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CDC Receives New Petition From Patients

Recently, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention freed an isolated patient who tested positive for the coronavirus. They brought the patient back into the general quarantine at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar. After that, the patients began a petition to demand better oversight at the facility.

Quarantined patient Jake Wilson stated, “A lot of sentiment had been expressed that we need to make some suggestion and get some feedback.”

In addition to that, Wilson shared the petition a day after they mistakenly released a woman who tested positive for the coronavirus from UC San Diego Medical Center.

After they discharged the woman, the CDC notified her they mislabeled her test results because of pseudonyms used for privacy reasons. And they told her that she has the virus.

Before they discovered the error, they took her back to MCAS Miramar briefly. Based on a statement, US San Diego Medical Center noted that they returned the patient to isolation with minimal symptoms.

Many evacuees from Wuhan, China has already signed the petition. And its cover page reads, “Suggestion Letter to CDC. Please sign if you agree.”

In the petition, they wrote, “in light of the first confirmed case at Miramar couple with the current precautions taken at the center.”

The unknown writer stated that the suggestions became complicated measures toward mitigating the possible risk of spreading the virus at the Miramar Center. And this is on behalf of Wuhan evacuees at Miramar Marine Air Base.

The Petition in Miramar

According to Wilson, he is quite worried about the cross-contamination of currently quarantined evacuees. He said that screening only consists of a temperature reading once daily. And evacuees have been asked to admit to symptoms voluntarily. Wilson indicated that there are no personal testing kits available.

He stated, “We really felt the need for these basic things to be addressed, and we hope that the petition would at least be able to address these basic concerns,”

All in all, there are five suggestions in the petition for CDC:

  • Test each person in the facility
  • Avoid gathering of a large number of people into small, confined environments. It suggests that they deliver meals to the door and town hall meetings through conference calls.
  • Periodic delivery of personal protective gear to every room. This includes masks and sanitizing alcohol for in-room disinfection.
  • Have enough supply of hand sanitizer at the front desk and in the playground.
  • Finally, disinfect public areas two or three times a day, including laundry room, playground, doorknobs, etc.

Wilson explained that many people are worrying. And it is not about themselves here at the facility and the cross-contamination. As much as possible, they don’t want to spread this virus back out into the public and potentially infect their families whenever they’re released.

Last Tuesday, the CDC and County Health and Human Services Agency took a joint press conference. And they updated the public regarding the case and the quarantine procedure at MCAS Miramar. With the testing process, there were no issues when the American evacuees arrived at MCAS Miramar.


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