quora Crypto Money: Batista Arrested on Money Laundering

Crypto Money: Batista Arrested on Money Laundering

Crypto money news – The federal police arrested wealthy businessman Eike Batista on account of suspected money laundering. In addition to that, they believe he succeeded to do so by trading Bitcoin (BTC) under his wife’s name.

On August 8, a report was released regarding the details of the arrest of Batista. According to prosecutors, they found some notes that signify he traded Bitcoin on his wife’s behalf. And as of now, she is not yet under investigation.

“Given the evidence of such a usual means of money laundering that the suspect was using the wife’s name and account to ensure concealment of the products or proceeds of crime,” the Federal Prosecutor stated.

Away from crypto money, back in February 2017, they also arrested Batista. However, he got released just about two months after. Moreover, they accused him of escaping the 30-year prison sentence by bribing the former governor Sérgio Cabral for the price of $16.5 million.

Previously, Forbes placed Batista as the seventh world’s richest man. Then, Forbes listed him as the wealthiest person in Brazil in 2012. And he had an estimated net worth of almost $15 billion. Based on the reports, he became wealthy through his connection with mining, oil, and energy operations.

Top Crypto Money

On Thursday’s crypto money, top cryptocurrencies Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) and XRP are all facing slight losses.

During that day, Bitcoin is trading a little higher than $11,700, with a 0.2% dropped. Also, it bloomed over the weekend to break $11,000. And it appeared to have some momentum moving through the week. BTC consequently broker $12,000 on Tuesday and Wednesday. But it did not maintain its boost for more than a few hours every time.

Then, the hast rate of Bitcoin reached a new milestone. It broke 80 quintillion SHA256 hashes per second for the first time.

Meanwhile, Ether lost about 1.6%. And XRP also slumped a little by 0.82%, trading to more than $0.30.

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