C+Charge’s native token is trending. What about PLEX? 


C+Charge is a relatively new platform that offers interesting services. The team has built a robust Peer-to-Peer (P2P) payment system specifically for EV charging stations. The latter is based on blockchain technology. Customers will get individual electronic wallets and be able to use them to pay fees at charging stations around the world. The company also created the platform’s native utility token, CCHG, which will power C+Charge’s payment system. Customers can pay with these tokens for each charge.

The team noted that utilizing the crypto wallet, as well as its sale system, would significantly reduce human interaction. Besides, using blockchain technology means providing transparency and cultivating trust among EV users.

Moreover, C+Charge’s native tokens will accumulate carbon credits for their holders. The latter will be able to utilize them in the future. For example, users can make another EV purchase or spend their credits to receive other benefits. The platform will help customers to manage their carbon credits.

C+Charge created an innovative concept aiming to bring standardization to EV owners, EV charging station owners, EV fleet managers, and policymakers. The company’s system will significantly reduce the friction typically associated with the implementation and management of EV charging. The team plans to create a new standard across the sector that will reduce the average transaction latency, along with creating more efficient charging stations and enhancing transactional throughputs. The team will also offer an easy-to-use payment method that will be the same for all users across the globe.

C+Charge will offer its stakeholders a great user experience that will encourage greater adoption and the growth of the EV industry. Consequently, the customers will help with the further reduction of carbon pollution. Together they will create a cleaner environment that will benefit future generations.


Why is blockchain technology beneficial for this project? 

Blockchain technology offers many advantages, such as decentralization, transparency, and security. It enables users to track the transactions in a secure ledger while ensuring that the data is tamper-free.

C+Charge’s decided to offer its customers an electronic wallet-based payment for EV charging because it saves a lot of time and resources. The team noted that its platform would hash encrypt all the payments made with the CCHG tokens. Considering that hash values play a significant role in transactions, that’s a great advantage.

The company will also employ a distributed ledger for carrying out its operations. The latter uses Secured Hashing Algorithm (aka SHA-256) for making transactions. That means the platform will add the transaction details as a block in the blockchain after the customer pays for charging. The miners will validate it next. The greatest benefit of using blockchain technology for exchanges is its decentralized nature. The system will widely distribute the data across every node in the network. Everyone will have access to a copy of the transaction details.

Besides, users won’t need the help of any intermediary financial body or payment processor to make the transactions. While users can add new blocks to the blockchain, they won’t be able to alter the already existing ones. Users’ safety is paramount, and blockchain guarantees it.


How will the company use smart contacts?

Smart contracts are very important, as they allow trustless payment and make them seamless. That’s why C+Charge decided to deploy them for its charging payment systems. The company ensures that the funds become available only after certain conditions are met. Besides, it’s crucial to have a transparent ledger. The platform captures data in its ledger and uses it for the benefit of token holders. It will utilize the same ledger by charging station owners to give proof of the carbon credits they’ve earned.

Furthermore, blockchain technology will enable to provide real-time data for customers. Thus, they will view charger availability, and that will give them certain advantages. This feature is especially important for fleet services. It will allow fleet managers to schedule as well as optimize charging times for their vehicles. As a result, users will be able to maximize the efficiencies of their fleet.

C+Charge wants to create a complete EV charging ecosystem that will deliver an innovative charging experience to EV owners and drivers. The company has already found several solutions to the most common problems. It has offered its views about parking garage charging solutions. The team is working on a network of charging stations located nationally, and it developed a transparent payment system powered by CCHG utility tokens. The platform will enable real-time data transmission to EVSPs to ensure the easy diagnosis of chargers.

Overall, C+Charge’s proposed network and its native token have strong potential. This project addresses the economic and infrastructure issues currently hindering the EV market’s growth. With soaring energy prices, car manufacturers launching new EV models every month, regulatory restrictions on carbon emissions, and the topic of energy independence occupying policymakers, the market is looking for solutions to the existing problems. And Charge is offering just that.


What is MinePlex Banking, and why is its token trending? 

MinePlex Banking is an innovative mobile cryptobank that comes with its own liquid coin. The project stands out among other similar ones in the industry as it manages to maintain an exceptional balance between traditional financial systems, mobile applications, and blockchain technology.


What is MinePlex Banking, and why is its token trending? 


The founder company aims to create a reliable and easy-to-use mobile cryptographic bank. The latter will enable customers to use cryptocurrencies on a daily basis anywhere in the world. People will pay bills, buy goods, save funds and grow assets, all the while using the digital tokens without any difficulties or complications.

The company also created the platform’s native utility token – PLEX. It launched its ICO sale on September 18, 2020. The sale will end on September 18, 2025. The total supply of the tokens is 259 200 000 000, but only some percentage is available for purchase at this stage. PLEX is quite high-ranked on various ICO listing platforms.

MinePlex Banking will allow users to buy and mine tokens, as well as manage their crypto assets. Moreover, the platform will help customers to build their own global businesses. The founder team also designed a crypto wallet for fast and easy use of digital assets.




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