European Stocks Open Higher – Traders’ Expectations

European stocks started the month in black; They tracked down Wall Street one night as traders financed substantial U.S. technical revenue. To improve market sentiment, which strained in anticipation of the central bank rate hike. The Stoxx 600 Index rose 1.1 percent in early trading. The FTSE 100 increased 1 percent. This week brings quarterly financial updates from Meta, Amazon, Alphabet, and Sector Titans; Who were under tremendous pressure due to the high borrowing costs. The S&P 500 lost more than 5 percent last month; Worst January on Wall Street after the dire financial crisis of 2009. The Nasdaq Composite dropped 9 percent.

The Stoxx 600 decreased nearly 4 percent. This year, market prices rose about five percent from the U.S. Federal Reserve. Other global rate makers prepared to repeal pandemic-era emergency measures. Higher interest rates suppress the present value of companies’ future profits in investor models. This, in turn, will increase the effect for growth stocks whose maximum profit is expected in the future. However, Microsoft and Apple’s “upgrade prints” at the beginning of the revenue season “set a positive tone this week.

According to experts, the digital transformation that is taking place today on the consumer and enterprise front is not slowing down. Economic gain should stay solid in the coming quarters. The S&P 500 added 1.9 percent on Monday. The information technology sub-index jumped 2.7 percent. The technologically heavy Nasdaq Composite Index rose 3.4 percent. This is the best indicator since March 2021.

Stocks and Traders

In government debt markets, the yield on the German 10-year Bund rose above zero on Tuesday. This was a rare sustained move from hostile territory. High inflation has put pressure on the European Central Bank; To review monetary policy. The ECB holds its next monthly meeting on Thursday; After rising prices in Spain and Germany.

The interest rate on 10-year U.S. Treasury bonds remained unchanged at 1.78 percent. This increased significantly since the beginning of the year. The Hang Seng Index rose 1.1 percent; Kospi increased 1.9 percent. Futures markets should shine at the opening of the S&P 500 in New York. The Nasdaq 100 will rise 0.1 percent.

World Shares

World stocks will leave volatile January on Tuesday. The fact is that the new month started on more solid ground. Soothing comments from Federal Reserve officials helped favorable interest rates. The Pan-European Capital Index opened more than 1%. U.S. stock futures have risen. The Nikkei grew 0.3%; Overnight increases in Wall Street cause this.

U.S. stocks closed higher on Monday, followed by a 3.5% increase in the Nasdaq. This means that the Nasdaq ended January with a strong note. This is after the worst start of the year was avoided. According to the chief economist of the U.S. Treasury, inflationary pressures should be reduced in 2022; Due to weak demand for goods, reduction of coronavirus pandemic, and alleviation of supply disruptions. Several months ago, everyone believed the Fed would be patient with monetary policy.


World markets, which were shocked by the expectations of rising rates, seem to be comfortable with the latest comments from the central bank. In January, risky assets struggled; Global stocks showed the worst monthly figures since March 2020. Rising tensions between Russia and the West over Ukraine have also been reflected in risk aversion. However, oil prices have also increased. Brent futures have risen about 17% this year. Brent eased the touch on Tuesday. The barrel totaled $89. West Texas Intermediate oil prices also fell slightly to $88.08 a barrel. The costs of European sovereign debt were largely stable; And rose on Monday.

The MSCI World Capital Index reached its highest level in a week. In foreign exchange markets, the Australian dollar was one of the most significant driving forces; Which increased by 0.3% after the initial hit of the Reserve Bank of Australia. The dollar, compared to other major currencies, was in the background. The euro was at $1.1258, up 0.2%. Sterling strengthened by 0.25%. The dollar fell by 0.13%.

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