EPIX and GIG tokens are very Hot. Why’s that? – market wrap


Byepix launched its trending native utility token EPIX on February 1, 2022. The ICO sale will end on March 30, 2022. 1 EPIX is trading for 0.05 USD currently, but the token’s price will increase after the initial coin offering ends. The total supply of EPIX is 100000000, but only some percentage is available at the first stage.

Byepix is a multifunctional Defi, NFT, Blockchain, GameFi, and Metaverse platform. According to its team, dreams are much closer to reality than ever before in our world, which is constantly changing. In the last century, the developments in technology and medicine have accelerated some taboos and unquestioned facts. People are more aware now that our sacred lacks insight. The miracles they seek simply are not in this world. As a result, thousands of people worldwide are now striving with the excitement of creating “new” universes – places where they can make miracles come true.

Byepix aims to develop applications that will carry these miracles beyond the users’ imagination. Even though creating such a platform seems quite difficult, the team believes that it’s possible with the aid of good technical infrastructure and imagination. It decided to offer the Defi users the platform where they will be able to become parts of exciting and astonishing new universes.


What about Byepix’s features? 

Byepix is a galactic star system, and it hosts nine planets on the Metaverse. According to the plot, the pioneers have discovered that these planets are all suitable for life. They also learned from the mistakes made on Earth. Thus, they decided to distribute their knowledge and resources to all planets in this star system instead of choosing a single planet for settlement. Soon, these planets turned into places for people to have fun, earn money, do tasks.

However, citizens had to break the contact with the Earth, and astronomy and physics work a little differently in their new star system. Byepix, which is the biggest star of this system, produces the EPIX substance. The latter is essential and ensures the whole system’s functioning. EPIX is a very heavy material, and it catches the eye with its glow. Furthermore, it never rusts, tarnishes, or becomes dull. Thanks to all these features, people consider it to be the most valuable material in the Byepix star system throughout history.

Byepix uses WEB 3.0 technology. Its cyber-social platform offers a new reality, the world of meaning and excitement. The company provides infrastructure and interaction opportunities for intellectual, cultural, and economic production. In this world, people use different advanced technologies simultaneously and in an integrated manner. It also has a suitable infrastructure to become a social platform.

Moreover, the project serves as an independent NFT ecosystem, attracting users to the Blockchain space. The company offers services that cover the NFT lifecycle, allowing users to create, publish, auction, and trade NFTs at low gas fees. Byepix stands out among similar platforms thanks to its intuitive algorithm that allows customers to quickly find the NFTs they are looking for in the market.  


EPIX and GIG tokens are very Hot. Why's that? – market wrap


What other benefits will this platform offer? 

Byepix plans to enable its users to create 2D/3D NFTs, as well as transfer them to planets in the Byepix star system. The platform will also have its own swap application for the customers to buy and trade EPIX tokens. Besides, Byepix stated that it works to create a Launchpad within its star system. Planets will use the latter before going into orbit.

The team aims to host any NFT available in other markets that are compatible with its blockchain structure. It will also enable users to own their shares and profit thanks to this platform. The company’s goal is to produce sectoral solutions by contributing to the development of Metaverse. It plans to do that with its virtual star system.

Furthermore, the EPIX token holders will have additional advantages. It is the governance token of the Byepix platform, and as such, it will allow users to vote on platform parameters to drive project economics and developments. The company will also use EPIX tokens to reward user participation in future bounty hunting, referrals, and other programs.  


GIGCO also offers its hot token. When will the ICO sale start? 

GIG token is very trending. It is currently at 11,291 watchlists, and its popularity is rising. GIGCO is a brand-new live music booking platform. Its team incorporates Solana blockchain technology to provide instantly deployable smart contracts, along with the network’s tokenized payment system.

The company stated that the act of coordinating live music events had followed the same old rutted pathways for too many years. As a result, the industry experiences a lack of an easily accessible database of venues or artists. In addition, a small number of booking agents have monopolized the industry. However, GIGCO aims to change that. It will provide an all-in-one tokenized mobile application which will offer a seamless experience for artists, venues, and music fans alike.

The team also plans to launch the platform’s native utility token on February 26, 2022. The ICO sale will end on February 28, 2022. 9,500,000 GIG tokens will be available for purchase, which is 5% of the total supply. The price will be $0.075000 per GIG during the initial coin offering. The team aims to raise $710,000 with the sale, and it will accept USDC in exchange.


How will this platform work? 

The GIGCO will empower artists and venues to connect directly. To achieve that, it will establish a new trustworthy booking protocol and integrate user fanbase inputs.

Many music fans want to feel more connected to their favorite artists and venues worldwide. GIGCO will enable them to gain this connection. The team designed the GIGCO app to solve inherent problems with the entire process of live music bookings, music management, ticket sales, and a dozen more music-related functions. It will implement smart contracts to solve such obstacles.

By introducing a tokenized payment system, the platform ensures that the transaction of value within the app will be fast and seamless. Moreover, the team focuses on rewarding early adopters of the platform. Its members have vast experience, and they believe that GIGCO will succeed.


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