DeRace introduced its hot token DERC. What does it offer? 


NFTs are relatively new in the financial markets, but they have taken the latter by storm. Non-fungible tokens are becoming more and more popular daily. They are essentially units of data stored on a blockchain, certifying a digital asset’s uniqueness. Thanks to them, scammers can’t duplicate the latter.

Some investors remain wary when it comes to owning a true digital asset. The concept is still new. Nonetheless, more and more people acknowledge its soundness and benefits. After all, we live in the digital era, and it’s only the beginning. Creators offer great artwork that exists only in the digital form. People want to buy these authentic, non-replicable pieces, but they also require a guarantee that their purchase’s duplicates aren’t littering the internet. NFTs come in handy in this instance.

However, that isn’t their only benefit. These tokens have so much potential. And DeRace wants to realize it. As the first decentralized blockchain-based racehorse platform, it offers unique services. Thanks to DeRace, racehorse enthusiasts will have an opportunity to join a great community.

Moreover, users will be able to buy and breed NFT horses and even host races in their own hippodromes. They will earn actual profit in the process, as well. The DeRace platform combines two multi-billion-dollar markets: horse racing and video gaming. It also uses blockchain and NFT technologies to offer more advantages to its customers.

The platform has its own native utility token, DERC. It is quite trending on various ICO listing websites. The company plans to launch the initial coin offering sale on October 20, 2022. The sale will end on October 26, 2022. DERC is an ERC20 token. Its total supply is 120,000,000, but only 34% will be available for purchase at this stage. The team aims to raise $300,000 during the ICO.


What makes DeRace stand out in the Defi market? 

There are many blockchain-based games out there, but not all of them are interesting or profitable. DeRace aims to be unique and offer its users truly exciting, immersive gameplay with advanced features and beautiful graphics.

Unlike other types of games, horse racing ones aren’t many on the market, and even existing ones have a long way to go until they offer a quality experience to gamers. Most of these games lack play-to-earn features, and they don’t offer much transparency.

As a result, there is a huge niche for online horse racing platforms with wide gameplay possibilities, modern graphics, and a blockchain-based ecosystem. DeRace offers all of that. In addition, it gives users a chance to really profit from the game.

Furthermore, lots of companies in the gaming industry struggle to provide player-friendly platforms. Most of them focus on earning money instead of giving clients good benefits and rewards. On the other hand, DeRace aims to offer players various ways to earn profit easily. The game boasts many activities allowing users to gain money. That includes breeding and trading NFT horses, hosting races in hippodromes, participating in races, selling their analysis and predictions, as well as participating in reward, referral, and bug report programs. 

DeRace will create unique assets that players can purchase and use in a game. They will also be able to make a profit from them. One-of-a-kind NFT horses will prove to be great assets. Players can breed new authentic horses and sell them in the market. Besides, this platform is absolutely transparent, offering all users a fair, private, and safe gaming experience. 

Blockchain technology is one of the most advanced worldwide. As such, it possesses solutions to many of the problems that the online gaming industry currently faces. Its key advantages are cheaper transactions and near-instant fund transfers. 


BIZVERSE is also launching its native token. What does this platform offer?  

BIZVERSE is an innovative platform that introduces a virtual reality world. According to the creative team, it’s a digital twin of the real world of human society. As a result, in this universe, players can live, work and participate in entertainment or business activities. Moreover, they will be able to role-play and participate in conferences, trade events, exhibitions, virtual fairs, and shopping festivals at virtual malls. 

BIZVERSE also strives to combine a social networking platform and digital economic models. However, it’s based on Blockchain technology. Thus, the team will use the advantages of DEFI, NFT, E-commerce, and Crypto Trading. 

In the beginning, developers used to make world-building games, allowing people to construct buildings and cities or colonize the entire world. But that trend is already changing. Now users are more interested in metaverses. As a result, many companies approach this trend by building RPG solutions and combining them with decentralized economies. Despite that, these games still haven’t realized their whole potential. Most of the current metaverse Game projects stop at the level of imaginary worlds. Things that happen in the Metaverse are not reflected in our reality, and vice versa. 


How does BIZVERSE differ from such games? 

How does BIZVERSE differ from such games? 

BIZVERSE stands out among such platforms as it aims to build an ecosystem of a digital twin of the real world. It will connect those two, starting from business activities, shopping, attending events of both the real world and the virtual world on blockchain, and so much more. 

The team will use VR, and AR along with 3D models, offering 3D digital maps on the platform. It will create a virtual reality model according to the people’s actual activities and places they congregate in.  

In the world of BIZVERSE, users will role-play. They will be able to bring their real-life characteristics with the fields, the work they are doing, the needs of shopping, trading relationships, habits, or their daily relationships on the social network model.

Moreover, the company created the platform’s native utility token BIVE to offer additional benefits to its users. The team plans to launch its ICO in October. BIVE is an ERC20 token. Its price will be 0.08 USD per token during the initial coin offering. The total supply of tokens is 1,000,000,000, but only 11% will be available for purchase at this stage. The platform aims to raise 10,000,000, and it will accept USDT in exchange for its native coins. 


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