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Cryptocurrencies and tech companies

Cryptocurrencies became part of daily life. For example, can buy real estate or attend the NBA games simply by using their digital currencies. The number of companies which already introduced crypto payments is on the rise. Moreover, tech giants such as Samsung and Apple are exploring the cryptocurrency market. For example. Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 10 owners can store the keys of their bitcoin and crypto-wallets.

American tech giant Apple is more cautious when it comes to digital currencies. Owners of the Apple Credit Card can’t use their cards to buy the cryptocurrencies. Apple created this card in cooperation with American bank Goldman Sachs. According to the user agreement, clients won’t be able to use their cards for crypto transactions.

However, this doesn’t mean that Apple has no interest in digital currencies. Last week, Jennifer Bailey who is a vice president of Apple made a comment regarding this topic. Bailey said the company was monitoring the situation. She added that cryptocurrency market and it had potential in the long run.

Cryptocurrencies on TuesdayDigital currency market news

Bitcoin’s price fell on Monday. Its price fell from close to $11,000 and even narrowly avoided falling below the $10,000 level. On September 10, the situation is different as the price increased and by doing so Bitcoin averted additional problems.

The price of Bitcoin changed several times from the beginning of the week. Its price struggled and as a result if even fell to $10,054. However, little-by-little Bitcoin regained its position. The price reached more than $10,500. Unfortunately, the price of number one cryptocurrency did stay there for a long time, and its prices fell below that level.

At the moment, Bitcoin’s price is $10,168. There are two scenarios. First one is that Bitcoin will surpass the $10,500 and it might even reach $11,000. The second one is more negative as the price might encounter additional setbacks. This is going to happen if Bitcoin’s price won’t exceed the $10,500 level.

Second-biggest cryptocurrency is also in good condition in comparison with the previous days. Ethereum’s price increased on Tuesday. Right now, the price is $182. Moreover, Ethereum can further strengthen its position if it is going to break the resistance level above the $185 level.

Last but not least is the news about the Litecoin. The price of Litecoin rose from $69.97 to $73.23 on Tuesday. Right now, Litecoin’s price is $71.

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