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Cryptocurrencies on Tuesday

Bitcoin’s price fell on Tuesday. Two days on August 26 the price of Bitcoin increased and surpassed the $10,400 level. In several hours Bitcoin’s price reached more than $10,500. However, it was unable to hold the momentum and its price fell once again. Read more about Cryptocurrencies.

On August 27, the price remained above $10,000 level. Bitcoin’s price was $10,019.  Brian Kelly from the investment company BKCM made a comment about this situation. He said that the situation would improve in the future. Kelly stated that it was the right time to buy Bitcoin.

Kelly also mentioned the reasons which affected the price of Bitcoin. According to Kelly the biggest issue was that number of active Bitcoin addresses decreased, this might indicate that cryptocurrency was close to sell-off.
Ethereum’s price also declined on Tuesday. Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency on the market. Yesterday, its price reached $193,44 but in several hours the price of Ethereum fell to less than $190. On Tuesday, Ethereum’s price was $186.

Another cryptocurrency which is the Litecoin also experienced problems. Its price fell to $73.

Digital currencies and social mediaCryptocurrencies and Telegram

Digital currencies role as an alternative currency increased during last several years. For instance, couple of years ago people had only limited knowledge about the cryptocurrencies. However, situation changed as cryptocurrencies  became part of daily life. Nowdays, digital  currencies are everywhere and it is not surprising that social media wants to promote the crypto money.

On August 26, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency wallet provider Button Wallet unveiled the first free cryptocurrency testing playground. Thanks to this initiative any Telegram user can use Button wallet’s Telegram Open Network wallet. It is worth mentioning that more than 300 million users of Telegram.

Telegram users will receive 6.6 testnet grams. Users can learn more about this market without the need to buy Bitcoin or any other digital currencies. This is an excellent opportunity to explore the digital currency market without losing money. Read more about Cryptocurrencies.

The price of several major cryptocurrencies fell on August. However, there is always a chance situation might change in several days or even hours. Read more about Cryptocurrencies.

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