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Economic Development: European political forces to show fair parliamentary election

The French President, Charles de Gaulle approves of the European customs union economic and political cooperation of nation-states. Furthermore, de Gaulle thinks that the closer the economic relations are the more it could lead to a European confederation. But de Gaulle reject the idea of Europe federal superstates.

That means, currently, in postmodern Europe, de Gaulle voted by French in 2005 being the “greatest Frenchman of all time.” That taken into consideration as a nationalist and populist demagogue.

Elsewhere, Brexit stands on the opposite side of the scenario. The majority of British voters turns their ballots in 2016 referendum. Meaning the United Kingdom shouldn’t concede its sovereign on the unelected European Commission.

Additionally, it shouldn’t defend its political governance with opt-outs coming from an inclining federalist European Union. However, the U.K. is kind of willing to join in a European free trade area. In which does not infringe up its own sovereign decision as a nation-state.

Dividing Europe

Moreover, it is not mock by the governing elites within France and Germany Union. They both bear the huge responsibility of mismanaging the European Union they now view as the only piece of sticking to power.

For instance, the British which rejects to be part of the euro because they don’t want to let go of their monetary sovereignty just to be part of genuine European custom Union with its single market. Moreover, any exchange rate change violates the customs union as it is technically considered an import tariff and export subsidy.

Other instances are the Czech Republic and its rush decision to take care of its own monetary policy. Even so, Prague’s budget deficit at about 1.3 percent of GDP, gross public debt at about 42 percent of GDP, and the inflation rate at about 2 percent. That makes them the stellar member of the monetary union. Similarly to the British, Czech also realize that maintaining their koruna currency, makes them miss some trade and investment edges on the European single market.

Populist and Nationalists

Moreover, the Czechs are left alone, yet the Brexiters, Italian, Hungarian, and Polish government’s attacks as populists and nationalists.

Elsewhere, French President Emmanuel Macron lead the charge against the nationalists and its alleged populist hoaxes. Recently, Macron proposes a “European Renaissance” in around three main themes: Protection, Freedom, and Progress.

Summing up, the sad fact is Macron’s appeal to EU is just his own party’s election platform for the preceding European parliamentary elections. That of which will happen in May 23 to 26 this year. Meanwhile, things unable to calm brings social unrest in France. It’s fighting low opinion polls. As Macron use Europe to tackle domestic opponents, all are viewed as nationalist and populist extolling protective power of the “European sovereignty.”

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