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DeFi market wrap: PNL, RELI and CORA tokens are available

Startup companies announce launching new ICOs daily as they offer different solutions to defi problems, such as high fees, slow transactions, etc. Creation of new tokens plays an important role in those solutions. Token holders can usually receive awards and various advantages. What’s more crucial, they can participate in the governance of the platforms and vote for decisions. Being part of the network community is a serious responsibility, as well as a way to hone your experience and profit. DeFi has enormous potential, and more and more investors recognize that.

However, it wouldn’t do to trust everything you read on the internet. There are lots of scam platforms designed to relieve more undoubting investors of their hard-earned money. That’s why we choose our sources very carefully to get the information about those ICOs that have real potential. PNL token is one of such.

What does TrueP&L offer? 

TrueP&L offers retail investors on-and off-chain financial products to achieve a beautiful and transparent investment experience. Its first product is a crypto Robo-trading platform, along with a portfolio tracker. Customers can earn assets by connecting well-tested strategies to their exchange accounts by API key. They can also receive trading analytics based on historical trading performance. This platform helps investors grow their capital without deep knowledge in trading and gives them an opportunity to choose strategies that suit their risk profile. As a result, users can get income with minimum effort.

The TruePNL project aims to raise $1,600,000 by trading 5,060,000 tokens. The ICO price is $0.08 per token.

Token holders can use the platform’s native utility token PNL for lending and farming. They will also be able to redeem the stacked funds at any moment. Furthermore, there are various advantages to enjoy, such as fee reduction for using the TrueP&L products and TruePNL prime subscription, along with payment in the collateral commission pool.

The initial circulation supply on the tokens is 5,060,000 (5.06%). However, only 3.40% will be available for public sale.

True P&L CEO is a serial entrepreneur Ruslan Abdullin. He has four years of experience in the crypto space. Viacheslav Tiurdenev, COO of True P&L. Viacheslav also has four years of experience managing IT and blockchain development.

Relite Finance also plans to contribute to solving DeFi problems

While the DeFi market is expanding with staggering speed, there are still many problems to overcome, such as lack of interoperability, high fees, over-collateralization, and lack of usability. In the DeFi space, the defragmentation of assets is still very high. As a result, users cannot use native BTC, DOT, ETH, or other major cryptos in one protocol.

Furthermore, users have to surrender approximately 180% of the loan value in collateral to protect from liquidation. They also have to pay enormous fees to interact with many existing DeFi protocols. Thus far, there is no all-encompassing and straightforward UX required for accelerating the mass adoption of the DeFi space. However, Relite Finance is trying to change that. The company has a well-organized roadmap and, thus far, managed to follow it successfully.

Relite Finance launched its native token’s ICO today. The project goal is to raise $507,780 by trading 11,284,000 tokens at an ICO price of $0.045.

What is Relite Finance?

Defi market

Relite Finance is a cross-chain lending protocol. It enables customers to lend and borrow all cryptocurrency assets in one place. The platform does this by utilizing the latest Ethereum and Polkadot frameworks.

The company offers investors various advantages, such as a cross-chain approach from the first day. It is working to build its solution around interoperability. As a result, Relite Finance allows customers seamless communication between different chains.

Furthermore, related Polkadot projects will provide dedicated lending and borrowing pools, thus enabling high liquidity. That is unique to the Relite protocol.

The platform also offers much lower fees for contract execution and pool flexibility, along with reasonable interest and accessible collateral ratios for borrowers.

Relite aims to redefine the DeFi lending space by overcoming the existing barriers. Customers holding its native tokens will be able to vote on product features and token utility, as well as decide which chains will be integrated into the protocol.

CORA token is already available

Corra.Finance launched its native token CORA recently. This plug-and-play platform enables users to create NFT products used in the DeFi market. The company aims to gamify existing DeFi products. To achieve that goal, it offers customers to enhance their yield by using exclusive NFT products sold on platform. According to the team, they plan to introduce new revenue streams and enhance user experience, along with increasing the interaction between customers and existing DeFi products.

The Corra.Finance project began its initial coin offering on May 16, 2021, and it will end on May 17, 2021. The company wants to raise $30,000 through the sale of 1,622 tokens. The ICO price is $18.5 per token, and 700,000 CORA are available for sale.

This platform has already attracted users’ attention as it has good potential. Through the creation of NFT, it will enable the monetization of digital content. As a result, users can sell their photos to their fans instead of gaining likes from them on Instagram.

Anyone can create NFT products and auction them, thus monetizing their ideas, digital content, words, products, and much more. Corra aims to push NFT use cases beyond just digital arts and gaming.

It plans to introduce four new categories to curate NFT products. These are digital content, DeFi, social media, and non-profit.

Customers can create and list products for free, and they won’t have to pay gas fees. The platform will charge a fee only when the users auction out a successful sale, thus guaranteeing a profit to all NFT creators on Corra.

What about the MLT ICO?

The MILC Platform project began its ICO today, and it will end on May 18, 2021. The MILC Platform aims to raise $100,000 by trading 1,111,111.11 tokens for the price of $0.09.

MILC platform plans to provide an open marketplace for every professional and amateur content provider and buyer that incorporates blockchain, broadcast, and AI technology. It’s created a native Micro Licensing Token ($MLT) to help with this goal. $MLT will serve as a payment medium, as well as proof of license contract, community reward, and fundraising vehicle.

This project has great potential, as it will solve four fundamentally important challenges of the global media industry: discovery process for buyers, complex licensing, global availability, and early feedback from viewers.

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