Clearpool ICO is live. What about MYCTY token? – Market Wrap

Clearpool is a relatively new decentralized capital markets ecosystem. Thanks to it, institutional borrowers will be able to access unsecured loans directly from the Defi ecosystem. This platform introduced a dynamic interest model driven by both market supply and demand forces.

The company also launched its native token on October 26, 2021. The sale will end tomorrow, though. A total of 5,000,000 CPOOL tokens are available during the initial coin offering, and the price is $0.040000. The team wants to raise $200,000 by trading its utility tokens. CPOOL will give its owners various advantages while using its platform.

On Clearpool, liquidity providers can earn attractive yields. The company enhances pool interest rates by additional LP rewards paid in the CPOOL token. According to the team, Clearpool LP tokens (cpTokens) are the building blocks for a system of tokenized credit. The latter will provide Clearpool LPs with hedging capabilities and risk management.

Already more and more institutions are beginning to realize the benefits that decentralized finance can bring to their organizations. Clearpool aims to provide the new architecture to facilitate flows between the burgeoning Defi ecosystem and the $120 trillion traditional capital markets.

What about CPOOL token?

CPOOL token holders will be able to vote on the whitelisting of new borrowers. That process will qualify users to earn additional tokens through an incentive reward scheme. However, the platform will require CPOOL staking from borrowers, who must stake a specific number of tokens to access the area of the protocol where they can make a proposal to be whitelisted.

Liquidity providers can also earn additional CPOOL rewards, enhancing pool interest rates to attractive levels. The company plans to announce a buyback program, where a share of protocol revenue will be used to buy CPOOL in the open market. That will perpetually sustain reward pools.
Clearpool launched its token with a fixed supply of 1 billion tokens created at genesis. However, the initial supply of tokens in circulation is 41,375,000 CPOOL.

Robert Alcorn and Alessio Quaglini are the founders of this protocol. They used to be former colleagues at a bank, and both have extensive experience in leading cryptocurrency projects and firms. Clearpool’s management team has highly experienced professionals onboard with expertise in traditional finance, consumer startup, fintech, and blockchain technology backgrounds.

Robert Alcorn is the CFA and CEO. He has 20+ years of business experience, along with 12 years of experience in global financial markets. Alcorn is an early adopter of bitcoin and cryptocurrency. CCO Jakob Kronbichler has an excellent track record of launching and scaling various startups for Rocket Internet in multiple countries. He is an expert in business development and go-to-market strategy. Meanwhile, CTO Pavel Ivanov is a blockchain developer with 11 years of experience. He also has five years of experience leading teams.

My Crypto City token is ranking very high. Why’s that?

MyCryptoCity is an entirely decentralized simulation game. The team has built it on the Solana network. In this game, the player has an overhead view of the city, and they develop urban sites by following different strategies. The players also get a MYCTY coin if they recruit many workers and offer resource utilization options.

MyCryptoCity is a centralized protocol aiming to take users in a new era in gaming. The team designed it to support the long-term sustainability of the MyCryptoCity game, along with its governance, and provide players with a blockchain gaming experience. The purpose of this design is to combine the playground with the blockchain, as well as reward players.

The company launched the sale of its native tokens on October 16, 2021. It will end on January 1, 2022. The token price is 0.035 USD per MYCTY during the ICO. The total supply of tokens is 200000000, but only 20% is available for trade. The platform accepts USDC and USDT in exchange for MYCTY.

MYCTY token's distribution

What about this game?

MyCryptoCity game enables players to relive the exciting history of the mafia and become the biggest boss ever. In the process, users will also develop their cities and various businesses. They will face exciting challenges to earn as much money as possible. By expanding their businesses and growing their mafia organization, users will have a chance to become rich.

To achieve that, they will have to recruit and upgrade staff, though. The stronger the stuff, the stronger the player’s trading empire will become. That will help them to achieve victory in the trade war.

Furthermore, the platform offers many interesting features. For instance, players will be able to automate their business activities and earn Idle MYCTY coins even when they are not playing; Hire managers and streamline operations to maximize their profits; Invest in new, lucrative criminal businesses to increase their income; Take control of increasingly profitable businesses; Actively participate in online reward missions; and Compete with their opponents for the grand prize in the ranking.

According to the team, gamers can start from scratch and use their ability to manage the whole city step by step. And there is a unique underground emperor ranking system that will allow them to complete certain upgrade requirements and consume related resources to increase their emperor rank.

Meanwhile, Easy Feedback token continues rallying

Easy Feedback Token’s goal is to reward people who communicate useful and private feedback to improve services, products, and processes of various companies and institutions. Token holders can exchange their native coin EASYF for products, services, cryptocurrencies, or fiat money at a market.

The founder team launched EASYF’s ICO on July 8, 2021, and since then, this token has remained at the top of the ICO ranking lists. However, its sale will end on November 30, 2021. The total supply of EASYF is, but not all of them are available for sale. The company aims to raise 1 000 000.00 USD by trading its native utility token, and it accepts lots of currencies in exchange, including ETH, BTC, USD, ZRX, BNT, ANT, BAT, ETC, LTC, etc. is a private feedback platform between consumers and companies. According to the team, it’s the gateway to offer its services to consumers and sell its products to companies. The company will reward the original and useful feedback that improves services, processes, or products with EasyFeedback tokens. It also created the EasyFeedback PRO subscription. The latter is a business tool that helps to achieve customer care excellence.

In addition, token holders will be able to use EASYF for shopping at the EasyFeedback Online Store, as well as contracting the EasyFeedback token debit card.

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