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General Information
Broker Name: Exness
Broker Type: Forex & CFD
Country: Cyprus
Operating since year: 2008
Regulation: CySEC, FSA, FSCA, FCA
Address: 1, Siafi Street, Porto Bello, Office 401, CY-3042 Limassol, Cyprus
Broker status: Active
Customer Service
Phone: 0080 114 8968
Email: [email protected]
Languages: English, Chinese, Thai, 9 others
Availability: 24/7
The Trading platforms: MT4, MT5
Trading platform Time zone: /
Demo account: No
Mobile trading: Yes
Web-based trading: Yes
Bonuses: Yes
Other trading instruments: Yes
Minimum deposit ($): $1
Maximal leverage: Unlimited
Spread: From 0.0 pips
Scalping allowed: Yes




Exness Review 2021 – How good is this broker?


Take control of your trading with Exness

General Information

Exness is a veteran broker that focuses on providing users with forex and CFD trading services. The company started operating in 2008 and is a multinational multilicensed broker. One of its locations is Cyprus, is 1 Siafi Street, Porto Bello, Office 401, CY-3042 Limassol. Our Exness review will help you decide if the company fulfills your needs as a trader.

At first glance, Exness’s website can look quite confusing compared to other brokers. That’s because it doesn’t follow the usual layout and opts for maximum efficiency instead. You can already see a lot of the information you want to know on the broker’s compact landing page. On top of that, there’s a quick registration bar on the side that quickens the signup process. Another notable thing is that Exness’s site is a lot faster than competitors’, with nearly no delay between page transitions.

Visually, it looks striking as instead of the usual vibrant displays, the broker opted for a black, white, and grey color scheme. Along with the unusual but effective layout, that makes the broker come off as unique. However, we won’t focus our review on visuals and will instead discuss functionality. As we already said, the website is quite quick, but another thing about it is that it’s well-organized. The sections and sub-sections are intuitive and let you learn what you need to know quickly.

As an industry veteran, Exness definitely knows how to attract attention and create interest. Our first impression was quite positive, and we were eager to inspect the rest of the broker’s service. Before we carry on with our Exness broker review, let’s look at some of its best features:

Exness review: general information

·      Multiregulated

Security has been becoming an increasingly pressing issue with online brokerages with their move towards the mainstream. The average investor is less educated and thus more likely to fall for scam brokers. On top of that, regulations seem to have become less common with new companies than with older ones. All that creates an area for scams to flourish, as everything looks to be favoring them heavily. In such a space, it’s even more important to look out for yourself and go for secure, tightly regulated brokers like Exness.

·      Non-Stop Support

Support is another area that traders often overlook when picking a new broker as a permanent trading hub. If you end up using a service for a while, the likelihood is that you’ll run into an issue eventually. That’s especially true with online services where there’s a ton that can go wrong with nobody at fault. That’s where competent and hard-working support teams step in, counteracting the negative impacts. Exness’ customer service operates around the clock, meaning there’s minimal trading downtime for users.

·      Unique Trading Features with Exness

The broker stands out not only in design but how it approaches trading. Namely, it provides users with a few rarely-seen options, such as unlimited leverage and 0.0 pip spreads. On top of that, its accounts don’t follow the usual tier-based structure. Lastly, you can get an account for as little as a dollar, meaning the initial cost isn’t massive. All that means Exness is a broker like few others.


Funds Trading and Security

We’ve already emphasized the importance of safety earlier in our Exness review. In the same vein, we mentioned that the broker is one of the more secure online investing firms out there. Here, we’ll go into a bit more detail about why we consider it to be so.

As we said, the broker holds multiple licenses from different regulators. Nowadays, it’s somewhat uncommon to see a broker with one, so more than that is definitely an achievement. The two that stand out are from the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Many consider them to be some of the strongest licenses a broker can hold, so Exness is definitely off to a good start. Furthermore, we’d go as far as to say we’d be entirely content with those two.

However, the firm also holds Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA) and South Africa’s Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) licenses. That’s just the cherry on top, ensuring that the company’s operations are under watchful eyes. Any misstep by the firm would be quickly punished, and its customers would be reimbursed for the damages. Even with that, the company doesn’t seem to make mistakes, as there are very few user complaints about it. Altogether, that leaves no room for doubt about Exness’s integrity and validity of functioning.


The Trading Accounts

Earlier in our Exness broker review, we briefly spoke about how the firm has a different account setup than most. Namely, instead of offering tiered accounts, it went for a more specialized approach. As such, each account is unique, allowing traders to customize their experience better. It allows for a greater degree of specialization and leads to a more skill-expressive experience.

However, if you’re a new trader, you might not know what you want to do yet. As such, the specialized versions can seem a bit overwhelming, as you might not fully comprehend what they offer. There’s no reason to worry, as all traders have been in your spot, and Exness knows it. Because of that, it made sure to make an all-rounder account suitable for anyone. The Standard account has a bit of everything, taking some burden off of indecisive users.

Besides that, there are three more versions. To help you with your choice, the next part of our review will briefly go over the account types to help you choose the best one for you.

Exness: Standard accounts, Profesiional accounts



  • Minimum deposit: depends on the payment system
  • Leverage up to 1:Unlimited (MT4), 1:2000 (MT5)
  • Trading instruments: Forex currency pairs, metals, cryptoсurrencies, energies, stocks, indices
  • Commission per lot/ side: No trading commission
  • Spread from: 0.3
  • Hedged margin: 0%
  • Margin Call: 60%
  • Stop Out: 0% (see details about stocks)
  • Swap-free for Muslim countries: Available

Raw Spread

  • Minimum deposit: $200
  • Leverage up to: 1:Unlimited (MT4), 1:2000 (MT5)
  • Trading instruments: Forex currency pairs, metals, cryptocurrencies, energies, stocks, indices
  • Commission per lot/ side: Up to $3.5
  • Spread from: 0.0
  • Hedged margin: 0%
  • Margin Call: 30%
  • Stop Out: 0% (see details about stocks)
  • Order execution: Market
  • Swap-free for Muslim countries: Available


  • Minimum deposit: $200
  • Leverage up to: 1:Unlimited (MT4), 1:2000 (MT5)
  • Trading instruments: Forex currency pairs, metals, cryptocurrencies, energies, stocks, indices
  • Commission per lot/ side: From $3.5
  • Spread from: 0.0
  • Hedged margin: 0%
  • Margin Call: 30%
  • Stop Out: 0% (see details about stocks)
  • Order execution: Market
  • Swap-free for Muslim countries: Available


  • Minimum deposit: $200
  • Leverage up to: 1 Unlimited (MT4), 1:2000 (MT5)
  • Trading instruments: Forex currency pairs, metals, cryptocurrencies, energies, stocks, indices
  • Commission per lot/ side: No trading commissions
  • Spread from: 0.1
  • Hedged margin: 0%
  • Margin Call: 30%
  • Stop Out: 0% (see details about stocks)
  • Order execution: Instant, market
  • Swap-free for Muslim countries: Available

Review of Exness Trading Conditions

As we said earlier in our Exness review, the broker’s trading experience is different from other brokers. It’s more user-oriented in that it allows customers to do what they want and gives them more responsibility. As such, some accounts give you the option of getting unlimited leverage. Similarly, there are accounts without any spreads that follow a fee-based structure instead.

Getting an account is cheap and painless, with quick registration and verification processes. There’s also a multitude of funding options that cover the most popular methods. A detailed asset list is present on the website, allowing you to inspect the selection. Lastly, there are two platforms, the MT4 and MT5, so you can pick the one you prefer.


Trading Platform

MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader 5

As we mentioned in our Exness broker review, the firm uses two platforms for trading, the MetaTrader4, and MetaTrader5. The two are user favorites around the world and are powerful, quick, analytical trading tools. On top of that, they are intuitive, allowing newer users to get used to the interface and trading as a whole quickly. The platforms also come in web and mobile forms for those that prefer trading on the go.


Exness Investments’ Trading Products

The broker’s trading product selection spans multiple categories and holds over 200 assets. It includes forex and CFDs on popular trading categories, such as stocks and cryptocurrencies. There are enough assets to maintain a proper portfolio and even experiment a little. Here’s a list of trading instrument classes at

  • Forex
  • Crypto
  • Indices
  • Stocks
  • Metals & Energies


Customer Service

As we already said, the broker’s support team operates around the clock, putting it above most competitors. That superiority becomes even more apparent when you look at the fact that there are 13 language options. You can reach their team via phone, email, or the integrated live chat feature.


Phone: 0080 114 8968

Email: [email protected]



Exness Review: Conclusion

Exness is a veteran in the industry, and as such, it’s clear the firm knows what it’s doing. Although we judge older brokers more harshly, it passes our test by every possible standard. It’s unique and stands out both visually and service-wise while maintaining a high level of quality. It’s one of the few places where you can get unlimited leverage and even has an option for 0.0 pip spreads. On top of that, the security is top-notch, ensuring customers can all enjoy their trading without the risk of their money getting stolen.

Even the secondary conditions, such as the platform, support, and additional tools, are exceptional. Lastly, it’s inexpensive, meaning you don’t need to sink a ton of cash just to try it. As such, we’d like to conclude our Exness review with a definite recommendation.

  • Support
  • Platform
  • Spread
  • Trading Instrument
Comments Rating 4.97 (58 reviews)

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