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Delta Airlines new credit servicing deal and a strong stock guidance

As oil quickly stand back up at every price drop since the late-2018, it significantly impacts fuel prices. From the past few months, airline stocks are under the onslaught. The global economic growth is slowing down affecting a variety of sectors.

Despite that, just last Tuesday, Delta Air Lines shareholders receive positive news. Firstly, the airline during the first quarter boosts its forecast. Secondly, its fruitful partnership with American Express had its long-term renewal to gain strong profit. The long-term partnership could help Delta reach its strong earnings for the next few years. Both news led the airline giant to incline its stock at about 7 percent on Tuesday afternoon.

Delta Outlook

Earlier this year, investors are frustrated with Delta Air Lines first-quarter revenue outlook. During that time, it was estimated to gain revenue per available seat mile up to 2 percent for the first quarter.

Elsewhere, a few leisure airlines reduce forecast on their quarter one forecasts. Mainly because of the number of demand softness. As a result, Delta’s main profit-generating sector, the business travel market, held up better compared to other airlines.

That is to say, just last Tuesday, the airline giant’s revenue per available seat climbed about 2 percent. That of which is at the high end from its original guidance range. Therefore, the airline came over the strong 5 percent revenue per available seat incline compared to the previous year’s performance. The long-term renewal of contract with the credit card servicing believed to have led about one percentage point of increase.

Operational Performance Development

Now, the airline giant anticipates an average fuel cost to reach or surpass high end of the past forecast range amounting from $1.95 a gallon to $2.05 a gallon. However, the strong operational performance with great timing on expenses could lead nonfuel units to become pricey. That of which will set up to a 0.5 percent increase for the first quarter.

Moreover, the company mostly capitalize on its low share cost. Delta stimulates its share buyback plans since the last quarter by repurchasing its $1.3 billion stock.

American Express Credit Card Services

Along with the good news on Delta’s stocks increasing, its extended partnership with American Express will now last until the year 2029. Both companies deal aren’t set to end soon. However,  it shows that American Express is now willing to pay premium maintaining its long-term relationship with Delta.

With the extended contract, American Express now enables a variety of Delta co-branded credit cards. Delta comes with American Express’s membership rewards program. In addition, AmEx platinum members now have access in the airline giant’s airport lounges.

From the past few years, investors don’t acknowledge Delta’s earnings growth capability that much. Mostly because of the fuel price volatility, and demands. Those significantly impact the company’s profitability, Yet now, it rolls out the other way, having its potential to grow in the next couple of years.

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