Exclusive: Eau Claire Church Losses $25K in Online Scam

EXCLUSIVE – According to the Eau Claire police department, Saving Grace Lutheran Church called the department about a theft report last September 29.

An online scammer gained access to the banking information of the church. This followed after one of the church’s treasurers was scammed by someone who posed as a tech support person and believed that he was offering assistance from the said person.

As per Detective Cory Streeter of ECPD, this is a fairly common scam.

“The scamming suspects will make you think that you’ve received more money than you should have, but in reality, it’s your money the whole time,” said Streeter.

Streeter added that the money was wired from the account of the church into the personal account of the victim. Then, the victim would believe that he or she might have received more money compared to his or her initial account. Consequently, the person would be unable to think that the money initially was from the church account.

FinanceBrokerage - Exclusive Anchorage family falls in abduction scam
An Anchorage family lost money in an abduction scam

The Eau Claire Police Department confirmed that phone and online scams are weekly or daily reported. Streeter stated that victim can’t find anything suspicious initially.

“They stated that they were going to give this individual a refund. They claimed it was going to be a $250 refund and all of a sudden $25,000 showed up in his account,” Streeter said.

Additionally, Streeter said that these types of scams are more prevalent among senior citizens who are not tech savvy. The police department of Eau Claire said that it is further investigating this report. However, Saving Grace Lutheran Church refused to give any statement regarding this matter.

Exclusive: Anchorage family falls in abduction scam

Another Anchorage family had fallen into an abduction scam, losing a large sum of money. The said scam involved people who threaten that they abducted a loved one of a victim. People flagged warnings to be vigilant on this type of scams, particularly during PFD season.

On a Friday night, Police was informed by a report of a couple who was contacted by scammers. They used a phone with a caller ID altered to pose as the couple’s daughter. This was according to APD spokesman MJ Thim.

“From the parents’ perspective, all they had was that someone had the phone of their daughter and was threatening her life. And they demanded money; they extorted it,” Thim said.

Thim confirmed that there was no abduction that occurred on Friday and the daughter was reportedly safe during the entire incident.

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