FinCapital’s ICO sale is live. What about the FLYY token? 


FinCapital is a new company that offers great services. The company provides crypto and fiat exchanges, Debit cards, and IBAN, along with tokenization and investment services. It also has its own native utility token. The team launched the ICO sale on November 1, 2022. It will end on April 30, 2023. The FIN token has already attracted investors’ attention, getting high-ranking on various platforms.

The total supply of tokens is 100000000. However, only 54% will be available for purchase during the initial coin offering. The company set aside 10% for marketing. 5% goes to the treasury, while 15% is for the team and founders. Moreover, 12% goes to liquidity reserve, and 4% is for an airdrop.

The FIN token holders will get income from the platform. They will also be able to manage their entire portfolio within a single platform easily. Considering how well-diversified this platform is, users won’t need to use any more websites. They will get access to excellent exchanges. In addition, this company offers IBAN and debit card issuance, as well as traditional asset brokerage and customized tokenization.

The team aims to create a marketplace where customers could become early investors in all the next 100x cryptocurrency projects every month. The company also offers Private VC deals. Usually, access to those hidden markets is limited to a few investors. However, FinCapital will help its clients to get access to those opportunities, thus, providing them with exclusive tokenized access.


What is FlyGuyz, and why is it trending? 

FlyGuyz is another interesting protocol. It launched its native token on November 25, 2022. The sale will end on December 15, 2022. The total supply of FLYY tokens is 888000000. And it’s very hot right now. The platform plans to introduce a high-quality, mainstream game to the blockchain. The plot focuses on fighting. According to the team, FlYY token holders will become an active part of the FlyGuyz ecosystem. They will also be able to earn rewards.

Furthermore, players will have an opportunity to mint their NFT character or rent a virtual one from the platform’s in-game marketplace. After choosing their NFT characters, gamers build up their fighting skills and fight other participants head-to-head to death.

The company also noted that the FlYY tokens would have a great deal of utility in this ecosystem. Users will need it to purchase NFTs from the in-game store, along with other exclusive items. The coins will also prove useful for wagering on the PvP battlegrounds or charging game characters by using expensive “Life Essence.” Thus, obtaining these tokens will enable players to enjoy the platform fully.

FlyGuyz provides a wide variety of gameplay options. Every kind of player will find something that suits them on this platform: Dungeon Quests, P2E Challenge Fights, and even Matchmaking. Besides, gamers will be able to earn $FLYY or NFTs, as well as receive ranking experience. Every game asset is a non-fungible token. Thus, by owning equipment, weapons, armor, or even character, players own NFT tokens. They can also win the latter in P2E and trade them in the NFT marketplace or the platform. Moreover, users will be able to upgrade their NFTs to make them more valuable.


What is FlyGuyz's goal? 


What is FlyGuyz’s goal? 

The company has ambitious plans. It wants to revolutionize the traditional world of gaming. This platform integrates gaming with the Blockchain and Metaverse. As a result, it provides a completely decentralized experience, giving players direct ownership of their in-game items in this ecosystem. Besides, FlyGuyz enables its community to create, play, invest, and earn together in a completely transparent environment.

DAOs are a relatively novel framework for corporate structure. The new platforms rely on a nexus of smart contracts to dictate the DAO’s operational decisions and investments. Such organizations provide transparency because all of their financial transactions are easily traceable on the blockchain. Traditional corporations can’t compete with such a system. That’s why FlyGuyz decided to use it.

However, it also means that the company relies on having a wide-spanning network of competitive P2E players to participate in the DAO. It needs help to realize its mission of creating and increasing value in the FlyGuyz ecosystem. The community members should participate in making operational and investing decisions as they are part of the DAO’s decentralized governance.

The company will support various community-building activities to incentivize users to be more active. In addition, the team will actively recruit new players, ambassadors, community managers, and game masters. It will develop reward programs and a level-up system in the future, as well.

The company also plans to use a dominant gaming business model. It will level the playing field in P2E between professional game development studios and their audiences. The customers will be able to invest in p2E games by acquiring in-game assets. FlyGuyz will enrich P2E and DAO ecosystems by architecting new features and tools. The team wants to bridge the gap between blockchain-based and traditional gaming through non-crypto gaming industry standards and strategic partnerships.


What other benefits does the company offer? 

The company will employ play-to-earn DAO. The latter will serve a social function and help enrich the player experience of GameFi. Moreover, this system will help customers attract audiences on a large scale. However, FlyGuyz also wants to rival more traditional development studios and gaming communities. To achieve that goal, the company needs P2E gamers to organize themselves and become part of one ecosystem. The platform will enable that by inviting P2E gamers to invest in its native tokens and participate in community governance decisions.

Furthermore, the platform allows lending and borrowing. It offers the rental system of FlyGuyz characters and assets. That drastically reduces the P2E barriers to entry. Thus, gamers will be able to start playing and enter the market at a low cost.

The team noted that every Genesis FlyGuyz gamer would have to mint at least one non-fungible token on its website using the FLYY coins. The company will distribute a large percentage of the income in Liquidity and into the ETH Treasury. Players will also have to spend their tokens for level-ups and upgrades. The platform will burn those tokens later.


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