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EASYF and EtherLite ICOs in Spotlight – DeFi market wrap

EasyFeedback recently launched its native token to reward its users. Customers who communicate useful, private feedback from to improve services, products, and processes of companies and institutions will get various advantages and rewards thanks to this token. In addition, they can exchange it for products, cryptocurrencies, services, or money at a market price.

Feedback is very important if we want to improve the products and services on the markets. However, often people don’t leave it simply because they don’t have a good incentive. That’s especially true when it comes to sending feedback to a separate website to rate some company or its offerings. So, to give the consumers needed push in the right direction, EasyFeedback presented them its native token.

EASYF promotes feedback between customers and companies to help solve two issues that exist on the market: the aspiration of humans to improve things and the communication problem between people. The platform aims to help improve consumer satisfaction in every touchpoint with the company. And it hopes to do so by identifying the dissatisfied people and reacting in real-time.

EasyFeedback began the pre-sale of its token on 15 February 2021, and it will end on 7 July 2021. EASYF is an ERC-20 token, and its total supply is 179,141,000,000. However, only 1,791,410,000 EASYF (1%) are available for sale. ICO price is 0.05 USD per token.

This platform cuts its own niche on the DeFi market, and it has already gained broad popularity. EASYF token recently landed on the top ICO list, getting one of the highest rankings. Investors still have enough time to buy it, though.

How does EasyFeedback work?

EasyFeedback is a private trusted third party between company management, employees, and customers. This platform makes it easier for useful feedback to be expressed and managed, rewarding its users and aiding with improving the products.

EasyFeedback has been involved in its field since 2015, incorporating innovative technologies and new concepts to help solve feedback problems. In 2018, they incorporated blockchain philosophy and technology into the feedback market.

Meanwhile, BANANA token’s price soared by 10.37% skyrocketed by 10.37% in the last 24 hours. BANANA is a decentralized cryptocurrency. Currently, the company has only 500 tokens in circulation. The system rewards early adopters due to the low amount of tokens. A burn rate is 2%, and the platform burns an unspecified amount of tokens each day. Then it remints the tokens on the following day as airdrops for the top 200 holders. According to, the distribution of those airdrops is proportional to the number of tokens one holds.

Bananacoin works on an ERC20 token ecosystem. The decentralized system is virtually free of downtimes and ensures that there are no excessive fees for trading.

The company already has the distribution plan for its 500 tokens. Two hundred fifty tokens were available on presale. According to, 30 other tokens would be siphoned for dextools sponsorship, and 30 would be assigned for the development team. Meanwhile, the firm left 170 tokens in reserve to ensure liquidity.

How can token holders use Bananacoin?

Customers can use Bananacoin tokens for exchanges, selling, and crowdsales. In addition to this, they can also use the tokens in exchange for web development services. Such services are especially helpful for business owners looking to create a website for their startups or passion projects. Besides, the developers of bananacoin have packages that cover web development as well as mobile.


This company strives for excellence with a community-governed playbook. It believes in giving back to the community with what they have, and it is proud that Bananacoin does just that.

There are lots of startups on the defi market, but not everyone can gain a name in a short time as managed to do. Besides, this token has great potential, and it is already in the spotlight. Analysts believe that with time, BANANA will grow more popular and will bring its holders more gain.

EtherLite token also got a high ranking

EtherLite ICO ranked high recently on several listing platforms. EtherLite is a specific blockchain. Its architecture leverages EVM compatibility and Proof-of-Stake functionality. This platform is fully compatible with Ethereum. That means any DAO, smart contract, and decentralized applications will work on EtherLite.

Furthermore, EtherLite is faster, more adaptable, and cheaper. It offers its customers instant finality, thus opening a new array of options for developers. Among EtherLite’s features are Web3 compatibility, fast transaction finality using a PoS consensus engine, high throughput, as well as ability to use existing smart contracts and tooling. It is also compatible with existing tools used in Ethereum Blockchain, including Metamask, Clients, Remix, Truffle, etc.

Cryptocurrencies have seen multiple soft and hard forks over the years. Some forks really changed the dynamics of the original chain and, in the process, made a name for themselves. EtherLite aspires to become one of them.

The token’s ICO will continue until 30 June 2021. ETL is an ERC-20 token. The total supply is 21,000,000,000 ETL. However, only 5,250,000,000 ETL (25%) are available for sale. The price is 0.03 USD per token during the presale and ICO.

Why did this token become such successful? 

In the case of Ethereum, a hard fork offering solution for the current problems has become crucial. dApp makers struggle due to the extremely high network fees and slow transactions, along with clogging the network.

EtherLite aims to provide solutions to the issues mentioned above with its upcoming hard fork and provide a stable and sustainable blockchain ecosystem. EtherLite is a pure Proof-of-Stake version. That is something Ethereum had been working on for a few years, and it may still take a couple of years to see the light of the day.

Besides, the company is giving Ethereum holders an opportunity to claim free ETL coins by simply holding their Ethereum in their personal wallets. Users will also get equal amounts of ETL as ETH they have in their wallets.

For customers storing their ETH on the exchange, it may be up to the specific exchange whether to support the fork or not, though.



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