Thanks to that, the app will acquire tens of thousands of users ahead of launch.


ZeroFi is another interesting project ready to soar 

Zerofi is a combat role-playing NFT game. The team has built it on the Binance Smart Chain. This project aims to explore the infinite possibilities of NFT as a creativity infrastructure. It will study subvert existing content- and value-sharing models along with community co-creation and sharing mechanisms. The team wants to ensure that creativity and value will once again flourish in communities.

It has built a metaverse with universally recognized NFT assets. Thus, players can happily relax while experiencing the game. The company also plans to launch its native utility token ZERI in April. The latter is BEP-20 type, and its total supply is 500,000,000. The team believes that ZERI will become more and more popular in the future. Its members aim to show everyone that it is possible to make money and enjoy playing at the same time.

Furthermore, Zerofi wants to overcome some of the issues that the games built on the Binance Smart Chain experience currently. The low processing speed and the high fee to participate in the games are strong deterrents for many users. The company recognizes that time is a valuable asset. That’s why it decided to offer one of the fastest platforms. Besides, it will provide some built-in functions. With Zerofi, players will earn real-time money.

This platform uses ZERI and ZEUS tokens. With multi-characters and equipment inventory, it will bring a new experience to players. The latter will be able to buy or sell characters on the Marketplace to earn ZERI.


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