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General Information
Broker Name: Finantiko
Broker Type: Forex
Country: St. Vincent and the Grenadines
First Floor, St. Vincent Bank Ltd Building, James Street, Kingstown, St Vincent and the Grenadines.
Customer Service
Phone: +441865679025

[email protected]
Languages: English, German, Polish, French, Slovak, Czech
Availability: 24/7
Platforms for trading: Sirix Trading Platform
Demo account:YES
Mobile trading: YES
Web-based trading: YES
Bonuses: YES
Minimum deposit ($):



Finantiko Review 2021 – Conquer the markets with Finantiko

Finantiko Review 2021 - Conquer the markets with Finantiko

General Information

Finantiko is a new broker that aims to bring an affordable, high-quality forex and CFD trading service to its customers. Recently, the broker has attracted the attention of worldwide investors and traders, so we’ve decided to cover it. It operates from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, more precisely, First Floor, First St Vincent Bank Ltd Building, James Street, Kingstown. Our Finantiko review will help you determine if the broker’s service is one you’d like to use.

Finantiko is a company that puts functionality above all other features. It strives for efficiency, speed, and intuitiveness. Its website does well to reflect that, as it fulfills all those conditions. It’s quite fast without any transition screens to mask deceptively long loading times. On top of that, it’s segmented well, so it quickly presents all the info you’d need about the broker.

The benefits of the broker’s approach are apparent; it wastes less time, causes less frustration, and is more user-friendly overall. However, there are some additional benefits of the method the broker utilizes to organize itself. For example, the strive towards functionality also creates transparency as a byproduct. The well-organized website that aims to present everything about the broker quickly makes exploring the broker simpler. As such, the entire service becomes much more transparent and trustworthy.

We enjoy brokers that don’t fool around and focus on the important things. Finantiko is undoubtedly one of those, with minimal fluff and filler features. As such, the first impression it gives off is one of a serious, customer-oriented company. Before we carry on with our Finantiko review, let’s look at some of its interesting properties:

Design a solid trading plan

·        Transparency

Finantiko maximizes the transparency of its service in numerous methods across the experience it offers to its customers. For example, the broker manages to present everything about its service in only a few clicks on its homepage. That includes some data that brokers usually omit, such as legal documentation and a detailed asset index. That includes spreads across all account types, which you usually can’t learn until you sign up. The other aspect of the broker’s transparency comes from its speed and how interconnected its website is.

·        Safety

Although we’ll go over security in more detail later in our Finantiko review, we should mention it here as well. That’s because it’s undoubtedly one of the broker’s crowning features and one they were meticulous about. The features include user fund protection, user identity protection, and more than that. As such, it’s safe to say Finantiko is among the safer brokers on the market currently.

·        Improvement

Another commendable aspect of Finantiko’s service is how much it aids customers in improving their trading and investing skills. It has a broad set of educational features that can help you progress through the levels quickly. On top of that, it also offers additional advice and market info that can help you once you’re past the beginner stages. Altogether, that makes for a potent combination that can rapidly take traders to the level they want to be.

Funds Trading and Security

Funds trading ad security - Finantiko

As we said earlier in our Finantiko review, the broker’s security is undoubtedly among its crowning features. We consider that a notable achievement, especially in the state of today’s online brokerage landscape. At times, just going with a new broker can be a massive risk, as many don’t bother to prove their integrity. As such, there’s been a ton of cases where customers get burned by malicious companies. Such situations can lead to significant monetary loss, so it’s best you go with a broker you know is safe.

The broker’s safety starts from the transparency of its website and service as a whole. It doesn’t have anything to hide, unlike the malicious companies we mentioned, which is always a great sign. However, we went over the transparency multiple times in our Finantiko review, so it’s time to move on. The next thing we should mention is that the broker enjoys a lot of trust from customers. That’s sometimes the most accurate security measurement you can go by, as users are rightfully quick to complain about wrongdoings.

However, some investors prefer more objective security measures, which is also entirely reasonable. As such, the broker made sure to keep its funds separate from customer funds, ensuring their safety. Furthermore, the firm adheres to MiFID II, EU legislation that helps regulate brokers and protect traders. Lastly, it also offers top-tier user data protection, meaning your personal info won’t leak anywhere.

On the front of hacker protection, it employs the standard measures of encryption and account verification. Those two ensure that hackers can’t intercept your info or get into your account. As such, although they are simple, they go a long way towards stopping cyberattacks.

The Trading Accounts

Finantiko’s account structure makes it so its customers can enjoy the best of both worlds. On the one hand, the playing field is even, and budget and luxury users don’t have a massive difference. On the other, loyal customers and those with tons in their portfolio do get treated right. The broker accomplishes that by setting up a tiered account structure that lets you upgrade immediately or over time. That creates a situation where you can go for higher tiers right away, but it’s never a necessity.

Such a structure has numerous benefits, and we consider it quite user-friendly. Most brokers intentionally stagger lower accounts to force customers to invest more. Naturally, that’s a shady business practice, and we’re glad Finantiko doesn’t partake in it. Here’s a rundown of some of the account features at

Finantiko trading accoun types


  • 24/7 Live Support: Yes
  • Free VPS Service: No
  • Online Financial Course: Yes
  • 1×1 Training: Yes
  • E-book : No
  • Webinar: No
  • Analyst Manager: No
  • Fx Majors & Minors: Yes
  • Metals: Yes
  • Energies: Yes
  • World Indices: Yes
  • Agricultures: No
  • Trade Size: 0.01
  • World Indices: $15 Per Lot
  • Equities US: $15 Per Lot
  • Equities Asia: $15 Per Lot


  • 24/7 Live Support: Yes
  • Free VPS Service: No
  • Online Financial Course: Yes
  • 1×1 Training: Yes
  • E-book : Yes
  • Webinar: No
  • Analyst Manager: No
  • Fx Majors & Minors: Yes
  • Metals: Yes
  • Energies: Yes
  • World Indices: Yes
  • Agricultures: Yes
  • Trade Size: 0.1
  • World Indices: $13 Per Lot
  • Equities US: $13 Per Lot
  • Equities Asia: $13 Per Lot


  • 24/7 Live Support: Yes
  • Free VPS Service: No
  • Online Financial Course: Yes
  • 1×1 Training: Yes
  • E-book : Yes
  • Webinar: Yes
  • Analyst Manager: Yes
  • Fx Majors & Minors: Yes
  • Metals: Yes
  • Energies: Yes
  • World Indices: Yes
  • Agricultures: Yes
  • Trade Size: 0.2
  • World Indices: $11 Per Lot
  • Equities US: $11 Per Lot
  • Equities Asia: $11 Per Lot


  • 24/7 Live Support: Yes
  • Free VPS Service: Yes
  • Online Financial Course: Yes
  • 1×1 Training: Yes
  • E-book : Yes
  • Webinar: Yes
  • Analyst Manager: Yes
  • Fx Majors & Minors: Yes
  • Metals: Yes
  • Energies: Yes
  • World Indices: Yes
  • Agricultures: Yes
  • Trade Size: 0.5
  • World Indices: $9 Per Lot
  • Equities US: $9 Per Lot
  • Equities Asia: $9 Per Lot

Trading Conditions

The brokerage offers excellent trading conditions that can compete even with industry leaders. That starts with its transparent pricing structure, which is much cheaper than most competitors. The spreads are tight, offering customers the best chance at achieving beneficial investments. On top of that, the leverage is at 1:200, which can lead to massive gains if utilized correctly. As we just pointed out earlier in our Finantiko review, the account typing is diverse enough to satisfy broad groups of traders.

Funding is also another strong point of the broker, with various deposit and withdrawal methods available. The funds are quick to process, minimizing downtime while trading. All other aspects, such as the platform and asset variety, are also competitive.

Trading Platform

Finantiko trading platform

Finantiko utilizes a proprietary web and mobile platform for your trading needs. The platform is quick and fully functional, with powerful analytical capabilities. It’s also quite fast, ensuring near-instant execution speeds, preventing traders from losing due to price changes.

Finantiko’s Trading Products

As we said multiple times throughout our Finantiko review, the asset variety is quite solid. It allows the firm to serve a variety of customers and fit the needs of each. On top of that, the broad library means that you can always go for top-tier assets. That makes essential skills, such as portfolio diversification, much simpler and more effective. Here’s a rundown of the asset classes at

  • Currencies
  • Stocks
  • Indices
  • Commodities
  • Cryptocurrency

Customer Service

The customer support at Finantiko has an advantage over other brokers in that it works longer. You can reach customer service representatives via email. They’re quite quick to respond and pleasant to work with.

Email: [email protected]

customer service


Finantiko is an excellent example of what a new broker should strive to be. They make their customers feel safe with robust security features while maintaining competitive trading conditions. The brokerage wasted no resources and pooled everything into the features that actually matter. The result is a top-tier trading experience that few in the brokerage world can rival.

To finish our Finantiko review, we’d like to give it a definite thumbs up. If you’re looking for a new broker, we recommend trying it out. We’re confident the broker has a bright future and are keeping a close eye on it.

  • Support
  • Platform
  • Spread
  • Trading Instrument
Comments Rating 4.97 (103 reviews)

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