F6 Galaxy is launching TAUM token soon. SCOneX is very HOT


Orbitau is turn-based idle combat and socializing game. Its platform uses native utility token TAUM, which is very trending. Its sale will start on February 17, 2022. TAUM is an ERC20 token, and its price will be 0.035 USD during the initial coin offering. The company aims to raise 7,000,000 with the sale. The total amount of tokens is 1,000,000,000, but only some percentage will be available for purchase at the first stage.

The team got inspired by Norse Mythology and the Seven Deadly Sins to create this engaging game. It also wanted to create a leading Defi ecosystem. Thus, the company began working on F6 Galaxy. The team members are highly trained professionals with an average experience of 11 plus years in the deep-tech industry. They also built some enterprises with an accumulated value of over 400 million USD.

The company’s leadership comprises experts in their very own field. Furthermore, they have past experiences at various Tier 1 enterprises and startups such as Google, Paypal, Havas, CMN Online, Microsoft, Agribank, BeGroup, etc. Thus, the corporate foundation is ready to withhold any challenges that may come.

The company believes that through blockchain and NFT, it will be able to create a new wave of entertainment that will simultaneously allow maximizing the Play to Earn model for its community and beyond.

Furthermore, F6 Galaxy ensures that its players remain constantly engaged with new activity without delays. The team works hard to offer its users creativity and efficiency. Besides, the company believes in conducting its operation as transparent and honest as possible.


What makes F6 Galaxy stand out among other similar companies?   

The company plans to utilize entertainment platforms such as GameFi and music. It will also accumulate customers by using its unique methodologies. The team is preparing to create an integrated Decentralized Financial Ecosystem. That’s why it created TAUREUM (TAUM), which is the first token in the company’s long-term vision of a Defi ecosystem. This token will make it easy for users to start engaging through the gaming experience.

Along with the TAUM token, the company plans to develop its own unique NFT marketplace and connect decentralized communities. As a result, users will be able to own exclusive rights on unique themes, as well as game characters, videos, music, and much more.

F6 Galaxy believes that GameFi is the shortest way of reaching out to a vast potential customer base. In this ecosystem, players won’t be limited to one world. Instead, they will be able to access the metaverse and enjoy any world via multiple dApps and games. TAUREUM aims to create fair, transparent games to contribute to the community. And it will achieve that goal by leveraging the power of modern cryptography and blockchain technology.


What about Orbitau? 

Orbitau is the very first game in F6 Galaxy’s ecosystem. The team will enable players to customize characters in Orbitau on all edges with countless choices from appearance to stats. As a result, gamers will create a colorful world.

Furthermore, the company is developing the game on Unity and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). That will also give users additional advantages.

Players will take on the role of different heroes and try to conquer highly challenging but rewarding quests. They can also join together to do co-op quests, as well as form guilds and battle each other. During gameplay, users will be able to create unique and valuable NFTs. Afterward, they can trade on them on the platform’s marketplace. In Orbitau, NFTs include Heroes, Eggs, Lands, Pets, and Rare Items.

In addition, the company offers an immersive PvE experience where a player can enjoy the mythical world of Orbitau. The platform will provide many exciting features for players. The users will be able to work together or compete to be the king.


F6 Galaxy is launching TAUM token soon. SCOneX is very HOT

SCOneX is one of the most high-ranked tokens. Why’s that? 

Sportcash One is a decentralized sports Defi platform that launched its native SCOneX token. This company offers an innovative ecosystem involving athletes, gamers, clubs, brands, and sponsors.

This platform enables sports clubs and athletes to launch and sell their own digital sports tokens. The company effectively bridges the global sports market with the rapidly growing Defi industry by enabling the sports industry to raise money by issuing tokens. It also gives sports fans the ability to finance and invest in their favorite teams and athletes. The users can buy, sell, and trade voting rights for a range of club decisions.

Furthermore, the ecosystem has a social sponsorship network with Fan engagement and a Crowdfunding system. It also boasts its own Digital Wallet with a DEX exchange, as well as a Multivendor shop. Brands, shops, athletes, and customers can participate together in this organic ecosystem. Various companies use Sportcash One’s products to fund, reward their loyal customers, or sell more products.

Meanwhile, customers use the SCOneX coins to invest in rewards, get discounts, or take advantage of exclusive deals. The company ensured that tokenization would allow fans to invest in their favorite junior-level players or clubs. As a result, users will support their idols in their ascension to the big leagues.

According to the team, the financialization of engagement provides a source of revenue that helps to develop more talent in a highly competitive industry. For example, when a player is drafted and embarks on their career, the SCOneX token’s value subsequently tracks their performance metrics.


What about SCOneX token’s ICO? 

The company started the token’s pre-sale on April 6, 2021. 20,000,000 SCOneX (20%) were available for purchase. The total supply is 100,000,000 SCOneX, though. The team plans to launch an ICO sale soon. The price of 1 SCOneX will be 0.1 USD. The platform will accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Waves, and XRP in exchange.

Despite its many advantages, the sports world also has more than its share of problems. Sportcash One aims to solve as many issues as it is able in the sports industry. The company wants to blur the line between cryptocurrency merchants and ordinary consumers. It plans to build a complete payment, loyalty, charity, and financial support platform for the sports industry. The team promises Payments, Loyalty, Sponsorships, Donations, and Financial Freedom for stakeholders, athletes, and all members of the sports business ecosystem.


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