The Advantages Of Blockchain Games

When we discuss blockchain or cryptocurrency games, we are referring to identical gameplay mechanics found in conventional games but with the addition of blockchain technology, which enables anybody to use, trade, and sell in-game goods.

Technically and in terms of gameplay, blockchain games are very similar to conventional games. For instance, they use onboarding processes like software downloads and account registration used in conventional games. The fundamental distinction is that everything is carried out on the blockchain. For instance, in order to purchase, sell, and store in-game goods in blockchain games, players must have a bitcoin wallet. Additionally, a companion browser is required (similar to a PC game).

Additionally, the backend of blockchain games is distinct from that of PC games. Blockchain games, for instance, are decentralized and stored in various separate data centers around the world. Many PC or console games keep their data on internal or cloud servers, which are constantly controlled by a single player.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency games can be viewed as more decentralized, safe, and innovative as a result of this decentralization and the use of wallets; as a result, they are appealing to young gamers. Additionally, blockchain-based games allow players to more readily invest in the games itself using NFTs. Contrarily, traditional games are far more difficult to invest in. This is because  one needs stock brokerages to purchase stock in organizations like Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo.

Blockchain Games on Internet Computer: Our Top picks

dSquad is the world’s first Engage-to-Earn (E2E) NFT/metaverse platform where gamers may earn passive revenue by utilizing their wallet and Internet Identity to engage with Internet Computer apps. dSquad develops a build-your-own avatar minting engine that uses the Internet Computer blockchain to store assets. Users can also give their avatars various accessories and other additions. In addition to hosting NFT characters on the blockchain, some of its standout features include authenticating wallet activities to assure user privacy and accuracy without sacrificing either. One of dSquad’s most intriguing features is NFT Avatar Minting. It contains an integrated NFT Avatar creation engine that enables users to fully customize their avatars. Minting an avatar can be a fun way to join dSquad and go on the scoreboard each month to compete for prizes like airdrops.

Reversi is a strategic board game for two players. You play it on an 8 by 8 uncheckered board. It is one of the first commercial smart contracts on the Internet Computer. The board is basically a compilation of disks. They have a light side and a dark side. As well as sixty-four similar playing pieces. It is a multiplayer game. You can play it entirely decentralized from any browser, anywhere in the world, in real-time.


Since the launch of CryptoKitties, where purportedly one cat sold for more than $100,000, interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency games has risen sharply. Additionally, according to estimates from DappRadar from Q1 2022, the cryptocurrency gaming market increased by 2000% in the previous year. Compared to the $4 billion raised over the full year of 2021, this is a huge increase. In other words, these rising investment data demonstrate a faster pace of capital inflow into this sector.

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