Coronavirus, Coronavirus Pushes Tech Companies to Step Up Their Game

Coronavirus Pushes Tech Companies to Step Up Their Game

Technology companies are definitely not giving up on their patrons amid the coronavirus outbreak. Company’s such as Samsung have adjusted to literally deliver to their consumers.

Samsung Electronics recently launched its smartphone product delivery services for its precious customers in China. The tech giant’s goal is to reach the Chinese market that has been hit by the deadly Covid-19.

Consumers can avail the service and have the products delivered for them to test new devices. As the virus continues to spread across mainland China, the South Korean phone producer was pushed to cater to its market.

Unfortunately, Samsung was also forced to cancel its promotional events and is preparing for weak sales this quarter.

Experts are suggesting that the company’s smartphone sales may be slashed in half this first quarter.

The outbreak in China, the world’s biggest tech market, isn’t only felt within technology news. Stock markets and other assets are also enduring the pain brought on by the fatal disease.

Another heavyweight in the tech industry is Apple, and unfortunately for the California-based firm, the sentiment isn’t looking good.

Earlier this week, Apple announced that it is unlikely that they will be able to reach its projected figures this quarter due to slowing demand.

And just recently, Xiaomi opted to live-stream its new smartphone laugh because of the nationwide restriction on large events.

Due to the coronavirus, Samsung canceled its ‘Galaxy fan parties’ for the launch of its latest device.

Samsung consumers who will want a chance to try the new Galaxy 20 can have on delivered to their home or the preferred location. The customer will then have 24 hours to use the phone and after that, the delivery worker will pick it up again.

Gyms Are Also Innovating

Aside from tech companies, another unusual player in the Chinese tech market are fitness companies. Gyms are live-streaming their routines as people opt to stay at home and away from public spaces.

Gym instructors are streaming their exercise routines using their mobile devices and iPods. The broadcasts are viewed by hundreds and thousands of people working out in their respective homes.

Commercial facilities such as restaurants, cafes, libraries, and even gyms are left deserted as millions of people stay at home. Public spaces are all clear due to the coronavirus outbreak.

As a result of recent weeks, live-streaming has been one of the biggest trends in the Chinese exercise industry. Gyms are going online and are relying on modern technology to help the people stay fit and motivated despite being stuck indoors.

According to a gym instructor, there is no income for what they currently do. The majority of the streamed classes last for 20 mins and are very much free.

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