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Capital World is an educational website that offers courses/packages for those who want to take the plunge into the financial markets. And this website review aims to see whether this website delivers its promise of high-quality and superb trading education.

Of course, websites like this one are plenty. But those that provide excellent services are few and far in between. This article aims to see whether Capital World is among those few that offer what aspiring and professional traders want from a learning website.

Let’s get into the website.


Capital World claims that it delivers trading education with the help of various experts in the trading world. These experts are professional traders too. That means these people probably know what they’re doing.

capital world instructors

Capital World offers education through its course packages. Each package has a set of lessons and learnings materials. Of course, different clients probably have different levels of knowledge. That’s not a problem since each package is designated based on levels.

There are three packages, namely the Silver, Gold, and Platinum packages. It’s simple. The Silver package is often for beginners. Gold suits intermediate learners, and it’s their best seller. Platinum is the most expensive as well as the most advanced package for professional traders.

At the end of every course you avail, Capital World checks your progress through a series of tests and exams.

Now, what kind of learning materials can you expect from the courses? There are e-books, videos, live streaming classes, and more.

Let’s take a look at each of the packages and what they have to offer.


As we’ve mentioned, there are three educational packages you can avail at Capital World. The Silver package is the cheapest, with a price tag of $100.00. The Gold package costs $250.00, while the Platinum package costs $500.00.

capital wolrd educational packages

The Silver package is for beginners; the Gold package for intermediate learners; and the Platinum package for advanced and professional learners.


silver package

If you’re beginning to learn how the market works, or if you’re an absolute beginner with zero knowledge whatsoever of the market, the Silver package is probably for you.

With the $100.00 price tag, this package appears at first to be pricey. However, once you get to know its lessons and contents, you’ll probably think Capital World is being uber-generous.

The following are what the Silver package offers.


These lessons come from the Silver package. And if you think you can take it easy with this one, think again. There’s a lot of basic knowledge you don’t know about the market, and Capital World’s silver package is here to introduce you to them. And that’s not counting the more advanced level lessons in other packages.

  • Introduction to the financial markets – this is where you get acquainted with the ins and outs of different financial markets.
  • Trading terms – here’s a lesson for you to familiarize yourself with the jargon. Remember that double tops, double bottoms, spreads, and straddles have different meanings in trading.
  • Basics of trading assets – it’s not enough that you know the terms, too. You should be more familiar with the assets and instruments you are trading than the back of your hand.
  • Online trading – and what’s more important than learning how to actually trade in the financial markets? Online trading is here to stay, and you should get to know it as early as you can.

The different markets you’ll enter will need different trading instruments. You’re going to have to know what traders talk about when they talk about the market. Lastly, you can’t trade successfully nowadays without learning how online trading works.


There are many different learning materials on the Silver package. As we’ve mentioned, it packs a wallop.

E-books are a mainstay for educational websites. In fact, e-books are among the first things that they offer their clients.

Capital World’s e-books are pretty much what you’d expect it to be. It covers lots of topics fundamental to trading education. These lessons include:

  • Market operations
  • Bullish and bearish sentiment
  • Pips and their importance
  • Risk and reward

And there’s a lot more.

There are also video lessons for those who are always dashing around and can’t sit through the live lesson stream. That’s all right. The video lessons of Capital World are easy to understand and comprehensive.


gold package

If you think you’re already more than just a beginner level trader, but you admit that you still don’t know all things about financial markets, then you probably fall under the intermediate category. And the package from Capital World that fits you is the Gold package.

Coming out to $250.00, the Gold package isn’t too of an expensive step-up from the Silver package. However, if you take a look at the lessons and the offerings of this package, you see why it’s Gold and the best seller.


The Gold package offers a lot of more advanced lessons than the Silver package. The lessons here include:

  • Candlestick Reading
  • Charts Analysis
  • Fibonnacci Trading
  • Technical Tools and Indicators
  • Trading Styles
  • MetaTrader Platforms
  • Derivatives

Obviously, the package focuses more on technical trading. That involves spotting trends, using effective risk management, formulating strategies, and taking advantage of candlestick patterns.

Similar to the Silver packages, the lessons come in different forms like e-books and video lessons.

However, the Gold package also offers webinars and live videos from professional traders. Such features are quite useful for those who are already doing their trades themselves and need to improve.


But what’s the most important Gold package offering that the Silver package doesn’t have? It’s the consulting session with a professional market analyst.

That’s right. It’s a really interesting offering from Capital World because the $250.00 price tag seems to be paying off tremendously.

You get the chance to learn with a professional analyst. You’re going to get firsthand, professional knowledge. That’s an A-grade trading education, all for a couple of hundred bucks.

Other offerings under this package include daily market signals and market updates, news, commentaries, and similar market-following features.

platinum package

But if you think that’s the best Capital World can offer, you’ve got another thing coming.

The Platinum package is the most expensive at $500.00, as well as the most comprehensive package from this website. And if you’re already getting the pattern, you’d know that the $500.00 you’ll pay isn’t expensive when compared against the contents of the course.

Let’s take a look at its offerings.


So, what will you learn in this package if you’re already a pro? Well, the package does appear to have some lessons that the pros already know. But there’s an equal number of advanced topics that are worth learning.

  • Supply and Demand Dynamics
  • Trading Platforms
  • Advanced Pattern Reading
  • Technical Analysis
  • Chart Timeframes
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Trend Analysis
  • Trading Plan

Similar to other packages, these lessons come in different media such as e-books, live-streaming classes, and videos.

The e-books are super comprehensive and are fit for pros that want to learn something they haven’t already learned.

The lessons also tackle seldom-discussed topics to beginner and intermediate level traders. These lessons include trader psychology and behavioral finance.

Of course, the Platinum package offers consulting sessions with market professionals too. This way, the already-professional trader will be able to interact with someone with equal or better market understanding.

At the same time, this package offers newer additions to the financial markets like cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology discussions.

It might sound that the Platinum package should be the go-to package for any level of trader. However, it’s impractical to jump into this package without first learning the basics.


journey to financil fredom

Capital World has a lot to offer to traders and clients, and we think that’s pretty clear from the get-go. And even though some people may think the packages are a bit overpriced for what they claim to offer on the website, click a little further, and you’ll discover that each package is a treasure trove of knowledge for aspiring financial market traders.

From the video lessons to the examinations at the end of the packages, Capital Pro performs superbly and gives clients their best. We judge that based on the comments and testimonials of those who have already availed the packages.

What they say can be summed up in one sentence: that you get the best.

Overall, Capital World is a great stepping stone for beginner traders to go to the next level. And it’s an excellent complementary learning venue for those who’ve already been hustling in the market.

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