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DareNFT is the universal NFT 2.0 protocol created specifically for digital assets. NFT’s ability to wholly reflect the benefits of digital assets is crucial for its mainstream adoption. Thus, the founder team decided to develop a suite of products that solve the current problems of NFT 1.0. The company has already begun improving several issues, such as unrecognized benefits between NFTs, hidden risks of NFT ownership, and the unrecognized relationship between NFT owners.

DareNFT’s first product is DarePlay. This GameFi platform comes with a blockchain gaming launchpad and IGO services for non-NFT games. The team also offers a Lease-to-Earn and Rent-to-Earn marketplace for in-game items NFT. In addition, it has plans to move further with the derivative NFT content platform after it finishes building its first product.

DareNFT plans to launch its native token on October 12, 2021. The price will be $0.000200 per DNFT token during the initial coin offering. However, only 1.5% of the total supply will be available during the trade. The company aims to raise $300,000, and it will accept BUSD in exchange for its native coin.  

How can token holders use DNFT?

DNFT is the utility token. Thus, its holders will be able to use it to pay system fees in DareNFT (buy, sell, lease, rent), as well as get discounts while using DareNFT-based applications. Users can also vote for governance decisions and determine the allocation of the network resources. DNFT is the main feature of this protocol. So, its holders will get great advantages by simply owning the tokens.

DareNFT will provide various interesting features and products. For instance, its customers will be able to choose their favorite network as a service. That’s because DareNFT is a multi-chain platform.

It also boasts a 3-layer model, specifically an AWS-like model with the addition of DAO. And the company also offers NFT-based apps built on top of the NFT Cloud Service (which is the 2nd layer). The latter is on top of the platform’s DAO using token $DNFT.

DareNFT even provides NFT 2.0 as a service. That means that service for traditional products (content platforms, games, etc.) could be NFT-based without actually building a blockchain infrastructure.

DAO Treasury is another great feature. DAO’s revenue will come from the service fee of DareNFT-based products. The company will use it for staking and LP rewards, along with burning and reducing $DNFT circulation.

The total supply of DNFT tokens is 100 billion. However, the team plans to launch only 2,375,000,000 DNFT at first at Token Generation Event.

What about DareNFT’s founders?

Duke Nguyen is the CEO and one of the founders of DareNFT. He created this platform along with COO Teddy Nguyen. Both of them have many years of experience building technology startups.

Duke Nguyen is very knowledgeable when it comes to quantum computers and data sciences. He has published several publications on ACM Journal on Asia Quantum Information Science Conference and Emerging Technologies in Computing Systems during his research time at Keio University. He has co-founded two startup firms utilizing video conferencing technology.

On the other hand, Teddy Nguyen is a serial tech entrepreneur and software engineer. He has over 15 years of experience in both software development and business. Nguyen worked as a technical expert in many big corporations and high-tech firms from the U.S. to Japan, such as GE Digital, Saltlux, DirecTV, etc. He also founded many companies such as SotaTek, E-leisure, Dopikai, Mindbank Group, and Icetea Labs with his outstanding team. Nguyen is currently the President of the Vietnam Chapter of Collaborate. This network unites more than 500 blockchain experts all over the world.

What is Warena, and how does it work?

WARENA is a personalized Play to Earn NFT game. Its founder team plans to launch the platform’s native utility token on October 6, 2021. The sale will end on October 8, 2021. The token price will be $0.165000 per RENA coin, and users will be able to buy it on the DAO maker platform. However, only 0.605% of the total supply will be available for the initial coin offering. The company aims to raise $100,000, and it will accept BUSD, USDT, and USDC.

The team got the inspiration for WARENA from Blockchain Technology and the global NFT trend. This game is an ingenious combination of the two latest gaming developments: Metaverse and Play-to-Earn. Every member of the WARENA ecosystem will be able to enjoy countervailing strategy gameplay within this vast and super-realistic Metaverse. At the same time, they will be earning digital incomes. According to the team, tokens collected during the gameplay will contribute to this ecosystem. Users will be able to convert these tokens into NFTs later.

WARENA uses AI-Personalization technology, allowing players to create their own unique characters. Furthermore, users can customize this game to a deep level, including character avatar, munitions, gear, warrior attributions, and skills. As a result, WARENA provides a highly realistic experience throughout players’ adventures. Within this Metaverse, users can even meet, interact, and battle with other characters from other ‘Universes’ such as My Defi Pet, Cat Gunner, Axie Infinity, and much more.


What makes WARENA unique?

The team claims that WARENA is not a typical NFT game. Its players will be able to immerse themselves in their character, as well as engage in thrilling action-survival gameplay throughout two phases. While Phase 1 is entitled Survival in 2D, Phase 2, called the “Warena Metaverse,” will be a 3D game.

The company plans to introduce WARENA to various markets across Central Europe and South-East Asia. Furthermore, they will keep updating the game, and each version will have new additions to the metaverse, unlocking character abilities for the users.

Each NFT-based character within the marketplace has its own unique characteristics, rarity, and advantages. Thus, they are valuable digital assets, and users can easily trade them on WARENA’s NFT marketplace or other decentralized exchanges.

The company aims for WARENA to become an actual user-owned game with its own decentralized organization. The team calls this organization the WR Community Council. The WARENA community will manage it.

Moreover, players will be able to experience a democratic governance model based on a liquid democracy, as well as real-world rules via a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. The Community Council will play an important role in the game ecosystem. It will address proposals regarding future game development and funding, along with in-game issues.

Even though WARENA is still relatively new on the market, it has quickly become popular in the NFT gaming space. This project has received a massive amount of support and attention from the public. That’s not surprising, considering that it offers users the BSC-based warriors battling game. The team decided to reward its early supporters by launching $RENA governance tokens. The total supply of RENA is capped at 100,000,000.00 million tokens.

How do RENA tokens work?

As we have already mentioned, $RENA tokens are the governance tokens for the Warena ecosystem. Players can use these ERC-20 tokens to claim rewards. They just need to stake their $RENA coins. Moreover, the token owners will be able to participate in governance votes. They will make decisions that will shape the future of the Warena metaverse.

Users will also be able to earn tokens when they play certain games within the Warena ecosystem. Or they can try creating user-generated content used within the metaverse, which will also get them RENA coins.

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