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General Information
Broker Name: CryptoTradeCorp
Broker Type: Crypto
Country: Seychelles
Operating since year: 2014
Regulation: /
Address: Second floor sound & vision house Francis Rachel Str., Victoria Mahe, Seychelles
Broker status: Active
Customer Service
Phone: +44 2030976667
Email: [email protected]
Languages: English
Availability: 24/7
The Trading platforms: Proprietary
Trading platform Time zone: /
Demo account: No
Mobile trading: Yes
Web-based trading: Yes
Bonuses: Yes
Other trading instruments: Yes
Minimum deposit ($): $250
Maximal leverage: 1:200
Spread: Tight
Scalping allowed: Yes

CryptoTradeCorp Review 2021 – Is this crypto broker good?


General Information

CryptoTradeCorp is a brokerage company that provides its users with trading services for crypto and other assets. The company has been around since 2014, but it’s undergone a rebranding and gained traction recently. As such, we’d like to provide you with fresh insight into how the firm functions. It works from Seychelles, but more precisely from the Second Floor Sound & Vision House on Francis Rachel Str., Victoria Mahe. Our CryptoTradeCorp Review will help you decide if it’s the right broker for you.

CryptoTradeCorp Review: follow the crypto trend

The broker was one of the ones that got into crypto early and molded their service to fit digital currency enthusiasts. However, that wouldn’t be enough to stand out, as there are plenty of crypto brokers nowadays. As such, CryptoTradeCorp had to do something different to separate itself from the competition. The difference is that instead of overspecializing in crypto, the broker spread out towards traditional assets as well.

Some less-experienced traders might wonder why that’s such a significant difference from usual brokers. After all, most investors specialize in a particular group of assets without paying much attention to others. However, even though traders specialize in a trading product group, professionals never completely ignore others. Even if you’re a stock investor, you might want to put some of your capital into Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. As such, CryptoTradeCorp is a tool that allows traders to never miss a valuable opportunity.

Naturally, such tools are quite useful to a whole host of traders and investors. As such, the broker’s popularity should be of no surprise to anyone. However, just the variety wouldn’t be enough to attract and keep users. The rest of the broker’s service needs to be solid as well. Before we continue with our CryptoTradeCorp broker review, we’ll present some of its interesting features:


all in one place


·      24/7 Support

The value of a solid customer service team often gets underestimated by traders. Because of the online nature of brokerage services, many of them have issues that aren’t even their fault. That causes a ton of user frustration anyway, so it’s nice to have someone that can resolve issues quickly. In trading, since there’s a finite time when markets are open, such lapses can cause missed opportunities. That’s why it’s such a bonus that the broker extended their customer support over the regular 24/5 structure.

·      Variety

Another significant bonus of using CryptoTradeCorp is the variety that it puts at the core of its service. We already discussed some aspects of it in the opening part of our CryptoTradeCorp review, but there’s more. For example, there are tons of asset classes, but the asset count is quite high as well. Furthermore, the account typing is quite diverse, having something for all trader levels. As such, the broker comes off as much more welcoming, both for newbies and veteran traders.

·      100% Welcome Bonus at CryptoTradeCorp

There’s no need to go in-depth explaining why bonuses are great for traders. Promotions such as a 100% deposit match essentially amount to free money, which is always welcome. As such, at least at the early stages of using CryptoTradeCorp’s service, it’s challenging to lose. Naturally, the broker also offers occasional promotions on a case-by-case basis. Even when you spend your initial bonus, there might be more in store later.

Funds Trading and Security


Safety is a huge concern when choosing an online broker. You’re letting someone handle a significant amount of your funds, which means you need to trust them. As such, it’s the job of the broker to earn that trust and prove the validity of their operations. Many new brokers fail at that outright and come off looking as scams, which they often are. Luckily, avoids that and seems to function validly as a company.

The first part of its formula is its reputation. When traders are dissatisfied, they are extremely quick to use any outlet they can to complain. We don’t blame them; getting scammed feels horrible, and they do others a favor by criticizing brokers. That means that scam brokers rapidly amass a negative reputation, leading to them falling into obscurity.

privacy and security

As we said earlier in our CryptoTradeCorp review, the broker has been around since 2014. And since its reputation is pristine, it creates a trustworthy atmosphere around the broker. Additionally, since the firm has managed to stay afloat for that time, it means they’ve made sound business decisions. Remember, security doesn’t only mean guaranteeing a broker won’t scam you, but that it won’t go under either.

The other component of CryptoTradeCorp’s security is its more technical conditions. It works with top-tier banks and markets to secure user funds and ensure max liquidity. Additionally, its website is SSL encrypted, meaning it has a competent layer of protection against hackers. Lastly, there’s the fact that it’s forthright about all its information and the specifics of its service. Scam brokers usually try to hide things, and it’s apparent that CryptoTradeCorp does the exact opposite.


The Trading Accounts

Earlier in our CryptoTradeCorp review, we mentioned that it had a multitude of accounts accommodating a wide range of traders. That primarily relates to how much traders are willing to spend. In other words, the broker offers tiered accounts based on cumulative deposit levels. That means it gets to create a level playing field while also rewarding loyal customers. Here are some of the account specifications at


Starter Account

  • Min Deposit: 250$
  • Offered Trade: $50
  • Number of assets: More than 80
  • Review: No
  • Trading Signals: No
  • Economic Indicators: No
  • Training: No


Standard Account

  • Min Deposit: 1,000$
  • Offered Trade: Up to $100
  • Number of assets: More than 120
  • Review: Weekly
  • Trading Signals: No
  • Economic Indicators: Yes
  • Training: Level 1

CryptoTradeCorp Review: the tarding accounts

Gold Account

  • Min Deposit: 3,000$
  • Offered Trade: Up to $300
  • Number of assets: More than 180
  • Review: Daily and Weekly
  • Trading Signals: Yes
  • Economic Indicators: Yes
  • Training: Level 2


Platinum Account

  • Min Deposit: 10,000$
  • Offered Trade: Up to $500
  • Number of assets: Additional Assets on Demand
  • Review: Daily and Weekly
  • Trading Signals: Yes
  • Economic Indicators: Yes
  • Training: Level 3


V.I.P. Account

  • Contact Your Account Manager For Details


Trading Conditions

As we already said earlier in our CryptoTradeCorp review, it’s trading and investing experiences are quite solid. It has a variety of assets to trade, meaning it welcomes all types of different traders. Further speaking to that is its high leverage and tight spreads, minimizing the money that goes to the broker. Also, those two enable day trading tactics that often require tight spreads and employ leverage.

Furthermore, the trading platform is proprietary and works excellently. It ensures quick trades and has all the analytical functionality you’d want. As we mentioned earlier in our CryptoTradeCorp broker review, it also works with top-tier banks. That means its assets are always liquid, and you should run into no such issues.


CryptoTradeCorp Review of Trading Platform


As we just mentioned, the broker uses a proprietary trading platform that works wonders. The UI is intuitive, even allowing brand-new traders to quickly grasp what’s going on and what they should do. Furthermore, the broker’s platform is fully optimized for web and mobile usage, allowing for mobility and convenience.

CryptoTradeCorp Review: trading platform

CryptoTradeCorp’s Trading Products

As we already stated multiple times through our CryptoTradeCorp review, it has both crypto and traditional assets in its selection. Additionally, it’s one of the only brokers that provides on-demand assets to loyal users. That means you’ll never feel like there’s a trading product missing after using the broker for a while. Here are the asset classes the firm has:

Customer Service

We already praised the broker’s support for working longer than usual earlier in our CryptoTradeCorp review. To reach the team, you can send an email or use their phone number. The support representatives are knowledgeable and quick to respond.

CryptoTradeCorp Review

Phone: +44 2030976667 

Email: [email protected]


CryptoTradeCorp Review: Conclusion

CryptoTradeCorp is a competent firm that’s been around for quite a while now. It knows how to handle its customers and even offers some personalization features, which we rarely see with brokers. Furthermore, its universal service is excellent, with strong trading conditions and security across the board. It’s also noteworthy that the broker’s diverse assets and accounts make it a great choice for various traders and investors.

To conclude our CryptoTradeCorp review, we’d like to suggest you try the broker for yourself. It offers a welcome bonus that’ll definitely make it worth your time, and even without that, the service will disappoint a few.

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  • Trading Instrument
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