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CrossPad Provides Solutions to Multi Chain Oriented Projects

CrossPad offers a new solution for Multi Chain oriented projects. A new organic way of fundraising will be available across the EVM-based blockchains, thanks to CrossPad. Users can launch their projects through its platform and collect $BNB, $ETH, $HECO, and $MATIC.

Multi Chain sales will significantly expand users’ fundraising horizons with CrossPad’s platform. Its multi-chain protocol (ETH, HECO, BNB, MATIC) allows them to attract investors from all over the crypto community.

Furthermore, CrossPad offers Multi Chain wallet connections. Customers can connect several wallets from different blockchains. The platform will synchronize all assets. As a result, users will have faster access to all the functions that the CrossPad team will host.

Multi Chain instant swap and staking are additional advantages. The team claims that customers can swap and stake in a revolutionary way on their platform. Using CrossPad’s No-Fee blockchain bridge will enable them to manage their funds in the most decentralized way possible, as well as stake their assets and claim the reward with CrossPad’s multi-chain pools.

CrossPad is also launching its native token soon. The team has announced that their token’s IDO will start on May 2, 2021, and it will end on Jun 2, 2021. A total of 27,500,000 CROSS will be available during the initial coin offering for the price of $0.02.

CROSS token features seem impressive. Why’s that?

Customers can use the CROSS token for various purposes. Holding a specific amount of $CROSS will enable them to vote for different decisions. Furthermore, the more tokens user holds, the higher their impact will be on the platform’s development. The community will make decisions about projects hosted on the platform, fees, updates, and many others.

Customers will have to hold and stake $CROSS if they want to join CrossPad’s Tier System.

Most platforms have static tiers, which can also become obsolete in the middle of a sale and cause traders’ uncertainties that reflect on the token price CrossPad is trying to prevent this annoying phenomenon by bringing a new dynamic system. The latter adapts to every market situation while still guaranteeing a fair pool allocation for the $CROSS token holders.


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