General Information
Broker Name: Buxberg
Broker Type: CFD
Country: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Operating since year: 2022
Regulation: N/A
Address: 1 Harbour View Street, Central, Hong Kong
status: Active
Customer Service
Phone: +18008651527
Email: [email protected]
Languages: English
Availability: 24/5
The Trading platforms: Proprietary
Trading platform Time zone: N/A
Demo account: No
Mobile trading: Yes
Web-based trading: Yes
Bonuses: No
Other trading instruments: Yes
Minimum deposit: $2,500
Maximal leverage: 1:400
Spread: Floating
Scalping allowed: Yes


  • General Information & First Impressions
  • Fund and Account Security
  • Registration at Buxberg
  • The Trading Accounts
  • Buxberg’s Trading Platform
  • Funding and Pricing
  • Trading Products at Buxberg
  • Customer Service at Buxberg
  • Conclusion


Buxberg Review 2022 – How good is the broker?

Buxberg Review 2022 - How good is the broker?

General Information & First Impressions

Our Buxberg review will look at a new brokerage that offers a wide range of trading services. Buxberg is a CFD brokerage that has numerous trading materials available in its library. And while some traders prefer to stay away from CFDs, the difference is negligible for most. The sole discrepancy is underlying asset ownership, which CFDs don’t provide to users. However, the tradeoff is that brokers get to put more assets in their library, increasing portfolio diversification possibilities.

As we said, that’s a trade that’s well worth it on the trader side since you get wider asset access. That establishes Buxberg as a versatile brokerage, as it has assets from all major trading instrument categories. It can welcome both modern traders with cryptocurrencies, and more traditional ones with commodities.

Buxberg operates from a popular broker location, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. You can locate its offices at Beachmont Business Centre, 318, Kingstown. It prominently displays its contact info, making sure users know who they’re dealing with. Also, the brokerage is fresh, starting its operation in 2022.

As for the website itself, you can see that it’s hand-crafted and highly operational. The user experience it provides is phenomenal, with intuitive navigation and only relevant info present. That means you don’t need to read useless promotional material to get to what really matters. It also increases the broker’s trust rating, as it clearly cares about garnering a loyal base of users.

For the start of our Buxberg review, we can say we’re content with the broker’s initial showing. It displays knowledge of what customers want and effort in the direction of fulfilling that.


Fund and Account Security

Fund and Account Security

We need to take a close look at the safety of users on buxberg.com as it is a new brokerage. New online finance companies get a somewhat undeservedly negative reputation due to the abundance of scammers present. Still, users do need to be careful as all it takes is one malicious company to inflict heavy financial damage. We always closely inspect brokers to make sure customers that trust them with their funds won’t get crossed. Buxberg is no different, and we explored numerous aspects of its service and behavior.

Luckily for our Buxberg review, we were quite satisfied with everything we looked at. The broker is honest and provides direct and precise information to its users. That makes us confident it has the right intentions, as scammers try and hide a lot of features.

Buxberg, besides its transparent website, contact info, and location, also has apparent pricing and features. When you’re signing up at buxberg.com, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting and how you need to behave. That eliminates the chance of the broker needing to impose punishment because your behavior is at odds with its terms.

Furthermore, the terms and other legal documentation are clear, making the broker’s conditions unambiguous. They’re as easy to read as legal documentation can be, making it accessible even to non-experts. That means you’ll be able to go through the documents with a bit of effort if you wish to do so.

Lastly, we should also mention its hacker safety features, such as authentication and encryption. The former makes it difficult for hackers to breach your account, as they’ll likely need to compromise multiple devices. The latter is more straightforward and jumbles the info you send so it’s unreadable if it’s intercepted.


Registration at Buxberg

To register at Buxberg, you need to press one of the buttons that say trade now or something similar. You can always find the button if you scroll all the way up any web page. It’ll be situated in the top righthand corner of your screen and will take you directly to the signup form. Alternatively, there are many similar buttons spread across the website, and they are all functionally identical.

Once you’re at the signup screen, you’ll need to fill in the data the broker requires. It’s a fairly standard procedure without the broker asking for any info that’s overly personal. It needs your address to make sure you’re in the area where it’s allowed to operate. You also have to fill in some personal info, including name and age, for identity confirmation later on.

Additionally, there are checkboxes that confirm you accept the broker’s terms. Also, there’s a newsletter that you can opt in or out of. Lastly, there’s a referral field to reward the one that brought you and an option to select your default account currency.


The Trading Accounts

As we said earlier in our Buxberg review, it’s a mid-budget broker. In other words, that means its starting account requires a deposit of $2,500. That may sound like a hefty price to some, but remember that you can still use that money to trade. Furthermore, $2,500 isn’t a large amount by any means once you become a serious trader.

The base account unlocks the entire service, including full asset and platform access. That means users won’t feel necessitated to upgrade, as the service allows them to be entirely competitive. However, many will naturally erach the next account as they fuel their trading journey. That’s because the next price point is $5,000, which gets you the Standard account.

After that, there are four more options, making six in total. They require steeper investments, making them more difficult to achieve just by trading. However, if you enjoy Buxberg and want a bit more luxury, you can invest a bit more, unlocking the later account features. The experience between different budget levels is fairly balanced, so you can go with whatever you prefer without losing funcionality.

Here are some of the account features on buxberg.com:

The Trading Accounts buxberg.com


  • From $2,500
  • Basic market access
  • Mobile trading
  • No extra fees
  • One click trading
  • Daily Analysis


  • From $5,000
  • Basic market access
  • Swap free/islamic
  • No extra fees
  • One click trading
  • Daily analysis


  • From $25,000
  • Basic market access
  • Market coverage
  • Swap free/islamic
  • No extra fees
  • Daily analysis


  • From $50,000
  • Basic market access
  • Personal account manager
  • Swap free/islamic
  • Market coverage
  • Daily analysis


  • From $100,000
  • Full market access
  • Personal account manager
  • Special market coverage
  • Market coverage
  • Trading strategies allowed


  • From $250,000
  • Custom market access
  • VIP personal manager
  • Special event invitations
  • Private instant support
  • Trading strategies allowed


Buxberg’s Trading Platform

buxberg.com trading platform

Buxberg has a platform variation that covers any sort of user. For more old-school traders, there’s a downloadable terminal which likely has the best optimization. However, since trading today requires you to always stay on the clock, there’s also a mobile version you can use. Between those two, there’s the web trader, which lets you access the platform from any desktop device.

The trio lets you stay mobile and trade at your own leisure. The platform itself is intuitive, making sure even first-timers can wrap their heads around it. But it doesn’t compromise power, as it has a high degree of customization and analysis options. That makes it a fantastic tool for both beginners and more experienced traders.


Funding and Pricing

When it comes to pricing, Buxberg is one of the friendliest brokers you can find. The initial deposit might be $2,500, but when you start trading with that money, the broker promises tight spreads. Not only that, but it excludes any percentage-based fees, presenting itself as the best option for many traders. Furthermore, it doesn’t hide any charges, resulting in an entirely transparent experience.

As we said earlier in our Buxberg review, the broker is versatile, and that includes its funding options. You can fuel your account with a variety of methods, including cards. The fees depend on your issuer or bank, meaning you won’t need to worry about additional costs.


Trading Products at Buxberg

As we said earlier in our buxberg.com review, the broker organizes its library via CFDs. We already explained the pros and cons of that and concluded the pros far outweighed the cons.

Buxberg has a broad trading instrument library as a result of its decision to employ CFDs as its trading option of choice. That’s beneficial for users, as they can diversify their portfolio easily with top options from various asset classes. It also leaves room for experimentation which has the option of going to the moon. Here are the trading instrument classes at buxberg.com:

  • Forex
  • Stocks
  • Commodities
  • Indices
  • Cryptocurrencies


Customer Service at Buxberg

Buxberg’s customer support service follows a well-known formula. There’s a team that operates 24/5, and you can reach them via phone, email, or live chat.


Phone: +18008651527

Email: [email protected]

Customer Service at Buxberg


Buxberg is a serious upcoming contender in the online brokerage markets. It beats present options with competitive pricing, security, and versatile service. It also has fantastic customer treatment, which focuses on comfort as well as potency. As such, it’s an exquisite experience that you can’t get anywhere else. It occupies a peculiar spot, and we’re sure it’ll attract a lot of users due to that.

To wrap up our Buxberg review, we’d say the broker definitely earns a recommendation. Try it out and see what it offers for yourself.

Buxberg Review
  • Support
  • Platform
  • Spread
  • Trading Instrument
Comments Rating 4.48 (117 reviews)

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