casper, First Version of Ethereum’s Casper Releases on GitHub

First Version of Ethereum’s Casper Releases on GitHub

Ethereum released the 1st version of Casper on May 8, which plans to improve to its blockchain network’s consensus protocol.

Danny Ryan is the developer behind Casper the Friendly Finality Gadget (FFG). He posted Casper v0.1 “First Release” of the code on GitHub. The new release provides client developers, auditors, and other external parties to more easily integrate the source code into their software for testing.

“v0.1.0 marks us more clearly tagging releases to help clients and external auditors more easily track the contract and changes,” Ryan said.

casper, First Version of Ethereum’s Casper Releases on GitHub
Ethereum’s first version of Casper was released on May 8 on GitHub.

Further, he gave feedback to a Reddit post about the upgrade.

“More than just the research team is using the contract now – auditors, client devs, etc – so we wanted to start issuing clearer versioning and changelogs to help everyone stay organized,” he added.

Currently, Ethereum achieves consensus through Proof of Work (PoW), which is referred to as mining. But developers wish to shift Ethereum to Proof of Stake (PoS). That means node operators would deposit or “stake” ether to become network validators.

However, they argued that shifting to PoS will mitigate “wasted electricity” consumed by mining as this is a computing-intensive process. In addition, given that network validators will have lower overhead under PoS, developers claim that Ethereum’s inflation rate can be lowered accordingly.

Moreover, once Casper runs on the network, Ethereum will use a hybrid consensus algorithm that combines both PoW and PoS. Initially, consensus will be achieved through PoW, although PoS will gradually take on a heavy workload in subsequent releases.

Casper’s Adopt will lessen Ethereum’s inflation

Ethereum will reduce its inflation by 80% in just a few months. With the Casper upgrade, blocks will be rewarding 0.82 ETH instead of the current 3 ETH reducing inflation to 2% per year.

Further, after different tests and discussions, the new figures are now in place and will allow the 2 big ETH clients, Parity and Geth, to implement the latest upgrades.

PoW uses a significant amount of energy and has no economic finality. The Casper FFG contract can be layered on top of any block proposal mechanism. Meaning, it will provide finality to the underlying chain.

The FFG staking mechanism requires minimal changes to the protocol. This would enable the network to fully test and vet Casper FFG on top of PoW.

Additionally, with the reduction of the inflation, the price of ETH should also be affected. There will be an increased demand for virtual currencies as more individuals would enter the market. And a decreased offer, which is 2% inflation annually.

Consequently, this should also increase ETH’s price in the middle and long term.

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