Brexit – The impact so far


The Brexit referendum was acrimonious with both sides accused of exaggerated claims, misinformation, and even lying. Arguments that still rage today, 6 years after the vote. It was, without doubt, the most divisive political choice the UK has made in many years and represented the most significant constitutional change the UK has seen since Prime Minister Edward Heath took Britain into the then, Common Market in 1973. The effects of the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union have affected business, the economy, and the population, not only in Britain but to a lesser effect across Europe.

After nearly three years since leaving, the Brexiters are hailing the resulting effect as a success with the government sighting, that they have ‘taken back control’ and are now able to decide their own policies. Whilst many on the other side are pointing to growing evidence of the adverse impact on the economy.

Only time will tell.

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