What Is Changing in Twitter with Musk as Its CEO?

According to Elon Musk, the recently hired CEO of Twitter Inc., the social media network’s objective was to become the most accurate information source about the world on Sunday. This statement ignited a debate about how it would achieve this goal and who gets to judge what is right.

Musk paid $44 billion for Twitter a little over a week ago. After this move, he sacked half the staff and started charging users. Therefore, we have some early indications of how the world’s richest person may reshape the network. Several marketers have cut back on spending since the announcement of the pact. Concerned about the deal’s content screening, Musk claims activist groups are putting pressure on advertisers.

What Are the New Goals?

Musk said on Sunday that Twitter has to surpass other news sources as the most trustworthy worldwide. That is the aim. Tens of thousands of people instantly responded to his tweet. Accurate to whom questioned Jack Dorsey, former CEO and creator of Twitter. Musk, who also controls the electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) and the rocket business SpaceX, said that Twitter will establish a content moderation council with “widely divergent perspectives.”

At the time, the self-described free speech absolutist said that no substantial content judgments or account reinstatements existed before that council met. On Sunday, Musk declared that Twitter accounts that use impersonation without explicitly identifying it as “parody” would receive an immediate suspension. He said that before suspending accounts, Twitter would issue warnings. However, because of wide verification, there will be “no exceptions” and no warnings.

Musk said confirmed ticks would be temporarily lost if the name was changed. It said it would be clear as a criterion for joining Twitter Blue. Twitter updated the app on Saturday and now charges $8 per blue tick to increase revenue.

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