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Ethereum Prepares To Have A Parabolic Push Against Bitcoin

Ethereum (ETH) has recently shown some immense bullishness against Bitcoin (BTC). The cryptocurrency firmly outperformed its peers as its buyers via to crush the resistance that has been steadily established at about $198.

Furthermore, the recent upside movement comes close on the heels of ETH’s latest rejection at this level. And its capacity to rally while BTC consolidates looks like it will uncover some underlying strength among its bulls.

A prominent trader is now indicating that he expects Ethereum to go parabolic against Bitcoin in the coming days and weeks ahead.


Laying the Groundwork

Currently, Ethereum is trading up by more than 1.25% against USD and up just below 1% against BTC.

Therefore, this has led the crypto to jump higher to reach its key USD resistance region that exists within the upper-$190 region. And this is a place in which the crypto has experienced multiple harsh rejections in recent times.

As people watch towards Ethereum’s Bitcoin trading pair, it also handles some resistance around its most recent price of 0.0255 BTC. But it seems to be significantly stronger against the benchmark cryptocurrency compared to what it is against the U.S. dollar.

In addition to that, they might primarily root the strength in its latest ability to break above a key trendline that was previously containing its price action.

A famous pseudonymous crypto analyst on Twitter noted this trendline in a recent tweet. He stated that he thinks Ethereum is getting ready for round two. At the same time, he mentioned a chart displaying a parabolic upside target at approximately 0.034 BTC.

He said. “ETH/BTC gearing up for round 2. A continuation will make the rest of the market follow.”

The notion that Ethereum is spearheading the market came from its ability to front-run Bitcoin’s price movements in the entire earlier part of the year – a trend that might continue steadfast in the months to come.


Bitcoin SV

Meanwhile, the annual report from Bitcoin SV’s The Bitcoin Association, claims BSV now rivals VISA for transactions per second. Also, it offers BSV miners better returns compared to BTC.

The Bitcoin Association promotes Bitcoin SV. And it says the BSC network now rivals credit card processor VISA when it comes to transactions per second. Then, BSV transaction processors (miners) get more satisfying returns than BTC.

During the first annual report, the Bitcoin Association (BA) explained that the Bitcoin SV scaling test network has consistently maintained 1,300 transactions per second for a prolonged period. And this is an addition to its handling of a peak load of 6,400 transactions per second.

The BA noted, “To put the transaction capacity in perspective, the VISA network, which has long been viewed as the gold-standard for payment processors, handles an average of 1,700 transactions per second.”

According to them, the test network has processed blocks of nearly 2GB in size, containing 7.877 million transactions.

Moreover, Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin Cash appeared out of the scaling debate over Bitcoin. And this centered around claims that the BTC network’s failure to process over a handful of transactions per second hinted that it could not reach mainstream adoption. Both BCH and BSV pursued bigger block sizes as a way to scale.

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